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  1. Bruno On His Debut Season

    I hate that he had to start his career so late. The only thing that keeps my hopes up about Bruno is that he's an extremely quick learner. It's incredible how he went from a completely inexperienced guy, innactive from the age of 10 to 20, to a five-time British F3 race winner in only his 2nd year in motor racing. It also catches my attention that most of his wins in F3 and GP2 have been in the wet. I think the talent is definitely there. I just hope he can handle the tremendous pressure of the name and is able to grow quickly as a driver. He doesn't have all decade.
  2. Kimi'S Career

    Exactly. They opened the vaults and agreed to Kimi's demands (permission to take part in Rallies, less business obligations and some other things) because they were desperate to 1. strike back at McLaren and Button and 2. have a top driver (I don't think Button is but anyways). Most terms of the deal are already agreed, there are just very minor details left which ultimately won't stand in the way.
  3. Teams & Drivers 2010

    The irony.
  4. Kimi'S Career

    You're only waiting for the official announcement. The deal is done.
  5. Teams & Drivers 2010

    You can update that grid with Raikkonen/Rosberg.
  6. Kimi'S Career

    Kimi will sign with Mercedes.
  7. Mercedes Benz Grand Prix!!!

  8. Gimme Yer Best

    Not who I like more or root for for some particular reason, just the best: Retired: 01. Ayrton Senna 02. Michael Schumacher 03. Juan Manuel Fangio 04. Alain Prost 05. Jim Clark 06. Jackie Stewart 07. Nelson Piquet 08. Alberto Ascari 09. Niki Lauda 10. Nigel Mansell Active (current moment + overall career): 01. Fernando Alonso 02. Lewis Hamilton 03. Kimi Raikkonen 04. Felipe Massa 05. Sebastian Vettel The rest is not worthy of mention. Never finished 2nd, but finished 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and so on.
  9. The Sun'S Top-10 Drivers Ever

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/top10s/2708606/Top-10-best-ever-F1-drivers.html Thoughts?
  10. Alonso Will Replace Badoer In Monza

    Some people here need to grow the **** up and go outside some more. It's just a thread on an internet forum, no need to get all sensitive about it.
  11. Alonso Will Replace Badoer In Monza

    Do you really think it's vague? I don't see it meaning anything else. Guy is Renault's 3rd driver and spent the day discussing something with the team. Something that, judging from the "lots of surprises" part, most likely ended in a deal. Maybe it won't be at Monza, it could be just an annoucement for next year. But knowing Alonso, I think he will want to jump ship before the Briatore bomb explodes.
  12. Lucas Di Grassi left the following message just a couple of hours ago at his official Twitter: "Muitas surpresas na proxima semana! Hoje foi um longo dia pra mim e pra Renault" Translating: Lots of surprises next week! Today was a very long day for me and Renault" I don't think Renault intends to get rid of Grosjean, at least not right now. http://twitter.com/lucasdigrassi Thoughts?
  13. Rank The Current Drivers

    Used colors to divide the drivers in tiers. 1. Fernando Alonso 2. Sebastian Vettel 3. Lewis Hamilton 4. Felipe Massa 5. Kimi Raikkonen 6. Nico Rosberg 7. Robert Kubica 8. Jenson Button 9. Rubens Barrichello 10. Mark Webber 11. Timo Glock 12. Nick Heidfeld 13. Sebastien Buemi 14. Adrian Sutil 15. Jarno Trulli 16. Giancarlo Fisichella 17. Heikki Kovalainen 18. Sebastien Bourdais 19. Nelsinho Piquet 20. Kazuki Nakajima Unranked: Jaime Alguersuari Romain Grosjean
  14. Hungary Gp Practice

    You're right. If it hit a few centimeters lower, he would be dead.
  15. Hungary Gp Practice

    Lucky not to have lost an eye.