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  1. I suppose the big question is: which teams are opposed to the reintroduction of testing? If I was a little team around the back, nearing the edge of my budget, knowing that I cant afford to test but that if the others do, I will drop further behind ... Yup. No more testing thanks - We have enough! I say, take F1 back to the older days. Fewer regulations which are really clear and uncomplicated. Those that want to go overboard to sit on the top rung of the podium ... go for it! Justify it however you wish. Dont decide for teams how much they are willing to invest in the sport. Give them the opportunity to decide. Either that or we are destined to have more "staged film shoots" and "demo runs"... wink wink
  2. Do the administrators of this sport not realise what negative effect the testing ban has? Look at 2009 - Brawn brings out a slamming car and no one can catch him. And anyone wanting to, cant develop their car accordingly. Look at 2010 - Schumi (which no one can debate his calibre) is not able to test and get up to speed propperly and they are not able to develop the car. Look at 2010 - Teams start giving up on their cars and rather develop next years! Look at 2011 - Watch this space - Ferrari and the likes will turn to next year to beat red bull. This testing ban basically means that if the teams dont get their car right out of the blocks in the beginnnig year, they cant make major advancements during the year. Yes, McLaren tends to be the exception to the rule. They are clearly quite gifted when it comes to this. Last year they had the F-Duct. Were it not for that, where would they have been? This is supposed to be the cutting edge of high speed car racing and development. I understand that everyone needs to work to budgets and that the sport needs to be affordable to new teams but come on. We watch Formula 1 because it is the top of the top. If we wanted to watch a wishy washy budget formula, we would watch national racing formulas. Give the teams the ability to develop their cars as they wish to. If you dont, the teams will go somewhere that they can!
  3. For those vertical bars which reach from the airbox down, to remain structurally intact after hitting a flying wheel at speeds in excess of 200km/h, I think you will find that the bars have to be rather large. In that case, one would be impeding vision and I guess if you are a statistics person, your decrease in % viewing area and therefore decrease in % safety would exceed your % safety gained. Maybe just extend the air box forward. But then how would the guys get in and out? And if the unit is movable to allow access, how do you guarantee the unit works after a crash and therefore doesn't impede driver recovery from a wreck? Its very complicated. My guess is Indy car and all the other series haven't changed this item as its not really practical. In truth, you might be able to find a way to stop a tyre coming in but what about a spring like in Massas case? What about a bolt that comes through at visor height? What size object do you then protect against? Or do you accept that the combination of the HANS system, modern helmet design and the courage and skill of the heros that wear them is sufficient? Bottom line is, there will always be risk! Or do we make it so safe that eventually, we have 15 year olds sitting in the car fearlessly because the cars are so safe that it becomes like playing play station.
  4. Personally, I dont support expanding the point system up to 25 or 20 or anything like that. I think the current point system is sufficient. Suggestion however is as follows: Leave the race points the same. Motivate the drivers by giving out points for qualifying but shuffle the grid for the race. This will move the fastest drivers in qualifying behind the slower guys and hence introduce overtaking. At the same time, lift the limits on engines and gearboxes so that the fast guys can race the hell out of their cars to get them back to the front of the pack.
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys and sorry for my belated response. On the issue of wake turbulence. Each F1 car is crash tested I assume at an FIA facility. The ruling body and concerned bodies make huge profits from the sport and rules in F1 can be adopted in various other formulas so surely investment in a means of determining wake turbulence would or could be used to police not only just F1. The reason I say this is that surely if the same centre that crash tests the cars, constructs a wind tunnel with measuring systems inside. X number of sensors spread out on a grid behind the car. Y number of grids at fixed distances behind the car. Take a signature with no car in the tunnel. Then take another sample at a certain windspeed which arguably affects passing most. No sensor may exceed a certain deviation from the original signature. That deviation may be a resulting sustained increase or decrease in wind speed or alternately resulting sensors which detect fluctuating wind speeds. I dont know. Maybe each sensor should detect wind speed but also air pressures. There must be guys in white coats that have these answers... I hear what you are saying about more turbulence spread out over a greater area and in truth, that would be encouraged so that instead of a direct channel of very dirty air that is completely undrivable, one results in a wider area of more drivable air. Is there or is there not less overtaking? Almost immaterial I reckon. If we have removed all the winglets and changed the sizes of front and read wings in order to promote overtaking, then the same logic applies to my suggestion. I just believe the fundamental principal must be not to limit development in Formula 1! That brings up the whole issue of testing limits in Formula 1 which I believe are counter productive. What other sports are there where the ruling body prevents its competitors from doing everything within their power to achieve the highest level of performance? Excluding drugs etc. We dont tell runners that they can only run on Monday to Thursday so that they use fewer pairs of shoes! I think I will cut it short there and wait for comment. Either that or I will ramble on ... Thanks guys, DRO!
  6. Strikes me we are loosing the point of F1 to a certain extent. In order to maximise the viewing enjoyment and the excitement level, we are trying to slow the cars down and improve the overtaking abilities of cars following by limitting the amount of wings and such on the cars. This in turn limits the abilities of the car behind. Its a catch 22 situation. Surely a suggestion is to rather give the teams carte blanche on wing and fin development and sizing. Rather give the sport a maximum "wake turbulence" that a car is allowed to leave behind it. This will allow the teams to develop the cars to their maximum potential but in turn will force the teams to leave "clean" air behind the car. Thus improving overtaking. A system could even be implemented whereby should your car leave cleaner air than others, your weight of the car could reduce. Something along those lines...?
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