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  1. Pick Your F1 Track

    F1 Racing magazine did that a few years back, would have cost about half billion to build just the track.
  2. Watch The Williams Being Built

    Just hope they have enough money left to build a car.
  3. Who Has The Most? (f1 Merchandise)

    I wear my 'rarri cap almost everywhere, starting to look a bit sad these days, same for the two shirts. unless they are signed or a collectors item, what is the point of supporter clothing if no-one ever sees them?
  4. Who Has The Most? (f1 Merchandise)

    1- Ferrari team shirt 1- Ferrari polo shirt 1- Ferrari Cap (Stole it off my mate a melbourne '05) 1- Ferrari 30cm high tedd bear (Its for my son, Honest) Ferrari Lego sets, All but the Large ENZO 1- BMW Williams jacket Melbourne '05 ticket and lanyard 1- Melbourne '05 programme signed by Ralf, the 3 Minardi drivers (including test) and Paul Stoddart 1- copy of Murray Walker Book personally signed at Adelaide Clipsall 500 v8 supercase race 2- framed Ferrari A1 size posters Every f1 racing mag going back to mid 2000 a few official f1 magazines dvds including secret life of formula 1 from the discovery channel Grand Prix dvd (40 year anneversary) yearbooks going back to 2000 (missing 1) from Chronosports Most of the races on tape going back to mid 2000 I think that about it.
  5. Shell Backs Ferrari F1 Tie With World's Costliest Ad

    So am I reading this right, Part of the ad is being filmed in Sydney? Any idea when?
  6. Well the teams run every other part of their lives, whats one more thing to restrict them from.
  7. 2007 Grid

    What, and risk a drivers championship? (not that either would be in contention, but its worth a thought)
  8. Alonso Engine Failure

    I may be wrong, but I think that the Renault Engineers set the coolong ducts up wrong for the weather at monza. Wasn't Alonso getting out of the dirty and hot air of the cars ahead right from the start of the race?
  9. Peter Brock Dead In Race Crash

    Rest in peace Peter Perfect! You will be missed
  10. Best Pair Of Drivers Ever ! + Team

    Sorry, I can't beleive I remembered the name to start with, let alone the actual spelling. Can I blame 1/2 bottle of Wild turkey 101 on that slip up or should I just say i stuffed up?
  11. slightly off topic, but ASH, Love the icon. Just noticed it. I will say i am a slight ferrari fan, but love that icon.
  12. Best Pair Of Drivers Ever ! + Team

    Tarso Marques with Alex Young driving the 2005 BAR. Let the fireworks light up!!!!
  13. Who's F1s Most Arrogant Driver?!

    BUTTON by a country Mile! Prior to the last race, he was stating that they were after race wins, yet at the time, the team were yet to record a point and only finishing once, with both drivers finishing but out of the points. I'm a Webber fan, and I will say he is arrogant, but nowhere near the level that Button has shown!
  14. Webbers Praise For Michelins Decision

    Well the first two options have already surpassed. Must be midnight where most of the posters/Webber-haters reside. I don't beleive he lacks heart, but I do beleive maybe his timing isn't quite right. and occaisonally he should think about what he says a little bit more.
  15. I know how some are ready to bag Webber for whatever he says, does, thinks about of doesn't do any of the above. I want to know when someone is going to pile s#*t on him for him saying michelin had balls for saying with their decision.