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  1. Renault Under Investigation?

    http://www.scribd.com/people/documents/2608459/folder/118302 Renault Game over
  2. New Points System

    14 10 -4 7 -3 5 -2 4 -1 3 -1 2 -1 1 -1
  3. Is Vettel The Real Deal?

    I think they are already in talks with Sato
  4. Alonso To Bmw?

    BMW just need to their restore their own kid : Vettel Alonso in BMW is only going create trouble & instability .. just IMO!
  5. F1 Fans To Boycott Monza

    yes it is but it is justified why **** the FIA altered old spa
  6. F1 Fans To Boycott Monza

    this isn't new .... lolz Boycott would go unnoticed
  7. Driver Of The Day - Spa

    i think all Massa, Nick, Nando, Vettel, Kubica & Bourdais drove very well. To choose one i guess it would be Nick
  8. Is Vettel The Real Deal?

    Yes ..i guess but he has to work on consistency.
  9. The Usual Suspects - The W#nker Nations

    I completely agree ... I think its must for India ..considering it had highest casualties(AFAIK) in 2007 cause by terrorists
  10. Kers

    Nice article. For Ferrari , Torro Rosso & Force India KERS system will developed by Magneti Marelli will get assistance from EADS(as Force India's Technical partner).
  11. Force India Files A Complaint

    i don't agree ..i think @ same spot too many guys lost the control ..coulthard,rosberg & Heikki & Condition were tricky! FIA/Bernie hv soft corner for Hamilton & Ferrari.So you never know ...
  12. Italian Press Hails Monaco Master Hamilton

    In Monaco nothing came close to Sutil performance ..it was classic IMO.
  13. Best And Worst - Monaco

    Worst: Kimi/ Heikki / Alonso Best : Flawless drive from Sutil & Kubica ...& Mark Weber & Nakijama ..even Massa(with s##t strategy) & Hamilton did well!
  14. 2008 Australian Grand Prix Thread

    Lap times Ferrari definitely has quick car but very unreliable & unstable ..that was not surprise at all 3/7 of winter simulation failed ...they faced engine & gearbox overheating issue on last shakedown.So i think this season Ferrari biggest drawback will continue to be reliability.Anyways Very consistent & good performance from bourdias & Hamilton.All Ferrari's(including partners) had bad day.Honda need dump that dumb a## lollipop guy!.Poor fisi & kubica Looking forward to interesting unreliable season (credits: 4 gp gearbox rule) next post Malaysia gp
  15. Mclaren Confess: We Used More Ferrari Info

    now read this http://www.fia.com/public/mclaren.pdf only 21 pages