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  1. Abu Dhabi

    Ferrari has probably commited the blunder of the century, Alonso has to clear Petrov and Rosberg, Even if they have to pit late kubica will probably come out in front after his pit. Vettel just has to keep it together.
  2. German Gp Of Deutschlandenhausen

    That was more or less what I was getting at. I am not a fan of Button but if he wins it this year I would say he has redefined the Prost model.
  3. German Gp Of Deutschlandenhausen

    What about the Mclaren drivers? Didn't Jenson have the pace to challenge Lewis? I think he drove a very good race and probably had the edge on Lewis. Somewhere around that point he got the message that Webber was told to let him go. Then Jenson, that according to his engineer, was " one of the fastest cars on track" didn't make an attempt to challenge Lewis who at the time was saving fuel. Probably a wise choice, as a position swap would only serve him 4 points against Lewis, while a potential accident would leave him back in 4th in the championship. Jenson seems to choose his battles,had they been first and second it probably would have been another story.
  4. Not Bad For A No. 2 Driver

    Webber has 2-3 seasons left and is finally in a car that can win races. He has a contract for next year. It's fine to show that he is not going to play second fiddle to Vettel. His outburst lead to the statement from the team that when the situation arises, they are going to favor the one leading on points. In his case I guess it means that as long as he is leading he can at least count on equal terms. Who knows, maybe Webber can win the championship this year and then move to Mercedes for next year. Of course I am by no means insinuating Webber's responses were by any means calculated, I just don't thing it came out that bad for him.
  5. Stewards And Safety Cars??

    After looking through the safety car rules ( http://www.formula1.com/inside_f1/rules_and_regulations/sporting_regulations/8687/fia.html) I am under the impression that after you have seen the safety car, you are to stay behind it unless told otherwise. The first safety car line controls overtaking between cars just after the safety car has returned to the pits. The second safety car line is used to regulate overtaking of cars that are exiting the pits while the race is under safety car. Nowhere do the rules specify that the safety car is considered to be on track after passing the second safety car line. IMO as soon as the safety car has passed the pit exit it is considered on track. Now if you are passing the pit exit at 190mph and miss to spot the SC that emerges just as you pass, then you might be given the benefit of the doubt but seeing it and braking first and then intentionally accelerating makes it very hard to justify anything else than an intentional breach of the rules. Hamilton said afterwords that he was confused. “Whenever a Safety Car comes out, it’s difficult to compute all the information. There are all these beeps in your ear, and lights flashing on your dashboard too. There’s got to be a certain time between the ‘Safety Car 1′ line and the ‘Safety Car 2′ line, and between those two lines you can go fast. So it’s all a bit complicated. “So I pushed past the last Safety Car line, and was obviously then trying to close the gap to Seb. But as I came out of the first corner, all of a sudden I saw the Safety Car coming out, so I backed off and went across the line as I did that, so I thought I was okay. You are supposed to slow down already after you see the SC signs and yellow flags and to assure people slow down and not rush to the pits at full speed there is a "maximum time" that is calculated by the ECU that you should take from the moment the signs are shown till the second safety car line (people that got the 5 second penalties drove faster than that). It is beyond criticism that it took 15 laps to penalize him and beyond belief that he was penalized with a drive through and not a stop and go penalty. According to the rules those are the two penalties that the stewards can impose, so next time you are stuck behind the safety car, just overtake it and gain a whole lap and laugh about it when you get a drive though.
  6. A Safer Roll-Bar For Formula Cars

    If the vertical rods are close enough they could probably stop a wheel approaching from the side or even from ahead (if positioned horisontally). With proper positioning you could probably have those bars out of the way of the mirrors. Still, with open c#ckpit race cars you cannot have full protection. That roll-bar would not have stopped the spring that injured Massa or other parts small enough to get through. A whole engine could probably get through coming from ahead. I wonder why a c#ckpit canopy has not been discussed, or even covering the wheels (Both these measures would produce faster cars) but I guess the (visual) purity of the cars is very important for the sport.
  7. F1 Gets A New Scoring System

    Well, if the ratio is the same as before, then how does that affect overtaking and taking risks? Seems the only benefit is that it provides more motive for the midfield teams. You can still build a lead in the start of the season if you have the better car and then play it safe later on. Probably a bit better than the older system as you can still pickup a few points if you are running high and mess up due to a mistake or overtaking.
  8. Yay Fisichella To Ferrari

    My impression is Fisi was never enthousiastic about testing. Still it would be better to just retire and stick to a testing role, keep driving those toys without the performance stress. As if we haven't seen how a Fisi-Alonso lineup turns out.
  9. Kimi, You Cheater!

    This video more or less sums it up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcjM6LYxS7k I don't really agree though, at 0:19-0:20 he does not seem to have a lot of places to go as Trulli is squeezing Heideld to the inside and both are destinned for a wide exit. As the video states he can either step of the gas and lose a lot of places or keep pushing. At 0:21 he seems now to have the choice to stay on track but has already made his decision and gets away with it. A couple of years ago noone would be lifting an eyebrow about this but with last year's BS penalties I can see why some people are complaining. I think he did not gain a real advantage by going offtrack, merely controlled his damage, Nicky and Jarno slowed eachother down which is why Kubitza got by both of them also.
  10. According to published fuel loads, Fisi was fueled for 12 laps and kimifor 14. They both came in in the end of lap 14 meaning Fisi wasprobably saving fuel. Had he been able to pit a lap later, it wouldhave been easier for FI to calculate their strategy and give fisi a 2-3lap window of clean road before the second pit stop. In the end it was guesswork and while we don't know what goes onbehind the scenes at FI the pits came for both drivers at lap 14 and 30meaning they probably made no attempt to vary their strategy to givefisi a chance for the win. During the first stop kimi was fueled justbefore when Fisi started receiving fuel, I guess in theory FI had about3-4 seconds on their hands to adjust their load while the refueling wasalready on, kimi was cruising down the pitlane. Definately not enoughtime unless you are ready for it. Other scenarios would be saving fuelin the first stint but pitting as expected around lap 12-13 with maybea lap or two in reserve and go for a relatively long middle stint, mosttimes though that will put you into traffic. It's hard to say how much faster Fisi was. During the race kimi and Fisi seemed to be in a race of their own but in the end Vettelfinished just 2.9 sec behind Fisi, so maybe a strategy gamble goingwrong would have been costly. A top team burning for more points wouldhave probably taken the gamble and gone for the win, a team in need ofa result needs to keep it safe which is what they did and in the endthey were rewarded.
  11. Bmw Are Gone Gone Gone

    This should be the tombstone on Heidfeld's career unfortunately, unless he pulls some magic drives during the second half of the season.
  12. Hungary Qualy &Amp; Race Thread...

    Maybe just a cut or a fracture of the bone under the brow. Looks uncertain to race tomorrow if he can't keep his eye open. If he is cleared after the concussion that is.
  13. F1 Manufacturers Break The Law?

    That's quite entertaining, a company(FIA) with a monopoly sues it's clients for conspiring against it. Or maybe they assume the teams are conspiring against the sports clients (the public).
  14. Monaco Race Thread

    Jenson stepped on the white line on his way out of the pits after the second stop. Lets see he gets away with it. Nevermind, it's the yellow one that marks the pit exit route. Brawn reacting with some man to man to Ferrari's strategy change more or less sealed the race.
  15. Tyres

    We've had that matter up for discussion during Stephneygate. Ferrari had found a hydrofluorocarbon based gas that had good heat dissipation.
  16. Ferrari Threatens To Leave Formula 1

    Breakaway series ftw.
  17. Vettel To Win The Championship?

    I agree, Redbull need to find the pace so they can start pulling 1-2 regularly if Vetel will have any chance. If we don't see a dramatic counterattack in the coming 2-3 gp , I would say jenson and Brawn have it in their hands to lose the championship from there on, not win it.
  18. Vettel To Win The Championship?

    It was evident from the onboard video that Massa did not use KERS in the start. He was also 4.5 kg heavier than Vetel. Vetel or his car or the complete package have not been brilliant starters in the last 2 gp. Melburne was ok, he started from 15th in Sepang and Shanghai was a start behind the SC, so it's a bit too early to say a pattern has emerged.
  19. Spanish Gp Race Thread

    Barcelona while being the best overall benchmark track, is one of the hardest to overtake on, probably the hardest one after monaco and hungaroring.
  20. Spanish Gp Race Thread

    Really nice from Ferrari to bring us a scent of the 90's. Pit with 22 laps to go, took them long enough to see Massa did not have enough fuel, took them even longer to make the decision to let Vetel pass thereby losing one more place to Alonso. At the point they saw Massa did not have the fuel to go the distance, Alonso was like 24 sec behind Vetel. They even had time to pit for a few liters of fuel. Mistakes upon mistakes upon mistakes. Time to let some people go. Strange to see RedBull didn't play any strategy games with Vetel, with the same strategy, lowest top speed of the grid and no KERS in Barcelona one can wonder if they were actually counting on Ferrari messing up. Weber's mechanics did a lot better. Redbull had the pace to challenge for victory, by the looks of things they would probably have messed the strategy even if Massa had not come between them and the Browns.
  21. Spanish Gp

    I think kimi had complaints in the last gp that they did more laps than they needed to in qualifying and used up too many sets of softs. Maybe he had something to do with the decision. Masa learned his lesson the hard way and now it was kimis turn. The season is lost for Ferrari anyway, they should use the rest of it to get fundamental stuff working within the team, so they can make use of a good car next year.
  22. Felipe Baby-

    The download button in the upper left corner works just fine.
  23. Dark Times Ahead For Mclaren

    If for some reason Ryan decides to come forward with information about what actually happened during the decision making process, claiming for example that the decision came from higher up, or that it was lewis idea, or anything else that deviated from Ryan being the black sheep that "mislead" everyone else, then maybe the case could open up again. He is obviously tied by a non-disclosure agreement and even if he came forward it would be a case of his word against others, so I don't see anything else happening. With Mclaren's recent past in mind it is a wise decision to leave a window open for reopening the case and safeguard them from their own idiocy for the rest of the season.
  24. Dark Times Ahead For Mclaren

    Although a bit on the soft side , it is a fair penalty for the team. Baby Lewis of course seems to have been tried as a minor and does not suffer any seperate consequences. I guess Mclaren have enough trouble with their car and Lewis has been embarrassed enough from the whole thing already. Now to put this behind us and get on with the racing.