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  1. F1 Careers

    At some point in my life I work on a Formula 1 team as an engineer. The problem is, I don
  2. K E R

    KERS is a huge advancement in technology, for years scientists have been unable to apply this idea to cars or other machines. This would be huge for formula 1, but more importantly for the everyday driver people use to get to work. Everytime a person brakes a large amount of energy (money) is lost. This would also greatly reduce pollution if used in everyday cars. I think F1 has the right idea here, and I would definitely like to see K.E.R.S. a part of the 2009 season.
  3. F1 Careers

    Thanks for everyone's input. I guess that reinforces my thoughts on how to get started with F1. From here I'll try contacting the HR departments for the teams. Thanks again guys.