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  1. Button Is Awesome

    Woop Woop! Woop Woop! That's the sound of an A$hole alert Why don't you say to the same to the person who started this thread? Flaming clown
  2. Ignoring Cars

    And whats your user name on 606?
  3. Button Is Awesome

    Not harsh at all, Anyone with an ounce of understanding would acknowledge Alonso is one of the best, if not the best driver in F1. Anyone who thinks otherwise and says Alonso is mediocre is a plantpot As for Button...He hasnt proved anything other then he can win races in the best car of the lot. Some may say Red Bull is the best car but thats nonsense, Over one lap they may be but over race pace Brawn GP are untouchable at the moment
  4. Ignoring Cars

    At present Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are the best drivers followed by Kubica, and Vettel
  5. Button Is Awesome

    Alonso medicre, Overated? Hahahahaha! You are an idiot, Do you remember when he outpointed everyone in the second half of last season, not to mention winning two races in an underpowered inferior car?! Button is a good driver albeit average, fair do's but he isnt in the same class as Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel and Kubica What a load of bollox of a thread
  6. Alonso Collapsed After Bahrain Gp

    I'm sure all those who mock would not have been laughing should they were in the same position as Alonso, In fact i doubt any of you pricks would have lasted sitting down in the soaring heat in Bahrain never mind driving an F1 car whilst losing more fluid than one takes in I repeat..You guys are first class A$holes Doesn't matter of you like him or not, We are talking about someones health here. Maybe you people are just too dumb to understand the effects of dehydration Either that or you are complete and utter idiots who have nothing better to do other then take the pi$$ Show some respect at least you wasters, Though i doubt that will ever materialise There's a time for humour but this is not it. Heartless cowards
  7. Dod Bahrain

    Fernando Alonso NO DOUBT Read my previous thread for my reasoning PS. I Voted Button by mistake, Seems i cant change it so its 3 votes to Alonso and 6 to Button
  8. Alonso Collapsed After Bahrain Gp

    As many of you may know, Alonso's drink bottle pump failed before the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix and consequently he suffered dehydration Due to this, Alonso collapsed whilst being interviewed after the race. When Nando recovered he remembered being interviewed but could not remember what was asked and what he said Below are some pictures of Alonso clearly in discomfort, I must say i was shocked when i saw these pictures as he looked totally out of it. To do 57 laps in the blistering heat without Water and salts which are essential for normal body function is nothing short of remarkable This shows Alonso's spirit, determination and courage. He should not have been racing but he showed heart and superb willingness to drive no mater what, I am over the moon he managed to finish the race as that is an achievement in itself I applaud Fernando for the strength he showed to finish 8th despite being weakened by the lack of fluid intake Bravo Fernando. To those who are keen to mock Alonso, It only shows your cowardice attitude. Dehydration is serious and not a condition which should be taken lightly You guys are a$$holes for taking the pi$$ ....and you are warned.
  9. Alonso's Sensational Start To The Malaysian Grand Prix

    Thought id rejuvenate this thread and display my total shock at Alonso's bad luck Had the race not have been underway under the safety car Nando would have been set for points comfortably. bloody hell! Anyway, Fantastic win by Vettel, What a class act!
  10. Best Joke Ever ;)

    Thats ****ing offensive
  11. Alonso's Sensational Start To The Malaysian Grand Prix

    I need a whiite visor! Please i need a damn white Visor!
  12. Who Is The Best Wet Driver Ever?

    Oh YES! That was abslute sublime aswell, The overtaking move on Massa was fantastic
  13. Who Is The Best Wet Driver Ever?

    Out of the current crop, Alonso Hungary 2006 was masterful (until unfortunate incident!)
  14. Alonso's Sensational Start To The Malaysian Grand Prix

    In 2008, It was clear from race ONE when Alonso failed to get it into Q2 that it wasnt a WDC winning car Yes they did improve but by that time it was too late, If Fernando had the car which won in Fuji first race onwards then Alonso would have had a chance to win the WDC. No way did Alonso "throw away" the title in 2008 (or even 2007 for that matter) He got robbed in 2007 and outperformed last years car which was underpowered, inferior and simply didnt belong at the front