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  1. Diffuser Saga Over Then!!!!

    "The drivers in our teams have been and are World Champions, while the Championship is now fought between a driver who was almost retired and another one who is a good guy but a paracarro (the Italian saying for being as slow as a milepost at the side of a road)," Briatore told the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper. Whether or not Renault were denied using this diffuser, it's more than rich for Flav to be insulting race winning drivers when he has the gravel trap kid in his car.
  2. Why This Happened

    Your avatar is soooo appropriate. I can actually C Montgomery saying this.
  3. Dark Times Ahead For Mclaren

    And another thing lol. Why did Charlie Whiting not reply to Mclaren when they asked for clarification? Would it have anything to do with the last time Whiting was asked for clarification on a Hamilton overtake? Namely Spa 2008.
  4. Dark Times Ahead For Mclaren

    Agreed, they have made things worse for themselves, if the genuine apology option had been taken we may not have had to lose a man with 35 years experience as a sacrificial lamb especially if Dave Ryan had been the one to publicly apologise.
  5. Why This Happened

    Yes but the same people who are complaining say that F1 should spread without alienating it's core audience. Is there any debate about the location of this core audience.
  6. Why This Happened
  7. Why This Happened

    I can't agree with all this b*ll**ks about true F1 fans getting up in the middle of the night. For me (alone it seems) I have to work most Sundays so getting up at 5am is a non starter. In a series where 90% of the teams are European and 80% of the drivers are European it makes good commercial sense to tweak the races for a European audience. All this talk of Bernie milking F1 for the biggest audience is utter nonsense, of course he is, we live in a commercial world and Marxism doesn't exist in reality anywhere. F1 can't exist without sponsors and sponsors respond to the biggest audiences.
  8. Dark Times Ahead For Mclaren

    Jeez ok Macca got it wrong and Hamilton has came out of it looking an a##, but wtf are people talking about bans and constructors wipeouts. I don't even think the guy should've lost his job but whenever something involves a Mclaren, a Ferrari or Alonso things get blown out of all proportion and people start screaming for the most draconian penalties. I don't see either why Hamilton is talking about leaving the team, he should shut up, hope whatever punishment comes is appropriate and drive as best as he can for the team who helped him win the WDC.
  9. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    That was hilarious Brundle poking his nose where it clearly wasn't wanted. "We're in a free country at the moment"
  10. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    D.O.D got to give it to Button particularly for the two laps before his first stop but also for keeping a clear head when it would have been soooo easy to flop.
  11. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    Well done Hiedfeld for not switching to inters, I'm surprised more didn't make that call.
  12. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    Was good for a while and glad to see someone being positive bodes well for the rest of the season. Well done Button much deserved.
  13. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    Such a rotten attitude these colonials.
  14. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    You can start chanting whatever you like or preferably you could have a decent discussion!!!
  15. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    "So what if it is" do you work in marketing lol?