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  1. Why This Happened

    in my opinion its a whole load of rubbish --- waited a whole blardy year for the M'sian GP and it lasts only half the distance... they might as well not have the race down here.... yea fine ill accept they cant predict the rain but at least give the race a chance of continuing after the rain... i live here and it starts getting dark around 6.30 so 5pm race start is just ridiculous i believe any true F1 fan will not mind waking up early to watch a race... perhaps they should force the non european hosts to install lighting systems just like singapore.. of cause tht would only make an already expensive sport even more expensive... i heard there was lesser spectators in sepang and if FIA keep to this sort of timing then rather than increasing their fan base in asia its going to decrease.....
  2. Dod Malaysia

    Thanks.... well i accept race facts as it is and believe credit should be given when its earned but then again like any mclaren fan ill argue to death b4 any race that a mclaren can win a race from the back of the grid
  3. Dod Malaysia

    it has to be glock n toyota -- excellent strategy to go on inters with the rest on wets
  4. Crappy Directors

    guys the reason the focus was on kubica is because he is a Sauber driver.. The Malaysian GP has always focused on the Sauber team i believe because the main sponsor for Sauber is Petronas (Malaysian Oil giants) and they happen to be the main sponsor for the Malaysian GP as well so i guess although its crappy and stupid they still do it to keep the sponsors happy by giving their car a good deal of air time ....
  5. Congratulations Jensonrules!

    no doubts... the best race of the season.... for about a few laps at least i thought it possible for a mclaren win or even a 1-2 but wat the heck.... i was at the edge of my seat hoping nothing will break down in JB's car... congrats JB and all JB fans... certainly long awaited win so enjoy it
  6. Indonesia

    ur right there thts the rule of thumb... u give respect, u get respect.... im a christian living in a muslim country and on sundays when we go to church there's usually not enough place to park so we park on the main road... we take up 2 lanes from the 3 lane road... but the authorities do not disturb and neither do we get any complains from the other religions.... the same goes for fridays when the muslims pray in the mosques they do the same thing.... yes i know im slow ..but i get there
  7. Indonesia

    it is ur right to dislike something.... just pointing out tht its not all tht bad living in an islamic country... and btw countries dont brand themselves by religion.... e.g. my country constitution has nothing in it tht says its an islamic country but because the majority of the population are muslims got branded anyway.... when majority of the people are muslim and they want to be governed by the laws of the quran... its called democracy, the government does what the ppl want... but then again they never go against the constitution which says all races and religion are equal... thts why they have a thing called syariah law which is only applicable to muslims.... even tht has been amended to suit modern times.... anyway just curious what on earth are u going to suffocate from in a country which gives u the freedom to do all tht u want.... or is it tht ur simply against the religion?
  8. Indonesia

    indonesia is not a severe islamic country.... women there are treated equally... the islamic laws apply only to muslims and not everyone... which means if u are a christian u r allowed to practice ur religion freely..... islamic countries are getting a bad name around but actually its not the country but just a certain sect of its people (extremists) tht goes into terrorism.... malaysia is also pretty much an islamic country and there a lot of laws here which will draw heavy criticism from the west but if u were to come here u wouldnt even realise ur in a muslim country coz these islamic laws only apply to muslims and in fact muslim women here dun even have to wear the head scarf unless they want to and its pretty much the same in indonesia...
  9. Indonesia

    indonesia is a nice country (my neighbour country so in the spirit of asean i have to say its nice) but tht depends heavily on which part of it ur going to... its made up of a few thousand islands... and it has the largest muslim population in the world .... generally the city (jakarta)is like other citys in asia which is damn packed... ppl evrywhere u look... ppl are generally very friendly... but u have to understand tht their level of literacy is very low... they prob can speak a few words in english but dont count on them knowing more thn tht... generally in Malaysia we dont have a very good opinion on indonesians because we have a lot of illegal immigrants from sumatra who sneek in through the straits of malacca and cause all sorts of social havoc in our country...
  10. FIFA World Cup 2006

    true true ... but i wouldn complain bout the english to much.. i watch the EPL a lot and the timings of the EPL matches are almost as if its catered for south east asia... prime time ....
  11. Canadian GP Timing

    yes it is... well at least where im going to watch it.... if the 11 PM game which most likely will be england vs whoever goes into extra time the TV broadcasters will just continue to show the soccer match... unless u have pay tv ... then u can have both but even then if it is goin to extra time there is no way im gonna be able to swap channels .... ...
  12. i doubt they are incompetent... they won 6/8 races this year... i think they just dun like fish...
  13. Formula 1 Is Now Boring

    ur probably right and really i dont find it tht boring either as when ferari dominated coz at least now there is competition and alonso is still winning .. when ferari dominated they did it with 1-2 finishes half the time which was clearly coz the car was head and heals ahead of evryone else... now its the driver thts causing the difference....
  14. i guess if he remains in renault next year he wont have any excuses eh....
  15. Australia In The World Cup

    yea italy game was awesome.... the czechs were fantastic as well ..its going to be close when these two meet later in the group..... but honestly i was disappointed with the quality of the aussie - japan game.... there were a few occasions when the players were stepping on the ball and loosing it.... based on how the 2 teams played i strongly doubt they will be able to get past croatia and brazil... btw congrats aussies for scoring ur first goals and gettin your first win in the WC...