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  1. Where To Buy Ferrari Hat With Marlboro Logo?

    I saw plenty of Ferrari Hats with Marlboro logo in most of the trash bins after Indianapolis 2005. I think you may get it free from US recycle bins...
  2. New Twist In The Sobriety Of The Mosley-gate

    As posted for years, mad+bias Max Mosley and Jean Todt should get lost. Without Max Mosley and Jean Todt, F1 will be clean and champioship will be fair and exciting. Hope God finally punishes the Badsss.
  3. Auto Giants Slam Max Mosley

    Max, the leader with no common sense / leadership quality. Without him, Ferrari would not be so successful. Hope he would go immediately and give us back the true and fair F1.
  4. Omg

    If it was Jean Todt, he'd say, "That's my hobby, I always bring my private little chair along to perform doggy style. Anyway, it won't affect my position and results in F1 as Mad Max can bend the rules and make me/Ferrari always number 1".
  5. Omg

    not surprise for such a bad / bias leader. he deserves to suffer worse than this. God finally take action.
  6. Schumacher Weighs In On Safety Car Rule

    he starts to use this mouth to drive.
  7. Driver Of The Day - Australian Gp

    Driver of the day: 1) Massa 2) Kimi
  8. Interlagos Practice And Qualifying

    agree. In addition, LH could not slow down too much, otherwise he would be penalised for impeding Alonso. Strange, no news about Massa overtaking under the yellow flag during practice session.
  9. Drivers View

  10. Alonso's Latest Excuse

    FIA won't allow McLaren to do that. I think Ferrari is allowed under FIA regulation.
  11. Alonso's Latest Excuse

    A bias poll. Alonso is 10hp down, remember?
  12. $15k Euro Fine For Hamilton...

    Do you think that's fair to penalise Hamilton due to team error?
  13. Hamilton Investigated For Tyre Rule Breach

    1) that was instruction, not penalty. 2) teams are able to scrub their tires without hitting the track. Performance advantage from an installation lap? that's ridiculous.
  14. Bias Against Or For Hamilton

    Sounds like a new era of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost fight that makes F1 more interesting as opposed to Ferrari comcept.
  15. I Changed The Title For The Mentally Handicapped...

    As mentioned many times, everything is in the hand of Max Mosley. His management/leadership skill is deteriorating and there are more Ferrari/Italian members than others in WMSC. That's what many conclude.