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  1. Does Button live in Monaco? I wonder does he know any shortcuts for this weekend ! ----------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  2. Today is the 15th anniversary of Ayrton Senna's death - A great driver who should always be remembered - ------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  3. karlosb

    Quiz !

    Morning! What was ex Ferrari boss Jean Todt's nickname? ------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  4. karlosb

    Quiz !

    Correct - 10 points !
  5. karlosb

    Quiz !

    What occupation did Michael Schumacher's dad originally have?.... ------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  6. karlosb

    Quiz !

    Correct !!! ------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  7. karlosb

    Quiz !

    OK a few quiz questions because im a bit bored What girls name does Sebastien Vettel call his car?.......... ------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  8. So have Red Bull proved that the Diffuser isn
  9. McLaren will appear before the FIA World Motorsport Council on 29 April to answer charges of misleading race stewards following the Australian Grand Prix - its not started well ------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  10. have to admit wasnt sure if button could ' step up ' but early signs are saying he pssibly can ------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  11. has there been any confirmation on the "new element" of evidence yet ------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  12. Thank you ------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  13. I wonder how true this actually is or is Button trying to cool the fire a bit ! "When we return to Europe a lot of people are going to have (new) aero packages and they'll be on our tail." ------------- Get your kids into F1 !
  14. Shaken not stirred !!! -------------------- Get your kids into f1 !
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