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  1. Question

    Correct if I'm wrong but in the same movie (driven) the Indy Cars drove to the city and pop open the sewer top just by drove over them thanks to the ground effect; that will be a nice myth to try too
  2. Sauber Disqualification

    Maybe in this case will be fair to allow the drivers to keeps teh points and the team been penalize with teh points
  3. I really don´t care in a engine has 4 cyl or 8 or 10 or 12 I think this should be a manufacter choice; The FIA and the F1 regulators should only said here you have 300 lts of gas for the weekend have fun and remember next year you will have only 250 lts per race and the next year 220 etc for the next 10 years. In that scenario each manufacturer choice to have their best engines ferrari probably will use a V12, maybe Renault will use a Turbo 4L or maybe all the manucfactures agrees that the V6Turbo is the best choice. F1 must be about liberty of choice and most of all liberty to be wrong not about standarization. Mario
  4. Ground Effect, Turbos Set For F1 Return

    In aero design F1 cars and road cars goes in different directions, F1 cars aero is focus in grip and downforce this produce a lot of aero drag in road cars in contrast the focus is to have less drag with a bit of downforce to avoid going airborne at highway speeds. I don't think limiting the aerodynamic development is teh way to go but to switch the focus from aero to mechanical grip will make aero less and less important a way to do this is with ground effect, wider and sticky tires and smaller wings in the front and back of the car. I think F1 is not about limitations but FIA must guide the teams in invest in practical and more road relevant things than a winglet and F-duct that never will go to my car
  5. Ground Effect, Turbos Set For F1 Return

    Ground effect should improve overtaking and the need to winglets and all of the other aerodynamic gadgets, because with ground the main source of grip will be the ground effect and teams will change the focus of aero packages from grip to less drag. Turbos should be allowed with a fuel and air restrictions each team should decide the best engine for them. Each team must consume a certain amount of fuel and certain amount of air during the weekend. I would like to see a Ferrari V12 vs a Renault L4 Turbo vs a Cosworth V8. Engines relevant to each team and to the road cars they make
  6. Usa Gp News

    A Grand Prix in the south of USA also allow People from Mexico South and Centro America to assist. I live like 600 kms from Austin in Monterrey Mexico so is a driving distance and there is a lot of flights from centro and south america to Florida. So a very international event is possible
  7. Yes I know, Massa has the dream job of millions of people including myself. but I think Massa feels miserable because in 8 years in Ferrari he has accomplished nothing. Alonso came and in 5 minutes is the favorite of the team. I know when Schumi was in Ferrari he runs the show, but for Massa that was natural but when Kimi and Alonso came Massa thought there will be no 1 driver and 2 Driver. Maybe with Kimi that was true because Kimi doesn't care much about that; but Alonso make and works to make Ferrari his team and if there is no orders on the track Massa still thinks he is the 2 Driver on this team now. Thats why I said Massa was sad. Also I'm Mexican so I'm a Latino too. I know the mentality of Latinos. Latinos can be very supportive and very destructive between them. Alonso is very strong mentally and Massa no so strong thats why I think Massa is disappointed of the team Mario
  8. Why Massa perform well with Schumi and Kimi. I think the character of Schumi and Kimi and the ferrari as a whole at that time was very non-latino; There was no internal politics and double agendas on the team. Now with Alonso and all the italian guys on charge the way the team behaves have changed a lot. Alonso polarizes the team around him and uses all the resourses to his gain. Massa cannot take advantage of this situation because he hasn't been WDC like Alonso. Massa is very sad because he is not the favorite driver of the team even if he has been around for 8 years. Alonso in a few months became the favorite driver of the team and also for the tifosi. Ferrari need a 2nd driver who can perform very well on track and doesn't care for the internal politics or the tifosi or anything a driver with a low profile who doesn't compete for the attention with Alonso. I think Kubica and Rosberg are good fits. Mario
  9. F1 Unlimited

    The actual rules promote the high cost since everything is regulated the teams needs to expend a lot of money to upgrade a small piece of the car to gain 0.001s. one example is the DD Diffuser or the F-duct of this year. with a more open set of rules the money will go to really big upgrades at least until each is near the optimum for their configuration. I would love to see the Ferrari running in a v12 and have a BMW v10 or Renault on a4 cylinders turbo, cosworth with a v8 etc. and each car completely different. one of the few aspects I see need to be regulated is the aero packages limiting the amount of downforce at several speeds to prevent to have another aero war.
  10. Its In The Name...

    Mario Rodriguez = AM DOZIER RIGOUR
  11. Is Campos Dead?

    Imagine a F1 car with a livery like the Jorge Campos Uniform.....and you complain about the virgin livery with a tribal design.
  12. Who Would You Hire

    Team Name: Rayones Racing Driver 1: Vettel I think he can win many WDC very fast and very quiet Driver 2: Massa very fast I don't think he is good enought to be WDC but will push Vettel to be faster every race. very good teamate test driver: teh best would be Schumi, but he never will be only test driver so I think Fisico will be a good test driver LIvery: bright Orange with Silver I love those Spykers Mario
  13. The Sun'S Top-10 Drivers Ever

    I never dare to include an active pilot on that list. we can do 2 different list one active pilots with teh ones of alonsos kimis and hamiltons non of them are even close to be in the top 10 ever and other list retired pilots with Fangio, Schumi, Senna, Villenueve, Steward, Clark, Mansell, Prost, Piquet.... and if the list is top 10 driver we must include a Loeb and McRae and drivers from another categories too. My personal top 10 F1 Drivers 1 Schumi 2 Senna 3 Villenueve 4 Steward 5 Clark 6 Mansell 7 Fangio 8 Lauda 9 Prost 10 Hakinen maybe I should include more from the Fangio period like Rosemayer and Ascari but Inever saw them drive Mario
  14. Best Joke Ever ;)

    a young has a extreme painful migraine all day for several days, he decides to go to the doctor after a ton of exams and tests, the doctor said I have 2 news to you 1 good and 1 bad, the good one is we know what is causing you head ache, but the bad news is your testicles are pressing the base of your spine thats the cause of your constant head ache, we need to castrate you or you will live all your live with the pain. so he decide to have the operation done and after he is free to leave the hospital feel a little bad and decide to go buy a suit to cheer things a little. go to a men clothes stores and told the salesmen he need a new suit, the salesman said ohhh you are a 46 large, and the pants are 36 right?, the guy astonished said yes perfect how do you know? the salesman respond is my job!, try the suit and fits like a glove so he decide to buy a shirt, the salesman said you are 42 normal with a sleeve of 14 and a neck of 8 3/4 the man said wow how do you know my exact measures, and the salesman said is my job to know those things. so the man decide to buy a pair of shoes the salesman said 10.5 double E, the man said wow thats amazing how do you know all that and the salesman humble said is my job the man try everything and fit perfectly. finally decide to buy underwear the salesman said you use a 36 brief, then the man said Nop thats wrong I always use 34. the salesman said thats no possible because if you use a 34 brief then your testicles will press your spine creating a severe head ache..... Sorry for the English Mario
  15. I read a lot about the Singapore Crash, also how Briatore and Simmons are out of renault, but I didn't ear a thing relates on the punishment of Nelson Piquet Jr. I'm agree Flavio and Simmons are the intelectual dou behind the crash but NPJ is the one who actually crash intentionally. he could refuse on the very first moment. I think Nelson Piquet Jr and father must be penalized with the complete exclusion on FIA racing because Mario
  16. The State Of Play

    my two cents about human nature: I think everybody is selfish but we all have a layer of society and moral between our selfish self and the world. If I want to have a new car probably I will have 100 ideas how to obtain the car but 95 of them will be blocked by the layer of moral and society; that leave with a few options like work more or create a new business. but another guy who also want a new and have the same 100 ideas his morals only blocks 90 leaving fraud as a viable option but both of us blocks murder as a viable option but somebody else may have that as a valid choice. Everybody actions are motivated by self gains even sharing are motivated by the promise of prestige, respect, friends etc all of them more valuable than the money or the food the people is sharing. about cheating. kids cheats in a game in the schools playground just because WIN is a very powerful drug and everybody wants to win thats the only true point of every single game we play. I never believe in the saying "the important is not to win, the important is play the game" to prove my point we invent two things in games; the score to know the only thing that really matters in the game who wins and who loses, and the rules to prevent cheating. Rules are not there because they are pretty rules are they and we expend a lot of effort in enforce those rules because the simple truth is without them we all cheat to win Mario
  17. Schumacher Cancels Formula One Return

    I think is a shame, I would to see MS drive a ferrari again. I don't agree with the ones saying he has a lot to loose; I think he has nothing to loose he will drive for the fun of it. Kimi on the other hand should breath in relief because how bad Kimi image will be if MS has a better performance than Kimi Mario
  18. 3 Cars On The Grid

    What do you prefer a 3rd car for Ferrari, McLaren, Toyota, Renault etc or a lot of new teams with 40 million cap? a third car is a good oportunity to see new talent in good cars
  19. Well what I think is the american driver has another priorities like NASCAR, as european and brazilian boy dream about drive at F1 american boy dream about NASCAR or INDY. beside has to be very convenient to have a very high paid champioship in your own contry
  20. Dream F1 Race Schedule?

    I will love to have a GP in Mexico, but since this is dreaming I will add the "Peraltada" curve to the Hermanos Rodriguez. I remember Nigel Mansel making some "big Cojones" moves on that curve Mario Rodriguez Not related to the Hermanos Rodriguez unfortunally
  21. Thre is a strong posibility of having a FOTA series. Which rules you want to see in the new series? I think less is more - No Turbo - A very strict fuel limit for all the weekend - Movible front wing - No Ground Effect - Security measures like today - N number engines/gearboxes for all the campionship Mario
  22. FOTA series will have an instant credibility because of the teams involved; and this credibility will allow the new series to have instant access to TV contracts, sponsors and racetracks. the only thing missing is the control people (stewards, flag people, officials) there is a lot of people with califications to to this; per example here in Mexico a friend of mine was an official for the champ car series, they have all the contacs and the experience of an open wheel series. I'm sure there is a lot people with the same credentials in many contries like england, germany etc. just look at the F3 people, or the rest of the open wheel series around the world
  23. The Perfect F1

    Perfect F1 Ferrari V12 vs BMW V10 vs Cosworth V8 vs Renault Turbo Mario PD. No Bernie/Mosley too
  24. Litespeed = Lotus?

    Maybe will be more easy to Mosley and Ecclestone to sell a "F1" with Braham, March, Lotus once Ferrari, Toyota, BMW and Renault leave or be forced to leave F!. They need some names to sell the F1 to the TV and the fans. I don't get surprised if Jordan, Arrows or Minardi joins the party in a few days...... The only good thing this could bring is the return of the Jordan Girls!!!!!!
  25. Finally Some Good News In F1

    2012 is the end of the world according with the so good news after all