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  1. Top Gear

    Ah, I believe it now, cheers ykick
  2. Top Gear

    Is it just me who doesn't believe that they actually crossed the English channel in that 'Toybota' that Jeremy calls it. And it's not just cos it's something that Jeremy made that I don't believe it. It apparently took them 4 1/2 days, yet they didnt show anything at night.
  3. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    fu ck off ferrari, fu ck off FIA. Anyone who says this wasn't biased needs their heads checking over. Clearly we all know now F1 is here to boast the name ferrrari all over the world and try and show that they're better than everyone else. But they're just cheating dirty b#####ds. Same with shoemaker. dont give a sh!t what everyone else thinks, they can **** off. Cant even be bothered with it anymore. F ucking ridiculas fu ck off ferrari
  4. The Great Family Teams In F1

    You missed out the Winklehock family, havent won a WDC, but the son lead a gp. Has to be the Hill's though
  5. Forum Boring????

    Agree with that completely, on of the reasons, apart from the boring racing, that I havent been arsed to post in the last few weeks here is that everyone is too serious.
  6. Fantasy Football

    Decided to make a private league, feel free to join anyone Here's the link if anyone wants to join Select enter new league after, here's the PIN: 7391
  7. Favorite Type Of Cheese?

    Amen to that, although I do fancy a bit a Red Leicester every now and then
  8. Fantasy Football

    Joined this league the other day cos I was bored, first fantasy footbal thing I've done. Anyone else fancy joining and making a private league, see who's the best out of this forum. It's free to enter and there's prize money available
  9. The Race-that-button-won Race Thread

    Not the best race I've seen, but it was alright. Did anyone else see a Williams (Wurz I think) sticking 2 fingers up as he lapped Sutil? I thought it was quite funny but the commentators didn't say anything. Honda manage to go further backwards somehow, they'll be getting beat by Prodrive next year.
  10. Personally, I think this is a good move for Vettel, especially if he has a contract saying he's going back to BMW in 2009, a team on the up. Although that's what I thought when Button went to Renault for 3 years and had a contract saying he would go back to Williams, who were also a team on the up at the time. But then he got booted out of Renault and went to BAR, Williams decided to go back downhill, and Button had to buy himself out of his contract, and now look at where he is. So just ignore me if you want, but anyway, I think it's a good move for the kid
  11. English. It's on the left.
  12. How can you call Hamilton atfter just 13 races (I think), why do you detest him? And he's nothing like Schumacher, if you're going to come here and have a go at him at least explain why. In not one interview I've seen with him does he come across as aggresive or 'nasty' as you put it. I can't even be arsed to argue with you, you're just an idiot.
  13. Imagine You Were Bernie...

    I think Brands Hatch is a bit small for F1, it would be like racing bikes around someone's back garden, the Spyker's would have 30 laps next to their name on the classification list at the end of the race.
  14. Speed On His Way Out?

    How can he be unhappy with Liuzzi when he retired because of a problem with the car, gearbox if I remember correctly? I don't think Torro Rosso will be in F1 for much longer personally
  15. Damon Hill Is Itv Commentator This Weekend!

    Good news, we might finally get some decent commentry this weekend. Damn, just remembered I'm away this weekend