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  1. Shanghai

    I reckon this will be a Trulli win. Alonso is incredibly light so hes out of the running. Same with Vettel and Webber. The Brawns are not as good and are lighter than Trulli. Ive had a fiver on Trulli at 16/1 pays back
  2. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    Just seen the start again. BLOODY HELL. Lewis went across the whole of the track after locking up. If anyone went round the outside there could of been a horrific incident.
  3. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    Yeah I bet they did not say the same about Lewis ruining Kimi's race in Canada. Or Lewis constantly pushing people off the track.
  4. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    Yeah I know it was just a racing incident. Felipe could only take that line after braking to late. Felipe could not get back on line properly and tried his best to keep it on the track. He kept two wheels on the contraints of the track which was perfectly legal and not cutting the chicane. A racing incident creates so much controversy. Bourdais was at fault for the Massa incident but it was a racing incident and he did not deserve a penalty. Massa was at fault for braking to late going into the chicane but it was a racing incident and did not deserve a penalty. In the end it evened itself out. Lewis deserved his penalty because he pushed people of the track and was driving like a nutter as usual.
  5. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    Yes he had two wheels on the dirt but if you take a chicane like at the bus stop in spa and you have two wheels on the apex and two cutting the chicane that is considered legal. Just because it is dirt should not change this.
  6. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    This was a perfect racing incident. It was unlucky and Massa could not really do anything to get back on line after braking to late I don't think he was going for a overtake. Completely different to pushing someone off the track like Lewis does.
  7. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    He had two wheels of the track and two on the apex for me that is perfectly legal. Video for you
  8. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    Both were racing incidents. Bourdais was at fault for the Massa incident as he had no intention to take the racing line and gave Massa no chance to see him because of how wide the track is but it was not worthy of a penalty.. Massa stayed within the contraints of the track and it was a racing incident and it was not a penalty. Both were racing incidents and in the end in sort of evened itself out. Good to see Hamilton FINALLY get done for his dangerous driving. Pushing someone of the track is so much more dangerous than what Felipe done. Hamilton is cracking again and proved today he is not ready. He was took by Kimi at the first corner and he has to go agressive again. If he stayed behind he would of took Kimi and got the 10 points and basically the title. He has brain and that cost him the points today and probably (And hopefully) the championship. If Massa did not get the penalty today he would of took 3rd place and would only be 1 point behind. It seems to me the McLaren fans could be right the title may be decided off the track but in Hamilton's favour. I believe it will be Massa will take the title with wins in China and Brazil but Hamilton has had luck for all the races this year except today. Lewis can't take pressure. Lewis's luck is running out and now its time for Felipe to prove he is good enough for Ferrari. IF he wins the last two races he will win the title. Hamilton won't finish second in both. Felipe just needs the Ferrari to have good reliability for the last two race. McLaren's reliabilty could go wrong as we saw with Heikki earlier today. Felipe will win the title as long as he has a little bit of Lewis's luck. Lets hope Lewis finally has a bit of a run of bad luck for the first time in his career and Felipe has a bit of good luck. China and Brazil are both tracks which favour Ferrari and Brazil is Massa's track. Massa will definately win in Brazil. The title will be decided in China and whoever takes the most points in the next race will win the title. McLaren and Ferrari are both in trouble next year. Honda are the only team to seem to have worked out KERS which will benefit them. BMW have completely focused on 2009 and should make more advances than McLaren and Ferrari. Renault seem to have found some pace with the Renault winning two races in a row on pace. Out of the McLaren and the Ferraris i think the new downforced regulations will favour Felipe most due to his smooth driving style and i believe Lewis will struggle due to his agressive driving style and i think he will lose control more. Out of the BMW's, Renault's and Honda's Fernando, Nick and Jenson should deal well with the lower downforce. I just feel Ferrari and McLaren will struggle against the other teams next year.
  9. 14 races in to a thrilling F1 season the title is still up for grabs. But who do you think will win the title? Heres my predictions for the rest of the season. Singapore Pole Position Lewis Winner Lewis Podium Massa Vettel China Pole Massa Winner Massa Podium Kimi Lewis Japan Pole Massa Winner Massa Podium Lewis Kubica Brazil Pole Massa Winner Massa Podium Lewis Trulli Overrall Felipe 115 Lewis 110
  10. Yes but most teams can not compete with Toyota,Ferrari and McLaren in the cost side. All that will happen is Ferrari and Mclaren will get Richer and quicker and other teams like Force India who can not match the development costs will fall away. I feel a budget cap is the best way to go to insure good racing. Would you prefer 3 drivers who are the only realistic option to win the race (Felipe,Kimi and Lewis) With a few others nicking podiums (Nick.Kubica Kovy and Trulli) or 22 Cars battling where anyone can win. If a budget cap did come in we would be seeing tighter championships and the likes of Kubica,Vettel and a few others serious title contenders.
  11. Sebastian Vettel

    Yes i agree that there have been too many mistakes made but if it was a choice between the roulette seasons 2007 and 2008 or 2004 where Michael won by over 30 points and Ferrari won by over 140 points i would choose 2007 and 2008.
  12. This would be really stupid to limit just 3 teams. BUT i do think it would be good to have BHP limited to 750 for all teams so the cars are more equal.
  13. 2008 Italian Gran Prix Thread

    All the talk is about Vettel and rightly so but what a choker for Bourdais fighting for his seat next year produces a great Qualifying lap and then his car stalls. How unlucky.
  14. Sebastian Vettel

    Yeah but realistically what do contracts mean? Say Felipe does crap in 09 and 2010 i can not see Ferrari sticking with him. But the likelyhood is an all new Ferrari in 2011 with Vettel and i reckon Kubica.
  15. Whats Wrong With James Allen

    No i was saying thats what will be good about the BBC.