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    Note that the ReveTech engine has NOT been produced and installed (replacing a standard engine) in a vehicle of known performance... Yet claims of doubling the fuel economy are being made. RED FLAG. That is NOT the method for measurement of fuel economy anyway. When a Professional Mechanical Engineer (like me) evaluates engine performance, the engineer expresses comparative fuel performance in units of: Brake Horsepower-Hours per Pound of Fuel. Units as follows: [(Foot Pounds/sec)(sec)] / Pound Fuel = (Foot Pounds) / Pound Fuel = Feet This is the same method that has been used to evaluate fuel, propellant, and gun powder for over 1000 years. It is called "impetus". In rocket propulsion it is called propellant impetus with units of Foot Pounds / Pound = Feet. In ancient gunnery, it was important to know the gun powder impetus in order to calculate gun elevation in order to hit a target at a range. The fort would have a small vertical mortar into which were put: X pounds of powder and Y pounds of iron ball. The mortar was fired and the height of the ball in Feet was measured using a vertical post beside the mortar with someone watching the ball... Thus the expression "Keep your eye on the ball." SHOW ME THE Reve Tech ENGINEERING EVALUATION NUMBERS IN FEET. Use a common sense evaluation: How can rotating a crank shaft with cam followers instead of connecting rods reduce fuel consumption "by 60%"? That means using 40% as much fuel. That means extracting 250% as much energy from the fuel. BALONEY! James T. Conklin, P.E.