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  1. D O D Valencia

    Sutil & Koby. Sutil for being probably the only one to make a racing pass (on Buemi, and discounting the first lap) and Kamui for being able to keep Button at bay for so long.
  2. Driver'S Prize Money.

    The famous 'Concorde Agreement' which the teams and and F1 Rulers sign is ultra-secret and not for public consumption. The knowledge of the price of anything is frowned upon within F1. There is a prize fund for each race which is most of the budget needed to host a round of F1. 10% goes to Bernie and 90% to the teams. A third of the teams money is paid out according to ranking over last '2 half seasons' another sizable percentage is paid out for Qualifying, and the remainder approx 45% is the actual race position prizes. This money goes to the teams who pay, depending on contracts, their drivers bonuses etc. The whole circus generated $2 Billion a year, approx half is the teams Prize Fund, over 19 races, therefore approx $50 mil a race. The big teams make money, the midfield break even, and the charlies struggle....that's life in F1.
  3. Holy Crap, This Car Looks Interesting....

    I can dig the principle of the Bowlby Car, in that it is efficient, low-drag etc. It will probably run great on the ovals,but what about Watkins Glen or Road America? I have worries about its understeering probabilities....!!! It just doesn't look like it goes around corners. Imagine trying to get that thing around Monte Carlo..
  4. Downforce Restrictions, Wings And Fins

    We can't compare the modern F1 scene with anything we've seen in the past. Through the 70s and 80s we saw a totally ongoing evolving F1 car, from 6 wheels, to the first elements of proper aerodynamics. Ground effect with side skirts. Then not just bolting a big wing to push the car down, you had to factor in drag, fuel consumption, etc. Then on to turbo era and to the real professional F1 team and the phasing out of the garagista. In a race then, there would be a huge difference in lap times between the front rows and the midfield/tailenders, making passing relatively easy as there was quite a difference in performance between cars. Over the last few years we have seen races where 2 seconds separate the pole car and the last car. 2 seconds! over a distance of approx 3-4 miles! The cars are almost identical, the regulations have funneled the modern F1 car into a production line fleet motor. There's not much room any more for lateral thinking, for unique concepts, it has become staid. I don't have answers. I wish I did. I just want to see racing. An F1 car cornering with 4-wheel-drift is just cooool..!!! Old-skool.
  5. Brawn Reveals Next Plan

    Brilliant !!
  6. Mercedes Benz Grand Prix!!!

    Totally agree. I hate the idea of any nationalism in F1. Vijay Mallaya bugs me with his comments about his 'Indian' Team. The major share in the team is his, and his Kingfisher company are a big sponsor, but Michel Mol (Dutch) owns a share, and the cars are born in Silverstone, built by British hands. If he had a chance there would be 2 Indian drivers but they don't have and potential yet. Ferrari employ the 'best'..not Italian..the best they can buy. Mclaren face a difficult time ahead if they play on their 'All British' team. Goes down well at home, but a lot of countries overseas will find that hard to digest. Same with Brawn.
  7. The Sun'S Top-10 Drivers Ever

    Whoah, steady on!
  8. The Sun'S Top-10 Drivers Ever

    No, not a scouser, but good guess. A 'Pool fan alright!
  9. Is Button A Worthy World Champion In Your Opinion?

    When he had the best car, he beat the only other driver with the same equipment, his team-mate. Fair-dues. By mid season it was fairly odds-on he was going to win the WDC, and I think he drifted into mediocrity, but the last couple of races when the pressure was on, he delivered. Fair play. So yeah, he's WDC. Respect. Vettel was the only other credible option, who drove brilliantly, but was handicapped by the Renault engine. kaboom. But the guy with the best car wins.
  10. The Sun'S Top-10 Drivers Ever

    The Sun is the worst Sh#t-rag ever printed. Gutter journalism. The top-10 list above is rubbish also.
  11. On the Plus side . . . New winning team & driver. RBR being the next best. Force India prove their worth. Koyayashi Max is gone. A bit more passing or competitive racing. New teams and drivers due in for 2010. Alonso in a Ferrari, should be interesting. YAS Marina looks magic. On the downside. Ferrrrrri & Macca will probably return to the top again in 2010. Nelshino-crashgate. Jean Todt will probably no different than Max. Not as much passing as predicted. BMW & Toyota leaving. Looks like Trulli might still have a race seat. Silverstone gone, SPA under threat.
  12. Prodrive In, Toyota Out

    As long as this AM doesn't go the same way as the last AM (Andrea Moda)
  13. Most Beautiful F1 Car

    Cheers chaps, registered ages ago, been doing the PPP comp on the main site. Beautiful cars ARE porn,.. no doubt.
  14. Most Beautiful F1 Car

    Jordan 191 Ferrari 643 Jim Clark's Lotus 49 Lotus Renault 98T and probably my favourite..... Jordan Launch of 911, which was renamed 191 due to pressure from Porsche and there's more,...Prost AP01, Spyker 2007, almost anything from the 1991 season, Mclaren mp4/21 in the orange livery, etc, don't have time for more links,...