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  1. Schumacher'S Helmet

    Maybe as a tribute to the Team Ferrari that was. And probably will never be.
  2. GUESS WHAT! A little cute adorable chubby totally huggable kid went to Kimi just before his rally and Kimi made an EFFORT to OPEN a little box like opening in his window, TOOK THE PAPER AND THEN THE PEN, THEN HE SIGNED ON IT AND SMILED AND GAVE IT BACK AND MADE THE KID HAPPY FOR HIS ENTIRE LIFETIME!
  3. In Before The Inevitable...

    KM, you have to accept this. Ferrari engineers can and will build the perfect car for Alonso. His driving style is exactly what Ferrari engineers need. He.is.the.perfect.driver.for.Ferrari. Don't even compare Kimi to that situation though. He got 10 fastest laps and considerably good in a car that was all against him, and the only reason why people think otherwise is because they are just not ready to accept that Ferrari did equal if not more **** ups that year. And Of course, he's Kimi,(just from one KR fan to another, he is the guy who replaced Michael Schumacher ), he will be bashed! Don't give a damn about what others think, most of them will eat anything that the media gives them. No questions asked, I'm a part of your herd, you talk I believe, blindly, won't even consider anything else. If you argue with fools you'll end up being one yourself. Chill out, stretch your legs, relax, see the bright side and be happy.
  4. Now that Kimi's gone....I guess I'm going to see you people jumping onto each otehr's throat again!
  5. Speculation is speculation, its happening because there are sparks somewhere. But you need to get a little realistic here. There was a sparkle in Kimi's eyes every time he spoke of rally, he really wants to be there and don't expect him to leave after his rookie year. He'll just learn more, get deeper into the sport and he wouldn't feel like going back to F1. Instead of reading into Horner's words, read some old interview's of Kimi - Do I want F1? Looks like he does not! He is excited, happy and I respect his decision. I'm just asking you to look at the bigger picture. Rally suits him. I am a Kimi fan not because he is an F1 racer, its because of the kind of racer he is no matter which sport it is. F1 will be too dull for him after rallying. Try to accept what he has taken up. And try not posting about Kimi in this forum. As you can see, people are only interested in ranting about how silly Kimi fans are. Enjoy the forum with no strings attached.
  6. French Court Overturns Fia Ban On Briatore

    Amazing post! For the bold parts This might be a little out of context, but a friend of mine once said: Ferrari is a myth, Mclaren is a company. Never found better words to describe the two !
  7. Its all related to rally now!
  8. The Schumacher Thread

    And..... or Maybe just...
  9. The Schumacher Thread

    Breaaaak time!! Remember when LDM said Kimi's twin was racing in 08. And then he said somewhat similar for Schumacher when he signed for Mercedes. This guy named Mikael came up with this story, its quite funny!
  10. Pics Of U!

    As long as the chick is desi eh?!
  11. The 'Big Love In' Thread.

    But we better decide who'll stand on the other side before someone's else goes for it!
  12. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (2)

    Winner : Mclaren-Mercedes Most Improved: Red Bull, people are already counting them out. And Force India, I hope! Disappointment: Renault, again. Ferrari, I hope
  13. Double Diffusers To Be Banned?

    :clap3: Hilarious!!! Anyway, getting to the topic. Its not some huge innovation, I get that. My point was, given the restrictions Brawn came up with something to make the cars go faster. Red Bull got their own design of it and could compete with them on lap-times. I get the entertainment factor, but isn't banning this thing point more towards the incompetence of other teams to reach up to their level? On the other hand, it would be interesting to know what teams come up with now. Anyway, diffusers are getting banned in 2011, so we still have to live them in 2010.
  14. Hmm, we're debating in a different directions. Cav. Looks like there's no way I can convince you or you can convince me.