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  1. So Who Replaces Piquet?

    Grosjean is just as bad as Piquet Jr., he can
  2. So Who Replaces Massa?

    International press is just too busy making headlines instead of real jornalism, in Brasil is known since day one that Massa
  3. How Many Races Will Barrichello Win This Season?

    I voted zero, i really don
  4. Braziiiiiiiil

    And the wonder boy is choking again . 3 years in Brasil with a good car and 3 poles, great job Massa
  5. Braziiiiiiiil

    Hamiton locked weels as much as he could on P2, i just hope he does that during the race too...
  6. Ferrari To Set Up Young Drivers Scheme

    Scheme sounds evil...
  7. What Is Brawn Waiting For - Xmas?

    If Barrichello had some self-respect he would do like Coulthard and retire at the end of the year, save himself from the embarassment of having someone end his career for him.
  8. Heikki Kovalainen

    I hope you
  9. Canada Loses Formula One Slot.

    Bernie is doing a very good job destroing F1, what
  10. Massa Class

    He never gave up? He had one single problem, due to strategy error, wich made him fall to fifth position, behind his team mate and being more than a second faster than everyone elese. Massa was dropped down to last 3 times, in a circuit where you can overtake, after his own team made him lose the victory...yeah, same thing.
  11. Massa Class