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  1. Lewis Likes His Fruit.

    Why should I do you any favours? I'm voicing my opinion and if you can't handle it then by all means, p**s off
  2. Lewis Likes His Fruit.

    Call a rose by any other name ...
  3. Lewis Likes His Fruit.

    He's such an a##-hole that he probably eats bananas through both orifices!
  4. Lewis Likes His Fruit.

    You're right pabloh20, there isn't any hope for me
  5. Lewis Likes His Fruit.

    Lewis is a prick
  6. Lewis Likes His Fruit.

    Sorry, but evertime I see his face or his name, it annoys me immensely
  7. Lewis Likes His Fruit.

    Lewis is a prick
  8. Lewis On Top Gear This Weekend.

    I think you're on to something
  9. OK! Then we'll settle that he's a d#ckhead. Personally, I think he's the ugliest f1 driver on the grid ...maybe he's the ugliest f1 driver ever. Plus the awesome personality ....not ...
  10. LMAO! Keep it coming!!!
  11. Funny F1 Pictures

    Hate to burst your bubble, but the cow's got a penis! What ever you do, do not wear red underwear!
  12. Quite the handsome couple ...
  13. An Inky Iceman?

    Apparently, it came FREE with the new bike he got