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  1. Suzuka Qualy & Race

    Pos. Driver Weight [kg] 01 Sebastian Vettel 658.5 02 Jarno Trulli 655.5 03 Lewis Hamilton 656.0 04 Adrian Sutil 650.0 05 Rubens Barrichello 660.5 06 Nick Heidfeld 660.0 07 Jenson Button 658.5 08 Kimi R
  2. Best Banner / Sign Thread

    i think they mean "DON'T GET MUD ON THE TRACK"
  3. Today In F1

    Toyota pushing hard for Kubica
  4. Today In F1

    Villeneuve perhaps ?
  5. Today In F1

    a new agreement with toyota and ZF Sachs (in my opinion) confirms toyota will race next season
  6. The Perfect F1

    i'd say the perfect f1 would be: - using 2004 engine and chassis rules but with higher rear wings (for some reason looks better?) - using present qualifying rules - slicks - broadcasting in HD 1080i/720p atleast (if possible 1080p) - bring back in-season testing
  7. weird how you would put both brawn drivers on the same fuel load, 1 driver is carrying unnecessary fuel
  9. It's (a?) Turkey!

    toyota bringing lots of updates to turkey new front wing, rear wing endplates, brand new diffuser (the top deck looks HUGE) and new front brake ducts (similiar to mclarens)
  10. Monaco Quali

    im now even more confident that toyota will win this race
  11. The Contenders This Weekend?

    if you had watched the bahrain GP, you woulda seen trulli drivin the s*** out of his car in the first stint.. oh and i predict toyota maiden win
  12. Spanish Gp

    wow 18th and 19th for trulli and glock.. wtf happened? concentrating on race pace maybe?
  13. Spanish Gp

  14. Spanish Gp

    saw a live feed of practice.. bit blurry but i think toyota have the redbull shark fin thats connected to the rear wing
  15. Must Teams Cheat To Win?

    ever wondered that, what if a team rubbed off the stripes on a soft tyre and passed it off as a hard ? (ie. button and vettel at bahrain, they were still lapping pretty fast on hard tyres)