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  1. F1 Streaming Online

    thanks, VeteranDriver. doing a web search for streaming sites is easier than asking for links on a forum, but it isn't as safeor effective. i found plenty of streaming links, but they were pretty shady-looking. the ones i've gotten from here didn't show up in my web search and they look a lot better.
  2. F1 Streaming Online

    i've made more than 5 posts, but i'm not sure if i have PM access, though if some very nice person would email me a link, i'd be happy.
  3. Replacing Massa

    if i were perez i'd jump on the ferrari money bandwagon asap. it may never come around again.
  4. Is It Me Or Is Vettel Looking Ordinary....?

    he looks as good as he ever did, which is pretty good, but maybe not great. need to see him in a really crap car to decide how good he is. even JV could win with the right car.
  5. Brazil '06 Footage

    sweet. those are good ideas, y'all. thanks! i'll look for it that way, and if i can't find it, i might try to get in touch with you, alehop (and thanks so much for the option!). PUMPED!!! b.g.
  6. Brazil '06 Footage

    i don't post a lot, but i've noticed cavallino is a little excited - he's not the only one. it probably isn't rational, but i'm giddy about it. dribbler, are you serious about having the VHS? b.g.
  7. Brazil '06 Footage

    does anyone have the race from brazil '06? i really want a copy of it, so if anyone has it, i'd be willing to buy a copy. preferably the speed channel version. b.g.
  8. Spa!

    i'm super pumped about spa! what a great place - best track, imo. it's a dream of mine to go to a race there. as a redhead, i'm really pulling for ferrari, but i bet hamilton will have some tricks ready! any predictions? pole: FM fast lap: KR race win: FM
  9. Driver Of The Day

    speedtv showed a replay from the driver's perspective and it certainly looked like KR jumped the light to me. jumped it pretty bad - we never saw it turn green.
  10. 3 Films You Should All Watch

    absolutely. one has only the right to do those things that do not violate someone else's person or property.
  11. 3 Films You Should All Watch

    of course, we still have rights as they are inherent in man's nature, but there are few that are not routinely violated by the u.s. government. i say that, making a distinction between a right and a privilege. with rights, one doesn't have to ask permission, not true with privileges, which are granted by some supposed authority. here's a list of things that you have an inherent right to do, that the state will not allow without permission: own a home open a business run a business as you see fit drive a car travel outside the borders reenter borders practice as a professional use various substances gamble trade in various goods or services retain income practice religion alter land access a justice system freely associate choose a suitable currency these are just a few, though some are very wide ranging. americans are allowed access to only the most basic rights and is by no means a "free country".
  12. 3 Films You Should All Watch

    i'll try to avoid that, though i have to work around my crappy personality, so no promises!
  13. 3 Films You Should All Watch

    thank you and thank you! figured i'd start off with something non-controversial!
  14. 3 Films You Should All Watch

    as a market anarchist, i share your worries about government and i'm familiar with most of the conspiracy theories, though i don't give them much credence. it doesn't take conspiracy theories to uncover the evils of government. even if they turn out to be true, it doesn't change the fact that government is inherently evil and should be abolished. this is my first post here, so don't flame me! IF anyone is interested in the logic behind anarchism, i'm happy to expound, but there's no reason for anyone's worldview to be threatened....yet.