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  1. Test times. They do not mean absolutely anything...
  2. Kimi is not a PR-slave, he is there just to drive - anything else he does not care about and that is what makes him stand out for me. I think he is just the right kind of a champion, you know, for each his own. Lewis and Fernando did gather a lot of publicity for F1 but you can also wonder if it was all positive... Also note that the Finnish fanbase of anyone can't be too large or loud, as there are only 5.2 million of us Finns. Our media is not internationally too often noticed either, so there you go. (Then again it makes me wonder how two Finnish drivers can come and gather more points per season than any other nationalities, ahahha)
  3. I wonder what the *other option* Kovalainen is refering to is...
  4. Humm yeah there seems to be a big difference with this new case and the McLaren-Ferrari saga... Renault initiated the contact, even offered their computers to be studied by McLaren and they did not take the opportunity...Mr. Briatore seems to be pretty open about the whole affair, whereas with mclaren we first hear "NO NO it was only Coughlan"
  5. This topic get more hilarious by every moment now... BUAHAHHAHA! In your face!
  6. Amazing. I haven't been this excited since 1998 or 1999 really. Kimi really deserved it \o/ Well done!
  7. Eh - Bernie did say he thought Hamilton would win with ease just after the qualifying. And this is just complete BS. Can't we just put all the controversy behind us already now that the season is over? Kimi won. He deserved it. Hamilton can try again next year. And by saying try I don't think he has a chance to win, as McLaren will be back to normal and the car won't last for half of th races.
  8. Alonso takes Hamilton out with him and Kimi cruises to victory.
  9. Honestly why hasn't this troll been banned ages ago?
  10. Bernie says, he thinks Lewis is the only option for champion this year and his only fear is that Lewis would not win it. Opinions on the verdict. Oh, and I read also that the drivers meeting was rather unpleasant for Lewis, as others apparently thought he did deserve the penalty. In Finland the general athmosphere seems to be that FIA is creating their champion here, their golden boy Lewis. I think it is better not to comment on this any further not to get into a fight with Hamilton fans...
  11. Definately Kovalainen, then Kimi anddddddd perhaps Hamilton. Kovalainen made no mistakes AT ALL, he was quick and kept Kimi behind him even though Kimi charged like mad. Kimi on the other hand saves what he could after the tyre fiasco.
  12. If you read the whole article it was not in F1 at all...I read it yesterday, can't seem to find the whole quote now.
  13. I don't really care if that's true or not, but wow I'm excited to see if Massa is going to lose his nerve now Thank you David for this lovely piece of entertainment!
  14. Wow, sir you are so wrong. The only thing that kept Raikkonen from winning the championship in 2005 was the poor reliability. Just look back to how many grid penalties he got because of the engine! The drivers do not design the cars or engines, hey test them, give feedback and the engineers develop the car from then on. MP4/22 is in no way fast because of Alonso. He could not have such an effect in such a short time. It's Pedro who should be getting the thanks for the development, and the engineers & designers. Oh and as for Renault: They had to really work hard on their last championsip + they did not find the balance with bridgestones as quickly as McLaren + they had some fundamental flaws in the car during early season. Alonso might be quicker than Fisi or Heikki but I doubt he could make much more of the car, especially as it was terrible to drive early on in the season! (much more results-wise I mean). And the last years also for renault, yes It was Kovalainen who did a lot of testing.
  15. Wow. So you can hold any documents from other teams as long as the use can not be proven? So spying is allowed now? (well at least not punishable) Ridiculous. FIA just did not have the balls to do anything.
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