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  1. Interesting the Mclaren are running new endplates. I doesn't look as extreme as the other type.
  2. Interesting table from
  3. This made me laugh, the best bit was when he said... "Team Vodafone boss Roland Dane said this week that the McLaren driver and 2008 world champion would have raced in 2009 if the newly launched Gold Coast SuperCarnivale did not clash with the Korean grand prix"
  4. Ok this is probably more likely, Lotus will be the best new car.
  5. I'm not counting Sauber as a new team
  6. I am only going to make one more prediction at the moment, and that is the lotus will be the best of the new teams
  7. Does anyone know when Vauxhall are going to use the insignia instead of the vectra
  8. This is a small and silly thing to complain about but, ITV have got some of the best photos of 2009 and in part 2 I noticed a mistake. Its captioned says "Jarno Trulli goes for a spin in China" but I noticed that quite obviously in the background there is a green 2008 Honda. I know that this is silly but I just wanted to point it out.
  9. Things that will help Button in the 2010 season at McLaren:- -The narrower front wheel soot his driving style. -The Mclaren Heats up the tiers very well so that fits in with Button being very soft on his. -He has just come of the last season with a WDC so he is very confident. Things that will not help Button in the 2010 season at McLaren:- -The car and the team is set up around Hamilton and his driving style. -Hamilton is just a better allround driver, even in a under preforming car. P.S I have been away so i dont know if this has allready been brought up. In the end in think Hamilton will come out ahead, i am not going to do my prediction untill the cars have been released
  10. As seen on today's Top Gear we have discovered the identity of the Stig to be none other than Michael Schumacher, but is it real or was it just for publicity for the program? What is your opinion?
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