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  1. By the way you react, it is obviously that the things I ve been writing are the cruel and hard to swallow TRUE! Thanks a lot for your comments...
  2. I agree, and actually I never denied it! He has always been a great talent, but so have many others... It is time for the mature fans recognize he is a great driver, BUT that he has been highly overrated. And about he been aged: If it is true that his age is playing a big part, that only proofs even himself overrated him: he though he would still be able to get another WDC... Or maybe he was counting too much on Brawn designing another invencible car...
  3. Vettel Equal To Senna??

    There is not such a thing as "he put the car higher than it should be". This is something the media created to try to make audience more fanatic about race drivers. The limit is always the car. I do admit there are drivers who drive close to the edge of the car more often then others. But above it??? No way. Dont be fooled. No one does it. If you think so, it is because your "perceptiion" of how good that car was, was terribly wrong... BTW, how can someone exactly tell what this car or that car was capable of???????????
  4. He is getting better, but still been beaten by Rosberg... The fact is that he has been overrated all these years. (by definition, overrating is when someone thinks he is better than he actually is. And the fact is that the fame he created led everyone to believe he would be doing better than he is now... including himself) The fact that everyone though he would do great means he is overrated, BY DEFINITION. There is no way around it. Never liked Senna, but to put MS in the same league as him is illarious... On the other hand, you dont win 7 WDC by not having the best car for most of your career... And the task becomes even easier when you never have to face a real teammate, like Senna, Hamilton, Prost and others did...
  5. Vettel Equal To Senna??

    What was about Schumi pre Mercedes??? In Benetton, he was driving a car that the old , about-to-retire Piquet already won twice if I am not mistaken. A hell of a car, designed by John Barnard, certainly not a crappy one. He drove for Jordan, ok, good races, but we also have that from Kobayachi, and others like Fisichella (won in a far inferior car), Panis, etc... He won in Toro Rosso. I have always said: Michael never showed how good he actually was or was not, and, just for his selectiveness on teammates, HE COULD NEVER be considered a candidate for joining the same league as AS, and the likes (Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton for instance)
  6. They cannot write clear rules, that we already knew... Now I am deeply disappointed with the technical staff responsible for the movable front wing that now realized it should be the rear to move... Isnt that obvious? It seems to me pretty obvious for those that understand aerodynamics and read now and then about F1... It may even seem obvious for a non-aero guy who follows f1... Is it? (I am curious...)
  7. Believe it or not, that phrase came from MS' s mouth, not from Rubens one... Excuses excuses excuses... Those willing to accept them (I really believe him this time) should be willing to reflect about past time when exactly the opposite happened with Michael and Rubens back then at Ferrari...
  8. I counted correctly: 2 allowed media + 1 link (without the media.) BTW, I was answering a guy who said he never saw any mistake from MS, which I found to be hilarious... to say the least. Glorious youtube: spent a minute and find a lot... What about people who cannot accept the facts... And get mad when they are forced to see the undeniable reality brought by simple youtube videos??? I dont agree with everything the youtuber wrote. But at least I can see that most of what his wrote cannot be denied, and were coincidently aligned to the points I was making... I dont go that far in calling him crap (and I think the youtuber didnt call him that either... Maybe he did, but I dont remember)... But denying the truth about the special circumstances of his career, trying to pretend RB had the same opportunities, trying to pretend he was not driving a superior car for most of his career, etc... etc... only makes me laugh... :) But I am really sorry, I dont like religions, but I should let people live their dreams (a good friend of mine advise me on that: let them believe what they want...) I just cannot. So, I am really sorry if these videos hurt you... But if it did hurt, then it must be that you were touched by the truth that you were not ready for...
  9. One more (only two allowed...)
  10. Well, if you never saw him make any mistakes, you either ARE blind... or have not watched F1 during his career... Ok. Just watch these videos... (4 mistakes in 2004, when he clearly had a vastly dominant car is too much even for the die-hard fanboy... Remember: when you drive a far dominant car, you dont need to take it to the edge, specially when you know your teammate is not allowed to win...) Just look at youtube, you will find plenty (although I think you will close your eye to not see?) Even if you are blind, you should have read that he crashed in Hill in 1994 because of a previous mistake, after which his best way to win the WDC was cheating... When Alonso said F1 is no longer a sport, he was probably referring to FIA's manipulation of what we used to know as "sport".
  11. Nor you can be MS fan after many mistakes in 2003 which almost cost him the title in a significantly superior car (his main competitor was driving a 1-year old updated car) and with the help of TyreGATE... Or after his mistakes in 2006... when Alonso was almost perfect...
  12. Just like everyone else in the grid. So what? But hey, you said he did not care about WDC, only about racing, and WDC were just a natural consequence... I dont care if he is obsessed or not. As I never criticized him for that. I said greed for titles is a good and admirable think in a F1 driver, and most of them call it a day after achieving one 2 or 3 WDC... If it is so easy to dismiss, why dont you directly counter argument each comment of mine (or at least a few) instead of generally saying "you twist conversation topics"? For instance, you havent explained this one: "if he really loved racing (and not records), he would be the first to ask Ferrari to give equal status to both drivers, and probably would even ask to bring someone better than Rubens." Apparently you disguise the real topic by focusing the conversation on an irrelevant subject: who cares if MS cares or not about statistics? (which if I suggested he did, it was a compliment, not a criticism)
  13. Another myth destroyed: I heard fanboys saying he would easily be the WDC last year, and much earlier than Jenson Button... Apparently, he would suffer, as for his statement below: Again, I am not saying he is better or worst than JB, but it seems he would struggle if he had joined JB last year as a teammate... as the car were more favorable to Button... I would love to see his fanboys excuses if that happened... Of course, I am not denying that having a car designed for someone else IS a good excuse. But we also have to examine the other side of the coin: HE DID GET THE CAR DESIGNED FOR HIM during ALL his career (perhaps the only exception being in his first year, when he could not beat a retiring Piquet, and this year when he cannot level with Rosberg) So this general feeling he was THAT much better than Rubens, Irvine, etc... may not be truth...
  14. Whatever... So be it... He was greed for winnings instead of WDC... So be it... Anyway, if he really loved racing (and not records), he would be the first to ask Ferrari to give equal status to both drivers, and probably would even ask to bring someone better than Rubens. (Not saying Rubens is bad, just that there were certainly better ones out there)
  15. I also get annoyed by people who pretend his past stats did include real challenges like having to really fight against a good teammate. On the other side, no one is saying he is an awful driver, we only say his stats are not very representative, which should not be difficult to accept... One thing I do concede is his greed for more and more records which is admirable, where others might already have called it a day... But that by no means proves he was better than Kimi, for instance, who said 2 WDC would be already enough to satisfy him... Well, actually he seemed bored after only his first one...