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  1. Front Wing Query

    Hi guys! I am currently completing my PhD in computer science and am using the design of Formula One front wings as an illustrative example of how my work could be applied in a practical setting. I was curious as to whether anyone is aware of any race incidents caused by mid-race front wing adjustments (as in turning the front-wing up or down at a stop, as opposed to the loss of a nose-cone or something similar). Also, I thought it might be fun to quote figures on how much teams invest in wind-tunnels and aerodynamic design in general. I know F1 magazine produces a pretty comprehensive survey/estimate of this type of thing, but for the life of me I cannot locate the correct issue :^]} Finally, it would be great if I could get a nice simple schematic of a front wing - especially because my audience is unlikely to have any idea what I am talking about without some form of introductory diagram. Anyone know of a place where I could acquire such an image? Thanks a million for all of your help, I will be sure to cite your assistance in my acknowledgements :^]} Kind Regards, Adam Berry University of Tasmania Australia