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  1. Ok, who do I have to kill to get footage like that all the time? Whats Bernies address?
  2. Maybe its a tactic. I know I would think twice at least about trying a move on DC up the inside...
  3. Until I seen the replay from youtube, looking closely at the external view at 2min I thought that Alonso had came out the corner slower than he could/should have. Although there are more explanations for that than 'brake testing'. Driving with no TC exiting a corner on the throttle (and under pressure from a faster car) it would be understandable if he had perhaps gave it a bit much throttle then had to lift to avoid a slide or a spin. These guys are at the top of their game and their reaction times are, at times, almost unbelievably fast. From my experience its the following driver whose job it is not to hit the one in front (unless more than half alongside) and since there are various reasons why someone would unexpectedly slow down they should be in a position to avoid them if needed. Its a testimony to Fernando
  4. Looks to me like Fernando was defending the inside before the turn and therefore had a much slower line through the corner then Hamilton. As Hamilton took the proper line he was going faster and slammed into Alonso. When defending position it gererally means drivers take different/inside lines through corners to block the overtake, which holds up the car behind, well, unless the car behind doesnt slow down.... Hamiltons fault imo, he really needs to learn when to wait, reminds me of his lunge at Alonso in Brazil. If he had waited half a lap he could likely have got past no problem.
  5. Seems pretty similar to BMW's improvement between 06 and 07 to me. Make a better car, do faster laptimes.
  6. Just curious as to how many people actually watch the live lap/sector timings on the site. Personally I couldnt watch a race without having my laptop open with the timings up, and I actually tend to spend more time watching the timing than the TV screen. Most of the stupid camera angles and pointless shots they show you tell you nothing and its amayzing how much information the 'commentators' miss while going on and on about (for example) Hamiltons training regime or the weather. They fail to even bother to mention who pits half the time, who is catching who, who pits under the Safety car, who passed who at pitstops etc etc etc. Gives me something to do in between the (sadly) rare onboard shots or on track 'battles'.
  7. Fernando...he had to pit twice under the safety car and still got a 4th, from starting 11th. He was lucky with Kovi though, maybe McLaren want to make those steering wheel buttons harder to push
  8. Kubica got screwed by the safety car, he had to pit on lap 28 while it was out, that (aside from Nakajima who Robert shouldnt have been near) is the only reason he didnt get a podium. The safety car also badly disadvantaged Alonso and Kovi, with them having to pit and lose position (Alonso twice for that matter) while Hamilton, Nick and Nico were ok. The podium was pretty much decided by the SC, thats the way it goes, bad luck for some, good for others. If it had never been out it would have been a McLaren 1-2 with Kubica 3rd. You cant question his racecraft because of a matter of chance...After all, he did manage to get the 3rd fastest car into 2nd on the grid and he didnt struggle much to stay in front of Kovi (till the pitstops).
  9. Nick for points (his consistency) Kubica for best race result (seems to be able to make the F1.08 go that little bit faster) Nick gets the vote.
  10. From closely following BMW through last season I learned to ingore their habitual slow/uninspired testing/practice times, put it down to high fuel loads or testing long runs and wait for qualifying to see where they stood. They were always one of the teams that did worse in practice than when it mattered, unlike (for example) Red Bull, where it was the reverse. I was pretty pessimistic about their prospects for 2008 until Fernando's comment about them always running high fuel loads. I also put some faith in Nicks comments today, hes German, BMW is German (and hes not stupid enough to say anythnig that could make his bosses look stupid), if he says two-tenths, then I believe he thinks the gap is two-tenths. My main 'concern' in the BMW camp is that Kubica's driving style seems to suit the characteristics of the F1.08 better than Nicks, Robert brushed-off having to adapt his driving in a breif comment, Nick mentioned it a few times in the context of it being an ongoing issue. Neither of them had much to say about the TC/EBS (other than Kubica saying that somehow the F1.08 was better at braking than the 07). Personally I'd be happier with Nick being faster, Kubica has years ahead of him to lead a team, for now its Nicks turn. Although, either way, seeing a Bimmer win a race would put a smile on my face.
  11. Just a thought inspired by boredom... 2009...Big Aero changes with the new regulations, limited wind tunnel and CFD, suspension changes for slicks with limited testing; but with Adrian Newey at the helm and Dietrich Mateschitz' money, not to mention the Renault engines. Hell, by 2009 they might even have the gearbox working Is it just me, or are RBR looking good to be fighting for the championship in 2009? Personally, I'd have them easy top 4 for 2009 above Renault and the rest, likely trading wins with McLaren and Ferrari, with BMW 'in there somewhere'. I may try to get odds for them having a WDC that year. A bit far forward to be looking before 2008 but some big changes coming. Thoughts?
  12. Congrats TF1. I agree with the 'smaller is better comments', and the interesting thing about this place is that either there are F1 loving chicks here, or its the gayest F1 forum I've found. Either way, it seperates it from the rest... love is in the air.... everywhere I look around....
  13. If I interpret the picture properly then it looks to me that your pupil shouldnt have pulled out from the roundabout (unless, the other drive entered from the same direction as you did), since they had a car on their right that they would have caused to slow down, meaning your car effectively cut them up. Wouldnt they have failed a driving test by putting another car in a position to have to slow down? Going on that it would appear to me that it wasnt the other guys fault. Unless of course he was speeding, but doing a roundabout at +30mph is pretty rare. I've never quite understood why its considered correct to go straight through in the left lane, as its just kinda asking for things like this to happen. If people use the right hand lane for everything other than turning left then not only does it mean that people exiting dont have to cross their path, but also means that the left lane is always free for people who are just wanting to turn left at the first exit. Also (in a situation with 2 on and 2 off) if people only used the left lane for turning left then people could use the right lane to turn left as well (exiting in the right lane), since nobody in the left lane would ever go past the first exit. I'm just curious as to why it is the way it is as I can't think of any advantages to people using the left lane to go straight on.
  14. Brazil 1995: Based on that the teams could/should lose their points, but the drivers shouldnt. Of course, nothing in F1 makes that much sense. Its ironic (and amusing) that Ferrari objected, I wonder if they will take the same stance this time
  15. From that video he appears to hit the button at the apex, which is where I (granted, I'm not an F1 driver) would be downshifting to get the power back on.
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