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  1. 10 pts should be awarded to a driver that is able to finish a race and be classified in a HRT. 10 pts should be awarded to a driver taken out by Hamilton
  2. If you look at the footage in slow motion, I am sure that you are able to see Alonso flexing. Is this another example on how RedBull are getting away with illegal parts? Adrian Newey is a genuis - who else would come up with the idea of attaching an Alsonso to the side of the car.
  3. Just on the Red Bull Team Orders Surely Vettel and Webber both learnt from their experience in Turkey and also watching Hamilton crashing into Button a few weeks ago. I am sure they would have given each other room enough to pass. If Webber was faster and he was towards the end of the race, why not tell Vettel to move over if Webber tries to pass. I will be looking forward to Horner telling Vettel to hold position in a future race.
  4. Looking forward to seeing what Ricciardo will do in the HRT. Should Alguersuari feel a sigh of relief or be more concerned?
  5. If Red Bull / Torro Rosso are so keen for Ricciardo to drive next year, why not give him at least one race this year? It is not like Alguersuari has done anything this year. Some may say that Alguersuari has been unlucky, but that what happens when you are run so back in the field.
  6. Adnam

    Lewis Wtf!?

    I guess he didn't have Nicole to dress him that morning.
  7. Even with Tyres, KERS and DRS, the Spanish GP lacked excitement due to the difficulty of overtaking. Webber clearly had a faster car than Alonso, as demonstrated after passing him in the pits, however Webber could not even get close for a decent overtaking opportunity
  8. snorrisstrags, on 19 April 2011 - 01:08 PM, said: Perhaps the top few teams could try... 1 run on hard tyres in Q1 1 run on soft tyres in Q2 Don't run in Q3. Qualify 10th with a lot of fresh rubber. I can see that every team in Q3 will do this with the exception of Maccas and Red Bull. However if the Maccas and Red Bull are smart enough, they will wait to see if the other teams adopt this strategy and then do similar. If you were to able to get to 4th or 5th on the grid on Primes with those in front on Options, you would be very happy.
  9. Both drivers deserve a pat on the back. Hamilton for winning and Webber for a sensational drive. Did Webber do it without KERS? if that is the case, even better effort. I think at the next race we will see more strategy around qualifying. Webber proved what an advantage it was to complete the race on the soft tyres. We might see drivers, in Q3 of Qualifying make an early flying lap on the Softs, before switching to the Hard compound. This would mean that they start on the Hard tyres and be able to get them out of the way. With the ability to overtake due to KERS and DRS, it makes this strategy possible.
  10. At least Australia defeated Germany in the Football 2-1
  11. Adnam

    Rbr Cheats

    If it passes the test then it is not cheating. Cheating is cutting a corner to overtake and think that it is ok.
  12. Is Vettal the new Fangio and Webber the new Stirling Moss? or is Vettel the new Schu and Webber the new Barrichello? Even though Vettel beat Webber at the last race, Australia beat Germany in the Football 2-1.
  13. Will the color fade in proportion to the tyre wear?
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