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  1. Complicated Question

    That's right Hamilton would win over 5th place results. May be strange, but these are the rules...
  2. Alonso To Ferrari

    A driver should be a good tester also, in order to help the team evolve the car. Price also depends on sponsors each driver has. Some of the younger and less talented drivers even have to pay (through their sponsors) to get into a cocpit. Price difference is same here as it is in football or basketball... Alonso will most certainly go to ferrari next season. Jean Todt has been under a lot of pressure during the last period, because of this (you see, his son is Massa's manager). Massa had a talk with some Toyota officials, but it's not sure yet. However with Ralf probably leaving next season Toyota will be looking for a new driver. Money exists. Who will be the replacement?
  3. Alonso To Ferrari

    I am curious to see what will happen with Alonso and Raikkonen driving as teammates. Good point up there LOL... I will have to add that Fernando is a far better testing driver than Kimi. Don't forget what McLaren officials had said when he first moved to the team (We got to know more things about the car within one month with Alonso, than in three years with Kimi), or was he talking about the spying thing I wonder.... Will this make him No 1? we will have to see. I think that inside the track they are equally capable of going fast, each with his own style. Let's see what happens.
  4. Mclaren's Penalty Prediction

    I voted for the deduction of some points. A fine is also almost sure, but I think it will end there. Banning a top team for the whole season, or for life is not good for the whole F1 structure. A lot of money will be lost, primarily from the team, but also from ticket and right sales. So I think that after the "big bang" they will try to lower the noise....
  5. Mclaren To Lose All Constructor Points?

    I never said that this fact relieves McLaren of any responsibility. But it's a fact that all teams are spying on their opponents one way or another. You can look at what Mika Salo said about Ferrari. If you can't accept it, it's like trying to hide behind your finger. I just said that everybody is acting like they could never imagine this could ever happen. McLaren is responsible, and should be punished. But come on guys just because this is the first incident brought to justice (the last few years), it doesn't mean that it is the only one. I am just talking about the fact that everyone plays surprised. It's like Carl Lewis accusing Ben Johnson of using steroids lol..........
  6. Tribut To Ayrton Senna

    Alain -the professor- Prost, was indeed spectacular in calculating things, tyres, fuel supplies and stuff. But Senna was a lot faster and I think he had proven this even before the electronics, and active cars era. He had the charisma to discover the limits of every car he was driving. They were both great in different aspects of the sport, but the difference was that Senna was racing to be THE FASTEST, while Prost was racing to cross the line first. Of course Prost's strategy gave him more titles and victories, but as an athlete myself I know that the main target for an athlete is to be the best, and not necessarily the most succesfull. Senna proved this and he proved it even while driving inferior cars. Just my opinion. Thanks.
  7. Alonso Key Factor In Schu's Retirement, He Admits!

    I think schumacher just made a decision that every athlete has to. He retired while being on top (maybe one year late but he needed one more chance after all). He wasn't young he had nothing to prove and he could lose more that what he could earn, given the situation with Kimi and Alonso, by racing for another season. Nobody wants to see a top driver (athlete) being unable to meet expctations. It would be terible to watch him in this situation. It's better for him to be remembered as a total recordman than just a driver who "used to be" and struggles for a place. It just wouldn't be nice (even for me - I can't say I liked him), to be this way. Anyway bottom line is that a top sportsman should retire while on the top. All other things is just talking to the reporters...
  8. Cost Cutting - Bernies Way

    I think I have heard somewhere that the difference between fourth and fifth place in the constructor's championship is somewhere around 5,000,000$. I don't know the exact figures though...
  9. Mclaren To Lose All Constructor Points?

    The bad thing is that this problem surfaced just because they caught people involved almost "on action". They act as if they can't believe what's happening. Everyone is spying on others and ferrari is no different. According to Mika Salo, Ferrari used to do the same. He also revealed that after every testing period, people from his team used to give him a piece of paper with the exact dialogue between Mika Hakinen and his mechanic. They were interfering with McLaren's radio frequency. And don't forget that at that time radio communication was not open for all to hear. Anyway it's not something new to F1. And I hate the fact that everyone is acting like the sky crashed on their heads. I think it's like the doping issues on other sports. Everyone is soooooo clean, and the bad guy is the one being caught, who is being ripped by reporters and sporting authorities.
  10. What Do You Think Can Make F1 More Interesting

    I would say: 1) Manual gearboxes 2) Metal Disk Brakes 3) Remove electronics completely This way drivers will have almost total control on their cars, more mistakes will be made, and the best driver will have more chances to win. I would also like to see again slick tyres. 3 or 3.5 lt engines. free engine changing.
  11. Tribut To Ayrton Senna

    My intention is to provide information about as many drivers as possible. Hopefully there will be a time when you will be able to find all drivers' biographies on the site. I have some writers working on it, but as you can understand, F1 has more than enough to write about (In addition to historical events and reviews, there are the current news running)... We are working hard to provide a complete view of as many aspects of the sport as possible. Anyway this is not where I speak about my site. Thank you for reading the article and posting your comments. I am glad you liked it, I hope I will be able to offer you more interesting content through time.
  12. All-time Most Unsporting F1 Champion

    Sorry, Didn't get you.
  13. Tribut To Ayrton Senna

    Of course there have been other great drivers also. Before, during, and after the period Senna was racing. I am preparing other articles also, about other drivers. Probably one on Gilles Villeneuve will be next. And others will follow, about drivers of the past and present. This article is just Senna's racing biography, with the addition of a tribute to him that I felt like writing. Thank you for your opinion. It's much appreciated.
  14. All-time Most Unsporting F1 Champion

    Voted for Michael Schumacher. Adelaide 1994, and Jerez 1997 are two of the many reasons why...