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  1. And here's another thing. If a country OWNS a sport, like England (English people, most teams are in England, that sort of jazz) OWNS F1, I'd hope English drivers would get some perks. And I'm not British, and I don't care if you are.
  2. Hehe. Now we're talking. Some properly antagonizing posts, in the spirit of what this is supposed to be: a free-for-all. Awesome.
  3. Dang, Hamilton should just hire his daddy as racing engineer. Everyone else seems to make bad decisions for him.
  4. Brazil Nuts

    Most definitely the best use of "moist". Oh, I definitely like the sum up.
  5. Prodrive/mclaren Deal Collapses

    they have to be allowed to race, no doubt about it. bernie has to take his big dogs out on this one and sit on a few superegos to make them see the benefit of prodrive racing. anyone think prodrive should not be in? i'd like to hear the reasons.
  6. What Happened At Nurburgring

    I find the amount of disclaimers in recent posts rising to astronomical numbers. So here's mine: I'm not a Hamilton fan by any means. BUT, only people who do not own a copy (I don't either) of the FIA rule book are complaining/have comlained about Hamilton being lifted out by crane and continuing. Nobody from any other team made any long-lasting protests. It must be ok then, no matter how many cats you skin ever which way. That's done, and it in no way contributes to the fact that Hamilton is well on his way to becoming a tool. In fact, mentioning events that do not necessarily prove his toolness are detrimental to the anti-Hamilton crew.
  7. I'm hoping for the FIA to set up some nice penalties starting on Friday already. I'm also hoping for qualifying session rain, but that's a longshot. More penalties should follow quali, resulting in a complete inversion of the starting grid. Then the three WDC contenders have to climb up the field in the race, making quick alliances with each other depending on who's in th front.
  8. Another Country To Hate Hamilton

    I'm actually waiting to see the airing of computer/console gaming leagues. Really. But not a replacement...
  9. Another Country To Hate Hamilton

    Pathetic, stupid, overly optimistic... my point exactly... but premeditated? You really think that every contact resulting in some sort of spin out or loss of position should be penalized? That is end of racing as we know it, or as i know it. Would anyone watch the actual race? I'd be content with seeing qualifying only. Hell, just throw every team's car design into a supercomputer and use CFD to get the result. At race start, every driver should then slow down to be absolutely sure that nobody touches him or that he does not put himself in a position of touching anyone else. Nicely file into turn one. How many times are people running on smoking tires into turn one, sliding and bumping? How is that different from a gung-ho move in the rain on Hamilton?
  10. Sorry State Of Affairs

    I'm not old enough to say "In the olden days, Formula 1 was...." but I've been around long enough to notice that things should not be like this. Industrial espionage, multimillion dollar penalties, FIA directing traffic on race day, rule and specification changes making the cars into glorified lawn mowers running on rails... I thought all this was about large cojones, larger engines, larger-than-life personalities with chicks and booze. Now: Thoughts about kids, managers roughing up drivers in the paddock, drivers screaming like little girls cause the other guy touched my car with his car and I messed up, mommy. Figure skating has more socially adjusted athletes than this. Drivers now have personalities of ballerinas, 3rd graders, annoying overachievers, shy virgins or businessmen with much to lose. I'll still be up at all hours watching year in year out (so suggestions to "just don't watch it then" are just overdone). But somebody high up has to put a stop to this climate of complaints and penalties. Speed channel commentators said it right during Fri morning Prac 2: bring in ex-drivers as race refs, same ones form race to race. Lets get some continuity here, some semblance of order.
  11. God Awful Mess

    moved to other post, sorry, just saw another topic already talking about this
  12. Another Country To Hate Hamilton

    I think all this is silly, and I'm sure I'm not alone. As Kubica, are you really supposed to infer that the other driver cannot see you therefore you let off the throttle? In that case no overtaking should be allowed at all in F1, considering that the other driver may not be looking in the mirrors at all times. OR: You see an opportunity, and as a highly paid and regarded driver you make a move, your wheels don't stick midway of the turn and you skid off. These people have lots of other people to answer to, contract signed or not. How many times has Fisi been yelled at by his paddock to overtake those in front of him. Renault isn't the only one expecting racing from race car drivers, I'm sure. Kubica deserved a middle finger and a comment from Hamilton, nothing more. This bodes very badly for all drivers in the field. Penalties should be for premeditated actions, not negligence or unsubstantiated racing optimism (mistakes). Let silly seasons and contracts take care of that. Nobody got hurt, come on...
  13. Young And Old

    People really think it's inexperience? I think the man just screwed up, like anyone else could have... Didn't Montoya run into MS in Monaco in SC period? If, as a team owner, I thought someone had talent but not enough experience to run in a race I would not let them touch my $1 million car, no matter the hype. So I really don't think inexperience had anything to do with it. Vettel screwed up badly, let him stew in that for a while.
  14. How F1 Should Be!

    Onboard shots make it awesome. And nobody is crying about anything, that's most important, considering what the other ballerinas do in the field. Massa and Kubica made the sport look good.
  15. Robert Kubica's Unlucky Season

    Yes, I no look races. Have not TV. I silly man who find forum and type. Good thing!!! I drink vodka and wait wife cook potato. Opinion to have good! I immigrant to america, I knowing nothing racing. Immigrant - not know racing. American - really no know racing! I apologizing!