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  1. Blown Four Pots For 2013

    I wouldn't say it's terribly inefficient. Draggy - yes. Vastly improved aero package as you named it would be possible, but only if numerous aero-bans were to be dropped, which isn't likely. This new engines are quite promising. How they will influence the spectacle will depend mostly on strictness of regulations. If FIA decide to make it somewhat like current it will be sh*t, but if they'll go for example maximum fuel flow rate and limited number of engies used by a driver over the season (and nothing more) it may turn out quite good.
  2. Arse Air

    It's kinda ovious, isn't it? Anyway if I was the one responsible for F1 car design, it would surely be high on my priority list. As for Hamilton - I wasn't surprised that he got past Webber and stuck behind Alonso. But hey - actually he could've done it if it wasn't for Mark who rammed his arse
  3. Hamster In Trouble With Oz Police

    That is just pathetic - political correctness in F1 nowadays makes me sick.
  4. Winter Testing 2010 Season

    So first test session is behind us. My thoughts and predictions so far : - Button will probably get manhandled by Hamilton in the same car. I can smell that one coming -I would be really really pleased if Sauber team did good this season. Their pace so far is impressive, but as we know this year testing times are far less performance-indicating than the years before. I'd like them to win some races (it may be very hard even if the car is competitive given their driver lineup) just as a punishment BMW for withdrawing and their stupid long term plans. -I'm really disappointed to see Nick Heidfeld as a reserve driver, he deservers much more than that. -Schumacher seems to be on the pace. It's bad news for Nico Rosberg. Guy(or a girl) is yet another one who thinks he can beat Schumacher in the same car, the reality will be very disappoing for him(her). I expect Schumacher to have about twice as much points as Rosberg at the final scoreboard. -Renault R30 car sure looks good. It expect it to be more competitive than last years R29. There are some bad news for this team though - their driver pairing. They signed Russian and Pole which means World Champion and runner-up in drinking. That's enough to turn the whole team into a bunch of alcoholics in few months... -As far as I know Nakajima is out !! YE -I'm pretty sure that Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren will be competitive so if Red Bull is also, we may have 4 way battle for the title instead of regular 2 and that's what I'm most excited about this year.
  5. Bridgestone Out After 2010

    Very good. I hate them for painting the stripe on option tyres green...
  6. Kimi'S Career

    Hmm it looks like we're gonna see Kimi in McLaren next year. Kovalainen's quote about unequal treatment is a sign that he's probably out. He's been there for 2 years and said nothing up to now, even denied it. For me it's obvious that some drivers aren't treated equally and I'm not surprised cause there's always a very good reason behind it. First of all some drivers don't deliver as good as others. In that case Kovalainen is as good as or sometimes even better in qualyfying than Lewis, but when Sunday comes he is unable to maintain the race pace of Hamilton while keeping his tyres in good condition long enough. Don't know the reason for that - is it pure skill or result of unequal treatment. But let's supose for a while that it isn't skill problem. If he's treated like a second driver it's because he lets them do it, on the other hand he's not in a position to put up a fight cause he's not a WDC or very highly rated driver like f.e. Kubica. This is why I don't like Hamilton - comparing to average F1 driver like f.e. Kova, he faced much less difficuilties. This kind of unequal treatment has been very common in F1 for young drivers yet Hamilton received none of that.This season they've had a slow car and Every time I read Hamilton's quote it was something like that "look what I achieved with this shi* car!". I've never seen Hekki saying "look what I did with this shi* car that is 2 races outdated to my teammate which they won't even let me pass when I'm stuck behind him cause he's on a one stopper..."
  7. Yay Fisichella To Ferrari

    I think FI may be actually better than Ferrari at Monza. It pretty much depends on which car is better over the kerbs.
  8. Yay Fisichella To Ferrari

    Sadly we won't see Fisichella behind the wheel anymore after this season ends. He signed as a reserve driver with Ferrari for 2010.
  9. You suggest they should've put more fuel to Fisichella's car in the second pit stop and you're calling me a fool!?
  10. 1 4 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 14 14:33:12 25.922 25.922 1 21 Giancarlo Fisichella Force India-Mercedes 14 14:33:14 25.144 25.144 Yes they've had about 2 seconds to do that.
  11. Bmw Are Gone Gone Gone

    Wurst eatin' surrender monkeys!
  12. Redbull Vs Toro Rosso

    Chassis is almost the same, but kinda 2-3 steps behind RedBull's in terms of developement. It was supposed to be like that from the beginning. It would be embarassing for RB if their junior team which is about 4 times smaller beat them...again.
  13. It's (a?) Turkey!

    This track is quite good with those cars. There was a lot more action on the track but most of it wasn't showed on TV It appears to me that all of the drivers did excellent job today, even Nakajima and Piquet. The only low point was Barichello's gearbox failure. If it wasn't for that things would've been a bit more exciting at the front today. btw. I think some of you guys should try a bit of racing yourself, even karting for instance. Then you'll get to know how hard it is to put a tiny kart through it paces so it maybe could give you a picture what it's like with a full size F1 car. It really helps to appreciate F1 as it is. I've achieved an impression that what most people would like to see, even among tf1 forum users is hundreds of meaningless overtakings and crashes every race - if that's the case then you should go and watch amateur destruction derby or low budged touring car race not F1 (cause it will never be up to your standards).
  14. Jenson Buttmacher

    Barichello was/is "schumachered" because he's not as good as those who are "schumachering" him. Never was, never will be it's as simple as that.
  15. You Heard It Here First

    A journalist knowing something like that and not selling it to any tabloid magazine? Sure...