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  1. Honda's Golden Boy Sacked!

    I agree kiwi, JB has done nothing in that Honda this year, he deserves something else, something better, but if Honda sacked JB i will not be surprised.
  2. Favourite Songs In Another Language

    And one for Katy.
  3. Favourite Songs In Another Language

    well for me these are my 3 favourite songs, in 3rd place is Brett Lee or cricketing heartthrob singing with Asha something In second place is our favourite world champion singing Accepterais tu? for for our world champion to be beaten to number 1 this song must be good, it was so good it made Eurovision this year and placed an outstanding 16th place, yes its none outher than Rodolfo Chikilicuatre with Baila el chiki chiki. Must see, enjoy
  4. Jacques Villeneuve will be laughing! Until Alan McNish beats him again. Jacques Attack for 2009 Le Mans
  5. Why Has Nick Heidfeld Never Won A Gp?

    Yes he will they are race winners now. why wont he want to return to his former team? they are winners now thanks to his help 7 years ago.
  6. Whats Wrong With James Allen

    Whats wrong with Martin anyways, next year we will be saying how innoying is David Coulthard commentary.
  7. Why Has Nick Heidfeld Never Won A Gp?

    Sato? Davidson? Ralf Schumacher? De La Rosa? Jacques Villeneuve? Martin Brundle dosent have a job for next year yet, so y not Martin Brundle or Mark Blundell? Alonso is Free also. Button is not leaving honda, despite the fact that he is in Dire straits when it comes to his career currently.
  8. Why Has Nick Heidfeld Never Won A Gp?

    Well you can never predict formula one can you, Singapore night race is next, and who would have thought that Vettel in a Toro Rosso would have won a formula one race today, just keep the faith, Heidfeld has had a good enough car though for 3 years in a row so the reason being why he hasnt won a race, right team just not the right time yet. Webbers different, he did show the potential of his car in qualifying the stragerty in the red bull team usually goes to pot in the race and this is something that Christian Horner needs to address urgently as well as the Red Bull starts as so often webber is behind where he has started going into the first corner.
  9. Whats Wrong With James Allen

    I dont know, i have watched every grand prix he has commentated on and i do see the hamilton thing in general i seriously dont mind him. And i am a normal bloke
  10. Whats Wrong With James Allen

    So whats Brundle gonna do?
  11. Whats Wrong With James Allen

    would we be able to understand him though?lol
  12. Whats Wrong With James Allen

    together with James louise and Mark Blundell in the pits. And the host being Ted Steve and Mark
  13. Whats Wrong With James Allen

    What about for the BBC for next year, Brundle and Coulthard?
  14. Whats Wrong With James Allen

    yeah do you think, i dont think so i believe that he is a articulate commentator whenever he speaks, he reminds me of Jonathon Palmer, a very physicated commentator.
  15. I read everywhere about James Allen about people not liking him at all, and i just dont know why, he seems like a good bloke and his a very good commentator in my opinion and i just feel sorry for him that there is always a big black cloud covering him, in this forum who here likes him and who would like to see him contuine in his role for next season and why?