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  1. Shummacher Myths To Be Destroyed One By One...

    Seriuosly...did you not read the words you posted. He said he had to adapt to a new driving style and was gaining ground on Nico. Forget the last race as the car was just not setup right. The first 3 races he was only 0.2 off Nicos pace and he was gaining on him. So clearly he has been adapting and was getting better. If Merc GP build a new car for him to be better at, then so what, Nico should also be able to adapt. You must hate the guy so much. Even my friends who are Mclaren fanatics who hated MS when he was racing are happy he is back and i thought nobody can ever hate someone more than my firends hated MS but i was mistaken. Get a grip on yourself and enjoy having a lgend back on the track.
  2. If You Were Ross Brawn What Would You Do?

    I think the guy is doing really well. He was only .2 of Nico's pace all season after 3 years away and not much testing. Bahrain.....Did great for the first race back. Australia .....was hit in the first corner. Although the race for him was not that great he still pulled out pretty quick times. Malaysia.....out after 9 laps. There was issues with his car in china for sure as did Massa in Australia. Massa was a .7 of a second of Alonso's pace, so it can happen and it will happen to Nico this season as well. With Micheal and Brawn at the helm, next years car will be a ripper which is the main reason the united i believe. Give the guy a chance, he at least deserves that.
  3. Ferrari Hits Out At Williams And Red Bull

    I don't see anything wrong with it. Shu will make F1 more interesting in this few races that it has been in the last 2 years. Williams is 15 points behind Ferrari and Red Bull is 58 points ahead. Whatever Ferrari will gain out of this test if anything will not affect the opposing teams. It would have been understandable if Toyota said anything, they are only 2 point behind. Also i'm sure they can set it so they do not gain any viatl information of the car. All he needs is his lap times available to him.
  4. Interlagos - Driver Of The Day

    Mate! There was no luck involved in the race he won. He won that race fair and square.
  5. Bahrain Gp Quali

    The live tv thorugh ITV is working fine by hiding your IP. 9 second delay. woohoo
  6. Bahrain Practice

    i'm searching on TVUplayer and sopcast
  7. Bahrain Practice

    The longer this season goes on the more p**sed i'll get, not being able to watch the races live on a decent live feed. Why doesn't ITV make it for everyone. Hell I'll pay to have access to stupid website.
  8. Bahrain Practice

    wow, that is really really bad quality. But i guess beggers can't be choosers. thank you
  9. Bahrain Practice

    Are you having trouble watching practice on ITV? Is it slow or normal for you?
  10. Bahrain Practice

    I've downloaded a program from www.hide-my-ip.com. It make my IP look like it's in the UK but it's very very very slow to watch. Not sure if everyone in the UK is having this problem or it's just me and my dodgy fake IP address
  11. Team Orders At Ferrari

    Think about it... We're talkin about a $4,000,000 car. Why would RD double his salary for winning a championship which he is expected to win with the $4,000,000 he's getting paid already. The only reason RD said yes, is because he knows they have no chance of winning the championship. He saw the pace Ferrari has and he the improvements BMW has made. They cheated last year and still lost, how can they do it this year without cheating.
  12. F1.com Live Timing

    My life revolves around F1. So when I say year, I don't mean the lunar year or the solar year. I only mean the F1 year. 3 days a week 2 weeks a month and 8 months a year.
  13. F1.com Live Timing

    Being an Aussie, I can only watch it live on the net. So i have half of the screen on F1.com live timing and the other half is the race live on itv-f1.com. best of both worlds. If i had a choice between the screen or the live timing, i would go with the live timing any day of the year.
  14. Alonso Critical Of Mclaren Drivers

    You are kidding me. Alonso has every right to say what he said. The Maclarens were doing a parade lap while other driver were still qualifying and i'm not even an Alonso fan. I dislike him a lot but he is spot on here
  15. Malaysia Practise

    WHAT...is that possible. PLEASE tell me how