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  1. To Save F1, What Needs To Be Done ?

    The souloutions are simplez they have been for years it's just certain groups and factions within the sport are just to greedy and selfish For the good of f1 in general 1. For the love of Pete just stop stop stop it with these stupid gimmicky rule changes just to skirt around the core issues 2. Look at we'll hass are doing on a small budget it's because they've gone about their business similar to the btcc ngtc regs they bought all the common components off Ferrari and the paid dollars to design the chassis hurrah points on a budget. - suspension - gearboxes - differentials - engines - rear diffusers / under car aero Should all be parts that can be bought by any team who have £100 million or less. The field spread would be cut in half because the only differentiating factor should be the outer chassis . No more good chassis but not chance because of crap engine or visa versa for the little teams. Let's face it deep down we all know that mercades, ferrari, redbull , mclaren and maybe renault once they spend more will be the only teams who will ever win races or championships and for the sport the drivers and the fans that's just stinky. These changes would go some way to changing this 3. Re introduce ground effect and heavily reduce complicated external aero parts ( faster cars better racing less aerodynamic wake) 4. Heavily modify the use of DRS . I'm not totally against this use of DRS it has made races more interesting because they know they can't poodle too the flag doing a trulli train but it is to powerful in some instances aka spa. My solution is not to get rid of it but to completely change the positions and time of use e.g the drs zone at spa is way to slam dunk but it's fine at Hungary. Reason being at Hungary it's a closing device rather then a passing device. So hear goes - have 3 or 4 smaller drs zones - DRS useable within 1.5 seconds of the driver in front and not useable within 2.5 tenths of a second of the car in font - No Drs zones placed In slam dunk overtaking zones e.g radion and the back straight in Canada instead place them after every quick corner were turbulence nd hot air come into effect and use them and smaller straights as a closing devic 5 ( for Bernie ) stop ditching and trying to ditch classic races like spa Monza Silverstone and full them dull boring Eastern tracks for the sake of money. 6. Make the engine and mechanical parts the main focus points of development for the teams. This would be achieved by forcing all the teams to use the same spec under car downforce and only allowing them to develop aero parts that are visible to the naked eye this reducing there spending on aerodynamics because they know other people will copy and ways and thus force them to invest engine and mechanical parts to seek advantages This would be good because - engines , fuel economy , gearboxes ers suspension etc are all things that can have a massive bearing developing cars for the automotive industry. Aerodynamics is by and large bar the basics just a means of making a thoroughbred racing car quick - budget caps will always fail because manor will never be able to employ the same number of people as a manufacturer. And there is no way the police a budget cap but by forcing teams to put all their dollars into less avenues of development your effectively limiting their areas of advantage over the poorer less staffed competiton - long term super high downforce always causes problems anyway ( turbulence rubbish racing easy to drive cars like in the v8 era and the possibility that drivers would have to wear g suits) - we have all seen it case proven point time and time again racing is always better when drivers have more power then grip e.g 2014 more fun to watch then 2013 and 2003 being more fun to watch then 2006 onwards, and probably the late 80s early 90s being more fun to watch then all of them. - all engine manufactures should be free to develop their engines until once they hit 2000hp (within the 100kg limit of fuel ) . Once that has been achieved they should be able to have no more because of safety reasons and they should be forced purely to focus on fuel economy. In theory it would mean 10 years from now we'd have cars that are twice as powerful and potentially running on less then half the fuel - Top speed should be restricted to 250 mph for safety reasons view the use of and standard onboard speed limiter something in the ecu - good for the environment and good for our entertainment everyone wins For the good of the fans the teams and the sponsors 1. Start handing out fair prize money as people from p6 down have no real business incentive to compete in f1 and giving loads of money and people who already have it and none to those with little dose not work ( as in real life ) every team on the grid should have at least £ 60million the cover the bear bones running cost of running and team 1b completely change the whole royalties based system because it will always be Ferrari who make most money regardless of weather they finish 1st or 4th and that's just not correct because in real life a person in job doesn't get paid more just coz they been around for 50 years they have to achieve and push. My solutions is - royalties should not be based on years been around because that means Ferrari will forever get more then anyone else regardless of what they achieve - royalties should be based on percentage of constructors championships won within the entire existence of f1 , so Ferrari would still have the bulk of the royalties but Williams would have a lot more money because they won nearly as many as ferrari and .every year and new manufacture wins a championship all the teams that didn't win loose a fractional percentage of their royalties until they win another title . This is good because it means that the royalty bill for FOM doesn't increase and all the top teams have major incentives as the only way to become stinking rich is to win more titles not just sit there for 50 years cough Ferrari and nobody will able to spend their way to titles and royalties after 10 years cough red bull 2. Readdress the balance between tv income sponsors and ticket prices Obviously it would be great if f1 was on free to air tv and long term it's probably better for fans sponsors alike. But if Fom really want to continue with pay tv they re asses other ways i which the fans and the teams are being stiffed because you can't bake your cake and eat it - I'm no rocket scientist but it is easy to see that less sponsors have any desire to be around since free to air tv was canned I mean why you pay a team the same amount of money when you know your going have less then 50% of the exposure your before . ( incase of uk 200-300 thousand viewers down form 3-4 million a race ) business would play holy hell if the had to pay the same for a 5 second tv advert and the used to for a 30 second advert . Even the title winning cars have hardly any sponsors these days compared to 5 years ago look at a 90s car compared to now a 1995 back marker had more sponsors then a 2015 Mercades ( and no it's not just cigarette money) - if FOM insist on continuing with the pay tv model they must compensate the teams and fans so a bigger share of the prize money should be handed out and they should cut In half the tv money so that tracks can reduce their ticket prices. ( basic long term economics )
  2. Engines Of War

    This is all because of ferrari and redbull who think they have a permenant entitlement to have unrivalled dominance. I have to say it's a crying shame for honda (they have never built a bad turbo engine) they in my opinion they could have been the only people who could hold a candle to the mercades engine. I have to say though 2015 will be a big LOL moment for mercades. Ultimately they much better at making great engines then ferrari and renault. I can just imagine it now "Christian Horner " "winge wah wine mercades are now 2.5 seconds a lap quicker then us we're loosing 25mph down the straights instead of 5mph in 2014 "
  3. Bernie Wants To Change Engine Rules

    If the v6 turbos are gone then so am I it is wrong on so many levels . 1. There is nothing wrong with with the performance of the v6 30% less fuel and very similar performance to the so called all conquering v10 engine 2. Turbo engines with tricky torque have undoubtedly made the racing better this year 3. since when in the history of formula 1 has anyone had to instantly give away there advantage a certain bull and ferrari were allowed to bend to rules for years and know one said boo to them . Since when did red bull give all the other teams there traction control and there various iterations of the blown diffuser like never so why are mercades being bullied into giving all the teams there ers units or loose the v6 engine for good . As for bernie all he cares about is money if he was that bothered about the sound he would have never had the v8s inthe first place
  4. Bernie's Nonsense

    It's really sad stupid and damn annoying because actually in terms of on track action 2014 has been possiblly the best we have ever seen in f1 but unfortunatley the polotics behind the sport stinks. Formula 1 has sort of hit that critical point that fork in the road if you like and if nothing changes soon and the sports imbalances are not sorted out then there is a good chance that f1 could get decimated within the next decade. In reallity there are 4 key issues that need to be fixed ( 3 of them are commercial so cough cough they won't be fixed until bernie croaks it ) in a way it is sad that it is sad that it has come to this because bernie has always been bad. But like his good pal Mr Mosley they seem to strart out with good intentions and then the power gets to their head and they end up finsihing there career on an animalistic low point. Berries attempt to screw the teams out of money and shrink the grid is no different to Mosleys obsession with hammering the mclaren team with penalty after penalty for personal reasons (perticlllay bad during 2008).
  5. F1 2014 Video Game

    You work in a simulator place me jealous of you omigo lol . It's intresting you say that about the game ( I ain't t tried it yet will do soon) when f1 2013 came out everybody whinned about it and frankly overall I thought it was a big step up for. 2012 because the ai cars almost behaved like human players in 2013 much better then 2012 so if your saying the ai are better again I reckon I'll be in For a real treat Regarding a trip down memory lane my first f1 game I ever played was formula 1 97 on playstation and I played everyone beyond that one until f1 2006 on ps2. Between then and 2010 I played Grand Prix 4for hours using 07 and 08 mods until f1 2013 Grand Prix 4 remained my favorite f1 game
  6. F1 2014 Video Game

    Do ya have it on pc or console I'm glad your saying it's good because so many people are giving it bad press . P.s jammy Aussies get everything before us . If I had a recommendation for any sim racers I'd say get a pc because you enjoy everything cranked up to the max at 60fps
  7. F1 2014 Video Game

    I've preordered it on steam and I am actually part of a tournament are you getting the pc version ?
  8. Turn 3 At Sotchi

    I know the race was a little boring but I put it down to late season development blues and people giving up and thinking about next year. I have gotta say though turn 3 at Russia is one hell of a fun corner . I'm I alone in thinking turn 3 at sotchi is the modern day equivelent of the tamburello curve. Surely it has it is the fastest corner on the Callander (behind eau ruge) in qualy hamilton was taking that corner at 178mph. I get the distinct impression that tilke is taking the hint on track design and the new tracks are getting faster
  9. Fia To Ban Performance Help From Pit Radio

    Whilst on one hand I think the ban is good how the hell is this rule inforcable . Different teams speak in different languages and use code words etc. I can't really see the Fia or the stewards hiring interpreters for all lanugueges etc. and therefore how is this rile truly enforceable. You'll get all the English teams being punished and ferrari will get away with it potentially. This could up being one big controversial mess
  10. Mercedes Could Drop One Of Its Drivers

    Correction if you really really want to get technical about it then here we go . Lewis mistakes .. Lock up in bahrain qualy Points effect relative to teammate Ran wide in Canada qualy Austria qualy -14 Silverstone qualy Germany contact -3 Nico mistakes China qualy China bad start Bahrain looses lead. - 14 Monaco pole parking. + 14 Canada cuts chicane Hungary gets stuck in midfield traffic -4 points Belguim knocks hamilton out of race + 25 Monza locks up twice throws away lead -14
  11. Mercedes Could Drop One Of Its Drivers

    Well ok then yes rosberg would win this year because there merc has the advantage but see the italian Grand Prix hamilton got close and nico cracked. Imagine if this was 2012 you'd see a more of rosberg missing chicanes
  12. Mercedes Could Drop One Of Its Drivers

    If mercades ditch lewis hamilton they can kiss good bye to future championships and they will be saying hello to the mid field again. With Ferrari and Renault seemingly talking about changing and improving their engines for next year. It is difficult to imagine merc producing majorly dominant car again. In a year or 2 merc will need a lewis caliber driver to keep mercades at or near the front. Nico is by no means a bad driver ( although his sporting ethics are somewhat unethical) but in my opinion hamilton, alonso, ricciardo, bottas, bianchi , kobayshi , hulkenburg, and maybe vettel, Perez and grojean are certainly faster and probably better drivers then nico rosberg. If this year had been like 2012 in terms of car performance variation ( meaning mercades performing like rbr that year ) it would be hard to imagine mercades having the same number of 1,2 finishes Nico rosberg is a solid bagging points kinda guy but he is not really in the A* top drivers bracket . In theory mercades could stick one of the above as rosbergs new team mate but in a situation like this year . Nico would probably show his spoilt prince side again and make more enemies on the grid
  13. Monza Top Speed.

    i read an article on f1 fanatic which said that the new engines would need to have 900hp just to match the power to weight ratios of last years v8 cars. as we can see the straight line speeds this year have been way more on every track so my assumption is that at full tilt when they are not fuel saving they have around 1000hp. whilst the teams would deny it is hard to to see how this aint possible especially as they hit 200mph at hungary . 215mp at hockenhiem 210 at spa. even if they dont beat the 2005 v10s they are still mighty impressive if they get within 10mph of them given the weight difference (600 vs 690kg). to put into context 90kg is like the equivalent of a rugby player or man that has had to many bags of chips. there is no way the 2005 v10 would do 370+ kmph if they weighed the same as current f1 cars based on the 900hp to match the v8s theory the current f1 cars would need something in the region of 1200-1300hp which i dont think they have
  14. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    its nice to see someone defending lewis hamilton crickey! looking at some of what i have seen on this forum i was wondering if we were all watching different races. whilst it is ok to have an opinion i dont understand how anyone can see he is an average driver or rosberg is better
  15. Lewis Is A Loser

    All you hamilton doubters will all be singing his praises 10 or 15 years from now when he's not racing and people once again reminisce how good f1 used to be back in the good old days.(lol do you remember the days of 1.6 turbos) Chances are it was probably the same for senna and schumacher . Probably everyone hated them when they were around because no one likes being beaten but they were loved once they were not around anymore. And seemingly from what I gather on this forum not many people like balsy fearless racing drivers who take risks. ( I will stroke your ego in one sense though and only because I believe it is true unlike most things I read on hear ) daniel riciardo is a truly fantastic racing driver and I think he is at least as good as lewis