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  1. Merry Christmas!!

    I haven't made a comeback, but I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't wish the good people of the Total F1 Forums a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous Happy New Year to you all, your families, and your respective teams and drivers for the 2007 season.
  2. Mclaren Is Going To Drop Kimi?

  3. BMW Set To Lose Sponsor O2

    I wonder if this will lead to Telefonica obtaining title sponsorship of Renault.
  4. Willis Free On December 31

    I think Ted will be proven right.
  5. Let's Have Some Quiz Fun Here About F1

    I don't think Marques actually made the 107% time. I think the marshals felt pity on the guy and let him race.
  6. A Level Results

    All the best Ben
  7. Another Newbie

    Late I know, but Welcome to the forums.
  8. Let's Have Some Quiz Fun Here About F1

    Was just about to say that.
  9. Tracy And Villeneuve

    My bad. From what I heard in the commentary, the Speed Racer marketing people wanted Ranger to market it as he bears a strong resemblance to the main character. As for his on track talents, I always thought he was fast, but inconsistent, but believed he'd improve rapidly due to his young age. This year, he's improved significantly in terms of consistency and maintained his speed. He's got a good future ahead of him if he makes the right career moves. Likewise. I always thought Justin was shafted out of F1. Whilst I don't believe he was a Kimi or Alonso, he was certainly worthy of a spot in the sport. Didn't notice the US flag though.
  10. Villeneuve Slams Schumacher Over 'Lies'

    So you're OK with making the harsh and rash statements against JV, but when questioned to back up some of those statements with facts, you just dismiss them because they come from a JV fan?? I thought the whole point of this forum was to have some hearty debates. You can hardly argue that your views are not heavily biased in favour of Michael and against Jacques. You can't call me out for that then not acknowledge you're doing exactly the same thing. I thought that was the whole point of a debate, how wrong was I to think that?! As for my views being in favour of JV, of course they would, but they'd be no more slanted by who I support than your posts on JV are.
  11. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    No it wasn't. That was 2 years later. He won more than one race with Lotus plus took the car, which was far inferior than the Williams and McLaren close to the title. Suuuuurrrreeee he is.
  12. Villeneuve Slams Schumacher Over 'Lies'

    How so? I'm only defending the driver I support and am no more "blindly loyal" than your good self. I'd rather you argue against my points and answer the questions I put forward to you rather than resort to such personal attacks, but I guess that's the way this forum is heading, pity really.
  13. Mclaren Is Going To Drop Kimi?

    Why would he be labelled that? He seems to be a valuable member of the forum sharing some insight. He doesn't seem the type to be posting such news for the heck of it. Further, I'd like to emphasise that just because a situation he put forward does not eventuate, does not mean that discussions in relation to that scenario never took place to being with. Just a thought before some of you go labelling people here. Take out the words "the sport has never seen" and I most definitely agree with what you say.
  14. Zonta To Take On Laguna Seca

    Didn't they smoothen out that bump right before the MotoGP race this year? I'm sure I heard the riders mention it.