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  1. Will He Come Back???

  2. Fifi Talks!!!

    Its pretty sad to see a driver like him never could capitalize on his strengths and now eventually testing for a backmarker team.Its better to quit than to see yourself struggling to find a good team and car to drive.
  3. Fifi Talks!!!

    rightly said..
  4. Shock And Awe : Some Common Sense From Bernie

    Of course he will be rewarded if he can drive without TC on slicks.Its gonna be very challenging and then only we can know who deserves to be in f1 and who is being overhyped. And it is possible to beat the times set by a V10 f1 car by the current car,but its gonna be tough.Depends on the driver how he manages his car.A guy like schumi can certainly adjust a lot better with the car and the settings to cope up with the loss of TC.Differential settings during a lap would matter a lot.with proper set-up and driving ability one can certailny match the lap record or evn surpass it.We could see in 2007 drivers getting close to it.I hope with slicks and without TC it is possible.
  5. Kimi You Naughty Boy

    He indeed is the ICEMAN.He has improved his humour a lot. Now that I am trying pretty hard to be like him,I wonder how could he keep himself so cool and calm all the time.
  6. Will He Come Back???

    I don't think MS would comeback.I don't doubt his ability and spirit,but its certainly not going to happen.He knows their are many young and talented drivers to race in formula1,he might well be beaten also(just a possibility,i am not being sarcastic).Everyone can't be like Niki Lauda.He has acheived what nobody can.And I guess he is happy with it.
  7. Current Driver Market 2007

    driver market? its all about alonso.. once he makes his decision all the cards will fall into their right places..
  8. Ralfy And Mclaren

    Sadly its IFs and BUTs thats don't count in F1. We could never know what might have happened if senna was alive.May be Schumi wouldn't have been the champion in 1994.U can figure out numerous such possibilites,but in the end we can never know what really could have happened.
  9. Fifi Talks!!!

    I guess for the first time Bernie said something sensible. I certainly feel that Fisi,Ralf and RB should take retirement.They were given enough oppertunities to prove their talent.But to dismay they have failed pretty badly.Fisi might have done well in 05 n 06 but looking at the performance of other teams and his own team mate(alonso) I feel he should also be axed.
  10. 2008 Driver Line Up (so Far)

    I guess Renault will go for Alonso and Heikki.Nelson might have to wait for another year. As for Force India is concerned,their driver line-up will be decided in december.So no confirmation from them yet. Red Bull is still in talks with Alonso as the news says.So we might end up with a surprise from them. Now coming prodrive,I dont think they will be given a chance to enter formula1.We have so many customer teams and all are either in loss or going bankrupt,except Torro Rosso who has done well.So its pretty hard to predict that a team with such a low budget and no guarantee of improvement will be allowed to enter f1.But lets wait and see.
  11. Alonso To Champ Car !!

    Alonso to champ car I would better suggest him to move to renault or take sabatical for 1 year.But to champ car.No nano.Dont ruin your career.
  12. Indian Gp

    YES BOSS..
  13. Yeah.he was ferrari's prodigy.But was it a sufficient reason to extend his contract and not to sign alonso or may be Nico after 2008?I guess no.Even if he stays in Ferrai may would hardly believe that he can ever be a serious threat to the chamipnships.I know he is a fast driver and performs well when he is own his own.But to become a champion a driver needs to perform under adverse conditions also.And so far Massa has failed to prove it.I believe in Ferrari also he will remain as a No2 driver to support Kimi.He may be given an equal status at the start but later if kimi does well then he would have to perform the roll of a no2 driver.
  14. India's Chandhok To Test For Red Bull Racing

    Its like we all say that Button is a very promising driver.but the fact is he has till date done nothing to prove that he is that brilliant.Same is the case with NK.We all knew he was good.But when given the opportunity he couldn't even matched his own team mate's pace.It may be due to his driving problem or attitude or aggression.