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  1. Pity you can't help me with some photos right now. Anyway, the topic remains open for your findings . Thanks for the warm reception
  2. To me, the most appealing car is Williams-Renault FW16. The livery painting combines pretty well with the c#ckpit shape and the nosecone. The latter editions (FW17-19) were similarin terms of colours but they had no such great shape. FW16 has both.
  3. Hi. I'm looking for a driver's eyes view photo of Benetton b201 (2001) steering wheel. Collecting F-1 sttering wheel photos is a kind of a hobby for me, that's why I'm asking. If you do have some photos of steering wheels from 1994 and/or 1995 F-1 cars, please post them. Cheers. By the way. Hello to all of you. I'm a new guy here.
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