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  1. All is well here, having a hell of a summer, having a lot of fun with a great group of people. I have the time to post here but no reasons to. Problem with this forum isn't that people leave, it's that no one enters. Another contributing factor is that I just don't really watch auto racing of any kind, not just F1. Just can't get excited about any of it. Not sure I ever really liked the sport as much as I liked being a fan of drivers or the social aspect of it. The more I think about the sport itself, the less interested I am. Too much politics and for ****'s sake auto racing's really not a naturally exciting endeavor. Perhaps after every lap led the commentators should yell "HE SCOOOOOOOOOORES" to make it seem like it's important. I have to say it's way more fun to just watch the stick and ball sports where all you really pay attention to is your team and your guys and it's just good fun and even a blow-out seems more exciting because you see all the work and you see it in the score and for some reason, watching a lead increase from 1-0 to 2-0 to 3-0 is more exciting than watching a lead increase from 1 second to 2 seconds to 3 seconds, and I'm not sure why. I guess it's just less obvious how the lead is increasing and I'm too dumb to follow. But yes, I'm having a great time in the last few months and with so much coming up I really expect my TF1-ing days to be over. I don't give out social networking details to people I've never met so if you want to add me on Facebook, come over here and shake my hand. Otherwise, here is an email address that I registered in 2007 that I have never really used since then and check infrequently when I'm in the mood to receive correspondence from Nigerian princes and Canadian pharmacies: [email protected] Enjoy and take care.
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