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  1. Today In F1

    Quite possible.. I hate Marko.. Get him out of F1..
  2. Indian Gp

    Hopefully Vettel's dominance will not continue next year or else most of us will have to look into other racing categories. But he is making me believe that he has done the best possible job and thumbs up for that. Good race by Button and Alonso with both showing their teammates how its done. Massa and Hamilton should finish their fight WWE style ( Hell in a Cell match would be great) and the survivor should start focusing on driving. Schumacher is getting better with every race. Britney is already looking like a number two. Speciak mention to Kovalainen and Karthikeyan with the latter being out for many races now. I still hope Mallya gives him a test drive and he can show his true potential. And finally the Indian Gp may not have been a thriller as expected but the crowd turn out and the thumbs up from the F1 world have made it a successful one.
  3. Indian Gp

    The riot is the result of the cancelled concert. It did not lead to cancellation.
  4. Indian Gp

  5. Nooooooooooooooo!

    http://www.crash.net/f1/news/174270/1/hamilton_sr_lewis_has_turned_a_corner_new_hamilton_coming.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss Total BS from Hamilton Snr. I feel all this hype and overrating from media and fans is ruining Hamilton's career. Not a fan of Hamilton but I believe he should concentrate on racing rather than these off track gimmicks. His talent is getting wasted. If he likes these overrating then he better join some showbiz instead of racing. I consider Alonso , Vettel and Hamilton as the current best but Hamilton is slowly losing that status. Then again this is my personal opinion.
  6. Indian Gp

    Unveiling of India's F1 circuit: http://sports.ndtv.com/formula-1/news/item/179905-live-blog-indian-grand-prix-track-buddh-international-circuit-unveiled Never thought F1 would reach my country. Thanks to all the organizers to make every Indian motorsport fan's dream which once we thought will only remain a dream. The track layout is really exciting and all the fans are guaranteed top class motorsport entertainment. Would like to see if this sport becomes the 2nd most popular sport in the country (Nothing can beat Cricket ) Guys please put your thoughts about the Indian GP.
  7. European Grand Prix

    And this is what was left to hear this season : http://www.thef1times.com/news/display/03793 Brilliant performances from Vettel and Red Bull so far this season. Not a good news for Ecclestone though
  8. Pre-Season Testing Thread

    What about STR? They look as fast as RBR. Or is it just a showoff? Do they have KERS?
  9. 2011 Rumour Mill

    Petrov confirmed at Renault until 2012
  10. Ferrari To Sue If They Lose Points

    I think Ferrari will get away with some fine.. Or else at least that's what i am hoping for.. want alonso to win his 3rd title this year..
  11. Buemi Vs. Alguersuari

    Both are well trained drivers. But I believe Jaime has more talent as a racer. Also it is unfair to compare rookies from other teams. Vitaly and Karun have impressed. Karun has been generally faster than highly rated Bruno. Plus he has shown some good consistent performance. Vitaly although has been outclassed by his teammate but he has hogged the limelight by some impressive performance. I wont blame Di Grassi because their car has been the most inconsistent in terms of equality this season (Atleast HRT had given similar cars to both their drivers even though they were slower.) Sorry to drift away from the Toro Rosso pair. I will pick Jaime over Buemi here.
  12. Grand Prix Du Canada

    I can see red bull taking another one-two from here.. soft tyre is a bad option here.. lewis will regret it tomorrow..anyways good qualifying from the top four..which tyre was Alonso on? he looked really fast..
  13. Grand Prix Du Canada

    Ferrari looking good this weekend...Hope Alonso will be back on podium..
  14. Bruno - Speed Up !

    Chandhok seems to be generally faster than Bruno. If you are saying that Bruno outqualified him in Turkey, then you should also know that Chandhok was driving a chassis which carried a damage after the monaco accident. Today in Canada he had a new chassis and he beat Bruno by 7/10 of a second. This has been the case all through the season and is seriously damaging bruno's career. I would also like to see how will Chandok fare in a decent midfield car like Force India. Good combination for attracting huge sponsors from India. All the best Chandok and speed up Bruno.