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  1. Lewis On Top Gear This Weekend.

    OK, I have to agree that Kael and I have alot in common, alot... You know he'd still be here if someone named 'pumpdoc' did not suspend him. I cannot understand why he'd do such a thing when fellow memebrs have behaved far worse that him. I am not that brainless though and neither is Kael
  2. Massa Gets Married...

    Slippery when wet ... Massa's discovering it's almost impossible to drive in the wet with the elimination of condoms traction control All the best Massa! Enjoy the driving!!!
  3. Lewis did not beat Alonso, Mclaren did!
  4. Lewis On Top Gear This Weekend.

    Ahhhh! I can see where this is going ... Lewis is a prick!
  5. Lewis Likes His Fruit.

    IMO she's lovely
  6. Lewis Likes His Fruit.

    Only she doesn't look anything like a ape