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  1. Kimi, You Cheater!

    I'm not going to quote specific points (too many) but will just add my take: 1. How do we know Kimi used KERS getting back into the track? There is no proof he did use KERS to rejoin the track. In fact, Kimi said in his post race conference it he did not use KERS as the run-off was bumpy. 2. I would say, looking at replays and stills as also the start frame by frame that Kimi is roughly P4 when he goes off. This is hard to tell, because unlike on a strait, this was a hairpin and determining order is difficult. 3. When Kimi rejoins, he overtakes Nick on the track; he does not rejoin ahead of Nick. You have to see still pics, frame by frame views and slow motion to determine this, yes all of which I have done (too much time!) 4. So to recap, Kimi is P4 when he goes off, and he rejoins in P4 when he's back on (Fisico,Kubica,Nick,Kimi) and overtakes Nick on the track. 5. Nick is too deep taking the corner, misses the apex and Trulli is stuck behind Nick. This causes them to lose time and speed, as opposed to Kimi being faster or gaining an advantage. 6. The rule which states advantage blah blah blah is not applicable here as this was the start of the race, and in Spa, the run-off has been used as part of the circuit since the new layout. No penalty ever for running wide, this has been, most probably, discussed in the drivers' meetings etc regarding starts and safety. 7. Hamilton's case last year where he was penalized: he cut a chicane and got ahead. He did not run wide like Kimi. Many will argue, and win with the stewards, that running wide is the longer route, therefore no advantage. 8. Kimi deserves no penalty, no team asked for it and that is enough to put this one to bed. Sorry for the long post!
  2. The Next Battle

    No, this right here is the next battle. Taken from Link:
  3. Dod Silverstone

    Vettel, it was a very good performance. Plus he did the Schumi podium leap, he earned my vote right there! Followed by Massa.
  4. Will You Watch?

    No. I won't be waking up at unearthly hours (that includes 8 AM on Sundays) to watch the Max and Bernie show.
  5. Gold Medal For Winning

    I can't stop laughing at this, especially the last part
  6. Dod Singapore

    Spoiled for choice here...but I still think I'll go with Alonso!
  7. I do think there is heavy sarcasm here. But anyway, the FIA is a regulatory body and that's its role: regulate (interfere with!) the sport. F1 is as much or more so about the constructors; and different chassis/engine combinations is what defines the sport. Taking this way, I doubt any of the big names would ever compete in what essentially would be a drivers' competition; no constructor loves its drivers this much, not even Ron!
  8. Driver Of The Day-italian Gp

    No brainer for me, Vettel.
  9. Driver Of The Day - Spa

    I liked Massa and Bourdais. Massa because despite being heavier, he had a great qualifying and also Ferrari was worried about the engines, so he did the right thing not messing things up for himself and the team. Two red cars crashing out of the race would have been insane.Bourdais because he drove very well with a damaged car, had a good quali and basically he showed up when his drive for next year is on the line.
  10. Is Vettel The Real Deal?

    Yep, I believe Vettel is a future WDC. He has impressed in difficult driving conditions like the wet when many of the other factors, excluding the drivers and some others, are pretty much equal. He has had some good qualifying sessions this year and is clearly fast. Somehow the fact that he does not have a manager and is still being considered by many of the top teams also impresses me in a way.
  11. Fuel Fires

    With KERS next year the possibility of high temp related fuel fires, such as the ones at Hungary, could be disastrous. What should the FIA do? Strap Max to one of those cars, used of course as a guinea pig for testing safety measures.
  12. Mosley Wins His Case

    The correct decision, with respect to an individual claiming breach of privacy. And the judge said it best when disputing claims that this expose was done in 'public interest'
  13. Kimi Being A Naughty Boy

    Kimi should not have pushed him, but I can't help laughing at this. The more I look at it, the funnier it gets.
  14. Kimi Being A Naughty Boy

    True incident and here is a video, before it gets removed. When the photographer talks about no contact, my guess is there was no prior contact to provoke him being pushed over. Angry Kimi
  15. Idiot Of The Race

    Yes correct. The post to which I was replying implied that LH was closest to the exit, therefore less time for braking etc etc. and that's not true.
  16. Cav Would Love This...

    "It's difficult for a driver to decide whether to focus on the lights or on the cars ahead in situations like that. Having said that, we accept the stewards' decision," Dennis added. I can't believe this dribble! The point is Ronnie boy, had the driver been paying attention or focusing on either one (lights or cars ahead) in this situation, there would not have been a crash.
  17. Idiot Of The Race

    This is not correct. In fact, this particular track, Hami's pit box was closer to the pit entry, and Kimi's closest to the pit exit. You could even see Hami walking past the Ferrari mechanics,to his garage.If this logic were to hold true, then Kimi had the least amount of time to be informed of the red light and react to it. Any which way, LH screwed up and he got a penalty for it.
  18. What If There Was A Split?

    If there were to be a split, it would result in abject failure of the series. I'm trying to imagine Ron and Flav unilaterally agreeing on things As already seen, some common ground is not enough (GPMDA). There would be so many problems to overcome, that it would be wiser not to attempt a series separate from the FIA, at least in the short to longish run.
  19. Mosley Survives Vote........will Stay On

    I thought Max would survive the vote and stay, so no surprise here. I did not think he had to resign and now he's won the vote. My thoughts are that he is not going to have the same authority as before, his role is going to be limited; even this 'victory' for him is pretty much a defeat.
  20. The Film Thread

    LabradoRacer, some very good films in your lists. The Lives of others and Volver are two recent favorites. I saw Der Untergang (Downfall) a few months ago and it was excellent. Another one of my favorites is 'Turtles can fly'
  21. Deadly London

    @ Abbas_gear Thanks for the link. According to this, India has the most murders reported but if population is taken into consideration, South Africa would have the highest murder rate. In fact, SA's figures are staggering for its population. Abbas, for me the bottom line is I cannot be comfortable knowing there is a loaded weapon in my home, that's me. You obviously don't feel the same way. What you're talking of is a very specific kind of event, whereas this has been a more generic topic on the question of guns and protecting oneself (intruders et al) and my post was based on that POV. When political leaders (and communal politics) are involved, they commission not "a guy" but mobs of people to kill others belonging to a certain community, as you rightly said. 2-3 loaded guns, or even grenades are no match for a frenzied mob or attacks that come wave after wave. A vulnerable person/family is not going to be attacked by a single person but by a multitude. If you take a close look at the means of violence in these communal based events, they are the most basic, primitive kinds. No guns, no grenades, no machine guns, no tanks yet they are supremely destructive. These attacks have an element of surprise, mass numbers and complete destruction as a goal. A gun is not going to protect or save you. If accessibility to guns makes you keep 2-3 for your protection, imagine that mob with the same access and possibly more sophisticated weaponry (I don't put anything past our politicians!). Guns are no solution and not the only means of self-defense. I've lived through communal riots (Bombay '92) albeit a young schoolgirl then and I will take my chances with zero guns. If someone else feels better equipped with an arsenal, then that's how they should approach it.
  22. Deadly London

    Source please? All that I've read indicates that while homicide rates have increased in India, they are not the highest. This has been a very fascinating read; opinions are polarized. I don't think having a gun makes you any safer than if you did not. My personal opinion: I would hate to have a gun around the house, even if it's safe and secure I'd be more nervous about it than feel comforted by its presence. Sometimes, a common sense approach to safety and greater self-awareness goes a long way.
  23. The Usual Suspects - The W#nker Nations

    But the United States will no doubt welcome a provision that allows states that adopt the treaty to "engage in military cooperation and operations with States not parties to this Convention." That would let signatories partner with the Americans in military and humanitarian operations, despite U.S. use of cluster munitions, without penalty Isn't this the most glaring example of hypocrisy. Countries sign up against use of cluster bombs but can align, without penalty, with countries militarily (e.g. US) that do use such weapons. Presumably military cooperation could involve one of the partners' use of such weapons. So why are countries signing this agreement? To make themselves feel better morally? As long as they don't use them but it's okay if one of their allies use them. It smacks of the same double standards as countries who are vehemently "opposed" to nuclear weapons (won't name them) but are covered by the so called umbrella protection of other nuclear weaponed states.
  24. Well, if Max is voted out then that's that. I've never felt he had to resign over this issue, and people trying to force him into leaving is wrong. I can't see that Max has lost much respect as a result of this because it would seem people have feared rather than respected him in the first place. Also think that more noise is being generated over this than it warrants (understatement!). Many reasons for Max to go; this current saga is not one of them.
  25. It's not exactly like the one you wanted but this site does have a Marlboro logo Ferrari cap. Here's another one: I have no clue how trustworthy these sites are!