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  1. Domenicali Gives Title To Lewis?

    Keep reading Dribbler you'll soon get to the clue
  2. Driver Of The Season - 2008

    Thanks for saving me the time of posting all that. My vote goes to Alonso, Kubica and Vettel. Lewis and Felipe almost made my final cut but I feel they both made too many mistakes.
  3. Domenicali Gives Title To Lewis?

    I tend to agree with Maure to a certain degree. Too bad Vettel will be driving for RBR next year I'd love to see him in the same car as Hamilton. From my point of view Lewis won the title fair and square as he was simply the best driver this year. I am somewhat worried about his seeming lack of progression when it comes to coping with the pressure in the final race. But perhaps now that hes won the title he will settle down and become an even better driver.
  4. Domenicali Gives Title To Lewis?

    Well from what ive seen sofar it has been mostly Ferrari fans but you probably right about the monobrow mobsquad For those of you who still don't get it perhaps I should have added in the discribtion of this topic "Beware Topic constains high dosis of Sarcasm"
  5. Domenicali Gives Title To Lewis?

    Considering the stuff Ferrari pulled off in the past and given the FIA's cordial relationship with Ferrari is it really so absurd? I thought this would be right up their alley which is why I am mentioning it.
  6. Domenicali Gives Title To Lewis?

    You are just a clueless "my friend" I know exactly what happened but that still doesnt change the fact ferrari a team known for Team orders aka Teamwork passed by an opportunity to use them? Had you even bothered to do the math you would have seen that ferrari would still have been leading Mclaren in the WCC even if they had done it. This topic is about the sudden shocking change of culture at ferrari. Now all of a sudden they do not name a number one driver and place winning the WCC over the WDC? What with all the FIA assistence this year they could easily have told Kimi ro ram his pursuer off the track while he was at it. I bet you are still putting of the celebrations because any moment now you expect the FIA to hand out a penalty to McLaren and Lewis for the way Heiki moved over for Lewis in Hockenheim. You are spot on about Massa's team letting him down. This isnt about who derves it most I never said Lewis was undeserving If you all read my 1st post carefully you might have noticed I said this is for all the silly excuses making Ferrari fanboys. If your gonna make an excuse atleast try to make it a plausible one. The whole Mercedes paid Glock to move over discussion is absurd. Hopefully this will help end all that BS. @Muray same for you even if Kimi would have dropped back to allow massa to score more points they would still have had the lead in the WCC . Never in my life of watching formula1 have I seen Ferrari pass up a chance like this and never have I ever heard them say they WCC is more important than the WDC. So either this was an indirect vote of none confidence in Massa's title chances or they are seriously lacking in selfbelieve As for lewis having something extra to pull out an overtake .Well we all have a right to our own version of reality I think he has some serious nerves isues but hopefully now he will be over it and be a better driver for it.
  7. Domenicali Gives Title To Lewis?

    Yes you are right about them both beeing equally underserving. However it isn't nonsense since in this case teamplay would have handed Massa the title. But now oddly enough now a team which has allways claimed to stand for driver equality has done a better job at teamwork then a team known for having a tradition of naming a number one driver. I'm not slamming McLaren for this as I feel it is part of the game but for Ferrari not to do it when the time is obviously there is simply stunning. Or do you think Barrichello or Irvine would ever have finished infront of Michael in a similar situation? Hell even Kovolainen graciously moved over for Hamilton at Hockenheim while he was racing him for position and at that point he too still had a mathematical chance of winning the title as there were still 8 races left after that.
  8. Because of all the silly excuses made by ferrari fans I've decided to post this and give them a more plausible excuse to back up the claim Lewis is undeserving of the title. In Fuji Kimi had close to no chance of retaining his title He had a 27 point deficit to lewis and 20 to Massa with 30 point remaining yet he was allowed to finish ahead of Massa. Great job Stefano keep up the good work it's decisons like this that will make it alot easier for the Ferrari brass to crawl back to Ross Brawn and beg him to take the job they would not give him when he asked for it. Come to think of it this isnt an excuse its a flame directed at the people in charge at Ferrari. Specificly Stefano Domenicali who is a great guy but seems to lack the guts to make big decisions when the time has arrived. Yes team orders are not allowed but that doesn't mean you cannot persuade the driver to use common sense before a race.
  9. The Offical Game Thread

    Which C&C Demo do you mean?
  10. The Offical Game Thread

    Do you mean C&C Renegade? I play World in Conflict ,C&C 3 Kane's Wrath , C&C Generals Zero Hour, Grand Prix 4 and occasionaly C&C Renegade All on PC Just pre-ordered Warhammer Online Collectors Edition and am eagerly waiting for my pre-order open Beta key
  11. Driver Of The Day

    Thank you. Let's hope we have as much luck come april 26-27 as the Giants had during their final Superbowl winning drive. Back on topic why is it Heidfeld is so underrated? They guy is 2nd in the wdc standing is incredibly consistent and barely gets mentioned by the media..... Oh and two former teammates whom he was atleast on par with when they all drove for Sauber are now driving for Ferrari.
  12. Bahrain Gp

    Good point I fully agree with you here. I was abit surprised to hear MB of all people talk such nonsense as he is usually quite good with his commentary. I also found the comparison made with the DC and Schumacher crash at Spa hilarious.
  13. Bahrain Gp

    Nice to see someone who isnt too proud to admit he made an error in judgement
  14. Bahrain Gp

    Here is a quote from Lewis note how he says nothing about beeing brake tested and refers to this as a racing incident. Lewis Hamilton: "I am really disappointed and feel like I let the team down today as I always am the first to blame myself. The whole weekend has not been ideal starting with the accident on Friday, but I will keep my chin up and bounce back at the next race. I messed up at the start as I didn't hit the switch early enough and therefore had not engaged the correct engine setting, and the anti stall kicked in. I lost a lot of places but things were still salvageable at that point. Then I had the incident with Fernando. I was behind him, and I moved to the right, and he moved to the right and that was it - a racing incident I guess. I am confident that we have the pace to be fighting at the front so the confidence is still there. I have had such a good run in Formula 1 until now, and it was almost inevitable that at some point things would go wrong. However there is a long way to go in the Championship and I intend to win it." Link to article here
  15. Bahrain Gp

    If you look at the footage at 2min mark you can see Alonso missing the Apex of turn 2 and running wide which means he is too far on the inside to take turn 3 full throttle Hamilton however has a perfect exit out of turn 2 and can take the corner full throttle. The collision was not investigated so apparently the stewards also felt it was an racing incident. Hamilton sofar has also made no statements and I think because of all that has happened between these two Hamilton of all people would be the first to tell it to the world if he felt Alonso was driving like a lunatic. But lets for the sake of argument say Alonso did braketest him. Why didnt Hamilton take any evasive action? Why didnt he respond angrily by shaking his fist? He never even lifted and kept going full throttle and after the collision showed no emotion at all. Judging by his body language and the lack of a response after the race it seems more likely to me he made a mistake fair enough. Such things can happen and he has allready delivered us some stunning overtaking maneuvres in his short F1 carreer and this one just didnt turn out as he had expected. I just hope this wont make him less aggressive in the future as I find his aggresive drivingstyle fun to watch.