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  1. Appalling Driving Standards On Display In 2008 - Contd.

    Gilles and Jacques. Whatever you may think of Gilles was indisputably more successful taking a title where Gilles failed, scoring almost double the race wins, a title to Gilles' best WDC position of 2nd, lead more races, scored more fastest laps and took fully 9 more pole-positions. Personally I don't rate Jacques over his father, (or much at all) but then I've never entirely seen the hype around Gilles' skill anyway. Sure, he was exciting and charismatic which F1 needs badly these days but he was the lord of all over-drivers and his results and evetual fatal crash caused entirely by impatience say it all.The third member of the Villenueve family, Jacques Sr., (Gilles' brother/JV's uncle) was the least successful of them all and rarely remembered these days, entering and failing to qualify for three races before giving up.
  2. F1: Turbo Era Car Versus 2007 V8 Winglets Era Car

    I think giving the cars way more mechanical grip is part of the key, and big fat slicks, (Pre-92 level preferably) seems the best way to go about this along with extending the maximum width to 2m or 2.2m. This offers more space aerodynamically so designers might lean less towards ridiculous winglets and boards and make the cars a whole lot more comfortable off-line. Of course, the aero rules need a serious shakeup, (ban on winglets between, say, the front wheel axle line and the rear, raise the rear wing, drop the front wing, restrict them to 1 or 2 planes front and rear) and more undertray-generated downforce would do wonders too. Essentially as suggested forcing the cars back towards how they looked in the late 80s/early 90s. Also, ban power steering, that truly is a joke for top athletes. I don't like the idea of active suspension because there's a real risk of the car starting to drive its self more, the same goes for AWD and 4 wheel steering, those are right out of the window IMO. My vision of the car is a reactive tool controlled exclusively by the driver's inputs in terms of throttle, steering, clutch and braking. If it were simply reactive suspension I might not be opposed, especially as it would add to the unpredictability and skill demanded to drive the car.
  3. Massa Wdc For 2008

    Kimi dropped it twice on bad tyres but he still set the fastest lap etc. Massa was consistantly last or thereabouts and span... was it 5 times? 6? Considering this is a repeat performance too I'd say it's fairly conclusive.
  4. Silverstone: Practice, Qualy, Race, Bashing, Swearing, Etc.

    It's always fun, isn't it?
  5. Silverstone: Practice, Qualy, Race, Bashing, Swearing, Etc.

    'nando's car was fine and he ran wide repeatedly throughout the afternoon. He was finding racing lines with about the success rate of a console gamer with the screen turned off. And considering he was the fastest man out there for the best part of hte opening half, Ferrari or not, is way mroe than you can say for 'nando who was losing out to his team-mate suck Jr. And no, Alonso lost way less time on his tyre gamble than Kimi.
  6. Silverstone: Practice, Qualy, Race, Bashing, Swearing, Etc.

    He span twice, less than 'nando's tally of mistakes and lost way more time with the pit blunder than Fernando did. He was still faster in qually, faster on raw race pace and finished ahead despite losing well over a minute due to a tactical blunder.
  7. Silverstone: Practice, Qualy, Race, Bashing, Swearing, Etc.

    Despite the fact Kimi lost way more time, set the fastest lap of the race, (just under a second faster than 'nando's best effort.) was a real candidate for the race win before Ferrari n00bed and overtook him with relative ease before finshing two positions ahead of him? BEsides, it's not as if 'nando made no driving errors.
  8. Appalling Driving Standards On Display In 2008 - Contd.

    Hell yeah! I really want to see 30 car grids composed of the world's best and the world's most clueless again.
  9. Appalling Driving Standards On Display In 2008 - Contd.

    Very true. I miss the first corner mayhem that ensued in one of every three races or the days where we had 2 - 3 restarts.
  10. Massa Wdc For 2008

    The idea that there was something wrong with the car is nonsense. How about his almost identically awful performance in similar conditions at Silverstone 2002? No? His other weak wet performances? Just because he didn't wreck catastrophically at Monaco is no sign he's managed to overcome his inability to drive in the wet.
  11. Can Someone Tell Me How Heikki Kovalainen Did Today?

    Have you tried... I don't know... the news? Then I'm guessing you're a troll anyway.
  12. Appalling Driving Standards On Display In 2008 - Contd.

    Anyone who thinks that was a bad display of driving standards does not have the slightest clue of how Formula 1 was pre-200X Schumacher era of tiredly predictable electronically managed cars and acres of run-off.
  13. Will Red Bull Be A Top Team Next Season?

    I think you're getting ahead of yourself. Remember how many people thought Renault would be back to winning ways by now or at least the 'third team'? They're not even the 4th team as of right now. Point is there's no way to call it from season to season, rule changes especially mean that every team will be throwing the dice a fair bit over the next couple of years and any progress will be as much luck as it will be hard work and ability. I'm not saying they're not capable of it, I am saying you should really wait and see. Aside from anything else they're losing continuity with the loss of DC who is an unknown factor in their design, testing and development programs, the rule changes will force radical revisions most likely forcing huge revisions or total overhauls in many areas and we've got no guarantee they'll have the same engine supplier by then either.
  14. Silverstone: Practice, Qualy, Race, Bashing, Swearing, Etc.

    Wow, could that signature be any taller? Anyway, Webber is likely running fairly light but even if he isn't he'll struggle in the race. He has, as he usually does, set his car up for qualifying and not the race. Looking at Kimi's performance I would not be at all surprised if he was the highest running driver set up for rain tomorrow.
  15. Lewis, The Media And Dealing With Fame

    F1 fans can be fairly fair-weather; towards the end of last season it was Alonso under fire, then Lewis, after the first couple of races everyone was writing off Massa, after that came Kimi and now it's Lewis' turn again. That said it's a fairly revealing statistic that he's starting to show signs of strain publicly and you have to go back five races to find his last race weekend free of any significant driving errors and even then he finished 2nd. Lewis hasn't been the class of the field since the first race.
  16. Best And Worst - Monaco

    Well, first, one of those is due to car failure, second, Kimi is having trouble heating the rears over one lap and generally runs a little more fuel than Massa. Not exactly a statement of outright speed. As the races get warmer and the car is developed it'll move away from Massa in qualifying, of that I'm certain. Third, and most perplexing of all your statements... no they wouldn't.
  17. The Retire Dc Retire Thread

    I agree with this almost entirely except that the geek in me forces me to point out rather pedantically that light-years are a measurement of distance. Sorry, that's the physicist within talking, she's not the most fun person. Still, top post, most people who complain about driving standards in F1 simply don't remember what things were like before the goddamn tedious TC addled Schumi era. In fact most of them even forget how prone the almighty Schumi was to mistakes under pressure our outside of P1.
  18. Best And Worst - Monaco

    Yes. Definitely *not* a perfect race considering he crashed.
  19. Best And Worst - Monaco

    Owned Kimi all weekend? The only reason he was faster in the early qually sessions was because he did more laps. Kimi was faster in all three practice sessions and set the fastest lap of the race. It's only his mistakes that cost him: two slips in the race as opposed to one and a bad first sector on his final Q3 lap that meant he missed pole by 0.038. Kimi drove a bad race but really, let's keep this in perspective.
  20. Italian Press Hails Monaco Master Hamilton

    People forget the details and remember the final results. Schumacher's 'inspired stratergy choice' at Spa 92 that netted him his first win only came because he spun off of the road.
  21. The Retire Dc Retire Thread

    People are very quick to forget the standards past drivers have set. Kimi's had two bad races but they've got nothing on that two race run where Schumacher crashed out on the first corner entirely by his own doing, or 1996 where he was the first driver in the barriers in a wet Monaco (despite that Ferrari having a form of traction control.) Or what about Senna crashing out of Monaco 88 whilst in a comfortable lead? Prost being lapped by Senna and trounced by Hill at Donnington 93? No?
  22. Best And Worst - Monaco

    I think everyone getting at Kimi for two mediocre races is pretty fair-weather to be honest. He does seem to be going through a bad period but when you remember that we've had all of the 'Felipe' tracks save Brazil this season and that Kimi has admitted he just can't get the one lap pace out of this car I think it's understandable. He's still likely to be odds-on favorite for the championship and certainly is in my books.
  23. Best And Worst - Monaco

    Sure, if you forget all of last season and the fact Kimi got the fastest lap here. He drove a bad race but he was by no means 'outpaced'.
  24. 92nd Indy 500

    That's cool, I honestly prefer you to Danica Patrick any day of the week. For all I know you're a better driver too.
  25. 92nd Indy 500

    My point was more that it was one guy posting with himself. I'm not sure where you got the idea I don't like Indy Car from, you seem very quick to jump to conclusions. This forum is for discussions, sure, but it's not good for live ones.