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  1. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    Sounds like a ferrari trick to me!!!!
  2. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    Here what I would like to Know..... Why has neither of the main culprits in the so called spy saga been brought to book, the two disgruntled employees Mike Coughlan and Nigel Stepney? Should Nigel Stepney be treated as a whistler blower, as it was him who give evidence of Ferrari cheating with the flexi floor? Also when are the FIA and WMSC going to be truly independent of the Motorsport they supposedly govern fairly? In my view yes the whole saga has been a sorry affair for f1 but once again even though it has been proven time and time again if Ferrari cheat they are given a small and insignificant punishment.... any other team are made an example of i.e. the Honda Fuel Tank saga!!!! My final thought: There have been two major failings within the sport over the last few years. Number 1. Which idiot convinced Max Mosley to stay on when he had resigned? Number 2. The failure of the GPMA not to ask for Max Mosley resignation, before agreeing to sign the New Concord Agreement. He's an embarrassment to the sport, a power hungry (MAD) dictator.