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  1. A delayed payment of 11 months is a bit much. Just look at Sauber for example, they have last payed Hulkenberg in May, just they immediately announced openly and publicly that they will not be able to pay him anymore, and they have released him from his contract, he is free to drive for whoever he wants or not to drive at all. There is no confusion about the Sauber situation. Lotus just have themselves to thank for the position they are currently in. Kimi hasn't said much about his salary the whole year long, he was only open about the salary problems after the incident in India. The incident in India could have been avoided if they had only given Kimi a proper race strategy in that race. Clearly Kimi wasn't happy that they were insinuating that he was not a team-player, when he hasn't been paid all season long. http://www1.skysport...n-the-indian-gp On top of that Lotus has lied and deceived the public continually, regarding the issue: 9 July 2013 - "It was paid late, yes," Boullier said. Asked if Raikkonen's salary was now up to date, Boullier replied: "Yes." October 10 2013 - "Everybody has been paid. You can ask anyone in our company," said Boullier. ... otus-deals The Quantum deal is nothing but a smokescreen, no money has materialized yet, and no money will properly ever materialize. Paying lower staff salaries isn't exactly Kimi's responsibility as he isn't in charge of the budget. Lotus have actually spend millions this season on expensive marketing videos from Riley Scott for example. Perhaps they could have used that money better? Even Kimi's back injury is because of a direct result of Lotus's actions. They didn't fasten his seat properly in Singapore. They barely mentioned anything about it, and was it not for the Mclaren doctor and Vettel's personal trainer, then Kimi would not have been able to race. Lotus didn't exactly show a lot of concern in that situation for their injured driver. Kimi has had back problems before, In 2006 he had surgery on a hairline fracture in the vertebrae, in 2010 he had surgery on a herniated disc. After the Singapore incident he injured his rib, vertebra joint and the transverse joint. Alonso is having problems with his back after a 15g bump over a curb after Abu Dhabi. The incident that disqualified Kimi from qualifying was a 21g bump over the curbs, it could very well be that Kimi just aggravated the already existing injury. Kimi isn't really one who discuss these sort of things, when he broke his wrist just before the start of the 2012 season, he said his wrist was only a bit sore, it was only later that people learned that he had to receive an operation and that his wrist was actually broken. The back issue could more serious or more immanent then people release. Unlike Alonso or Lewis example, who always post what they are doing on twitter, Kimi just doesn't say much about these sort of things.
  2. Kimi did a great job in the Ferrari in 2009 especially in the end of the season, he scored the second most most points of all the drivers, bar Lewis who outscored him by one point. And Ferrari had stopped development in July already that year, the Ferrari just wasn't good that season. As for this season, Kimi had a terrible strategy in India thanks to Permane, he could have been on podium if Lotus had given him a proper strategy right from the start. He did well in qualifying in Abu Dhabi only to be send to back of the grid. But people easily seem to forget that Kimi had just scored two podiums prior to these two races.
  3. Kimi'S Career

    Kimi's column - Three years with Ferrari came and went. It was a fabulous time. My dream came true the first time when we won the championship. We started well at the second time and were third in the final points.About this time there is a little in my toothole because we would have wanted to race for the championship but weren't able to do so at any point. At least there were a few races that made me happy. I will have only good memories of the team and got some friends forever from there. Thank you to all of them. Ciao Ferrari! The season and my job-time with the team ended in Abu Dhabi. It wasn't much of a race. We didn't get anywhere on the technical track with our car. And as a track it didn't really fire me up at all. These modern tracks don't seem to be my thing. I dig the old lanes. There's a good thing going on on those tracks. These new tracks just don't offer the same feeling to really really race. We already knew when going there that Yas Marina is going to be as tricky to us as Singapore was. The more curves, the more our car loses time. We were almost in Q3 in quali. 11th position was a good result.We lost one place in the start and stayed there too. The gang probably asks what we do next year. I hope we can say at some point what we have decided. I can say that much that the motivation hasn't gone anywhere. Racing interests me as much as it did when I was a kid. Racing is everything! But now I'm going on a short vacation. The season was hard and we knew it already before we started to race when we were so much behind the lead. Fortunately we at least won in Spa. That is the highlight of this season and the only thing that stays in my mind. F1 is going through a tough change. The regulations will change again.Let's hope that in the future they will be the same for everyone and ina way so that they can be understood as you want to. I'm preparing for the next season like before. First I take in a breath of fresh air and then I'll keep the touch alive. Let's wait and see where we will drive. Thank you to all the fans and mates who have supported me. The fight goes on! (Translation thanks to Nicole) It sounds like Kimi has made his decision.
  4. Kimi'S Career

    Raikkonen - McLaren : Only the signature is missing Between truths,revelations and other contradictions, all ingredients have helped to maintain the suspense. But we can announce it today: Kimi Raikkonen will definately go to McLaren in 2010. A mutual agreement exists between both parties and its only missing the 2007 world champions signature, which will not take long now. There have been numerous mishaps and stumble blocks. But compromises have been made on both sides by McLaren and Kimi Raikkonen-Robertson. Kimi will not take a sabbatical year like announced here earlier, and there will be no more playing games to keep the suspense (thanks to Mr Robertson).Kimi Raikkonen will definately be the second driver at McLaren in 2010and 2011. http://www.tomorrown...-signature-8913 There is rumours that the contract will be for 3 million plus 200 000 per point and 1 million per win.
  5. Kimi'S Career

    Ferrari might need that Santander money more then some people think, the word around is that Ferrari will have to give up their sponsorship from Phil Morris one of these days, therefore Santander are to become Ferrari's title sponsor. I think people might misunderstand Kimi a bit here, it is well known that Ferrari have wanted Alonso now for a while and they had a pre-arragement with him for 2011. But the question is, would Ferrari have broken Kimi's contract a year earlier if Santander didn't kindly offer to pay for all the cost? And I think the answer is properly no, they properly would have gone with Kimi and Massa for one more year like planned, if Santander didn't offer to pay all the expenses.
  6. Driver Of The Day - Turkey

    My vote for driver of the day goes to Hami, his qualifying was really bad but he fully redeemed himself in the race.
  7. Driver Of The Day - Barcelona

    Actually all the point finishers had good races and Alonso bar the retirement of course. My vote goes to Kimi he had everything covered the whole weekend, and it is the first race of the season where he out qualified Massa, but my vote could have just as easily have gone to Webber.
  8. F1 To South Africa

    Typical South-African work ethics being displayed here. I guess we can only keep on hoping.
  9. Driver Of The Day

    Massa is the man of the race. Webbo and Fisi also did very well. Solid performances from Kubica, Heidfield and Kimi.
  10. Vettel To Ferrari?

    And how exactly do you measure that? - Two times world champion versus one, well after this year Kimi might also be a two times world champion. - Kimi has been plagued by his reliability record, luckily his cars are bit more reliable these days. Reliability percentage: Raikkonen 39% Schumacher 17,5% Alonso 21% - What about car set-up? Kimi was a mechanic for carting teams during his own carting career to earn extra money. Suffice to say that with his experience he properly understands the set-up of a car quite well. Flavio has even recently stated that Kimi and Alonso are currently the best at setting up their cars. - In the fitness stakes, people are always speculating about Kimi fitness. Although Kimi is a very active person and usually takes part in a lot of different sports, and Kimi has always done well in hot races. Sure maybe he parties a little more then usual, but I doubt it has any effect on his fitness levels. And at least there has never been pics like these lying around, of Kimi: - Wins, yes Alonso has more wins and this will properly change during the season. Kimi's reliability record might also have something to do with this. - How the wins was obtained, here is another interesting statistic: Kimi Raikkonen: Races=124 / Victories=16 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix / Started 7th 2004 Belgian Grand Prix / Started 10th 2005 Spanish Grand Prix / Started 1st 2005 Monaco Grand Prix / Started 1st 2005 Canadian Grand Prix / Started 7th 2005 Hungarian Grand Prix / Started 4th 2005 Turkish Grand Prix / Started 1st 2005 Belgian Grand Prix / Started 2nd 2005 Japanese Grand Prix / Started 17th 2007 Australian Grand Prix / Started 1st 2007 French Grand Prix / Started 3rd 2007 British Grand Prix / Started 2nd 2007 Belgian Grand Prix / Started 1st 2007 Chinese Grand Prix / Started 2nd 2007 Brazilian Grand Prix / Started 3rd 2008 Malaysian Grand Prix / Started 2nd Percentage for winning from pole (5 victories): 31% Percentage for winning not from pole (11 victories): 69% Percentage for winning from 5th>= (5 victories): 31% Fernando Alonso: Races=107 / Victories=19 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix / Started 1st 2005 Malaysian Grand Prix / Started 1st 2005 Bahrain Grand Prix / Started 1st 2005 San Marino Grand Prix / Started 2nd 2005 European Grand Prix / Started 6th 2005 French Grand Prix / Started 1st 2005 German Grand Prix / Started 3rd 2005 Chinese Grand Prix / Started 1st 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix / Started 4th 2006 Australian Grand Prix / Started 3rd 2006 Spanish Grand Prix / Started 1st 2006 Monaco Grand Prix / Started 1st 2006 British Grand Prix / Started 1st 2006 Canadian Grand Prix / Started 1st 2006 Japanese Grand Prix / Started 5th 2007 Malaysian Grand Prix / Started 2nd 2007 Monaco Grand Prix / Started 1st 2007 European Grand Prix / Started 2nd 2007 Italian Grand Prix / Started 1st Percentage for winning from pole (11 victories): 58% Percentage for winning not from pole (8 victories): 42% - All I'am trying to say is that both Alonso and Kimi are excellent drivers, and that assumptions about drivers are mostly dictated by the cars they drive.
  11. Vettel To Ferrari?

    Domenicali on the Massa/Vettel rumours in Motosport Aktuell: "The problem is that Massa because of of his southern temperament suffers from the rumours. Perhaps they disturb Vettel as well, I don't know. If something like this was said about Raikkonen I wouldn't be worried because everything bounces off of him. Felipe on the other hand is more sensisitive."
  12. Still Too Early

    It is nothing new Mclaren has always had strange driver management and public relations. I bet it is just that Ronster is getting very excited about rejuvenating his favorite project, (which of course now seems to be one of his all time favorites). Yes, Ron has systematically started rebuilding his newest Fin-Bot, in his personal favourite "Finish Driver Machine" program. Of course his project is already bearing fruit it is easy to see that the "Heikki" is the "Kimi" FD2 with improved Public Relations software and Happy Smile 2.01 update.
  13. Still Too Early

    It is very surprising that people still have not figured out the real car breaker is ......Adrian Newley!
  14. Vettel To Ferrari?

    And Kimi has also said that he can renew his contract at any time and might very well do so. It is much better for him at Ferrari because they let him do whatever he wants. If he is winning and does whatever he want, why should he leave? Nobody really knows what he is going to do, I'am not even sure he himself has decided yet because many thing can happen in a season or two. If Jean Todt and Schumacher still has a say in Ferrari then I cant really see Alonso there.
  15. Vettel To Ferrari?

    Well interestingly enough:,3:2001:0:0,4:34:0:0:0;4:35:533:1:2008-03-24;4:36:0:0:0,104:35:528433,1:0:0:0:0:0[/url]: According to TS, Kimi will play badminton today with Mark, Aki Hintsa (the mclaren psychologist) and Vettel.