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  1. Sorry to disappoint you but his comeback is already more successful than the german punk guy. First race and already outstanding race pace. Came from way behind into the points, almost as well as Perez, and without pushing/shoving/bumping anybody out of his way as the un-respectful german punk usually does.
  2. No I didn't bother reading, too long. But I have my opinion and feel like sharing it after having read "diagonally" some comments. Perhaps I'll do some repeats... Sorry for that. I tend to agree with insider I think he's called. But frankly I'm very ambivalent about his coming back. I don't really enjoy Kimi mediaticaly speaking although he does come out with some good comments -so unexpected- at times which is bloody refreshing as most only seem to repeat what their teams have told them to say. What is annoying is that he is not "playing the game", he ends up treating us, the fans/followers, without an ounce of respect. In actual fact it's his hatred of the press which hits us. I cannot blame him as I loathe in general how the press cover events -sports or other- these days. I find quite idiotic their way of pushing towards "people magazine" news type (I personally don't give a rats A.. who Alonzo/Hamilton/etc are going out with), they are also always trying to give more importance than reality to rivalries, etc. just to show they know what is really going on and trying to have sensational info. So I understand his disgust. What I hope to see is that the nature of rallying being what it is, he had to be closer to people -all the fans who helped him out of the ditches where he seemed to spend a lot of time- as well as media and has realized the importance and need to treat them better? One thing for sure is he would not have fitted very long with Nascar because of that... You can tell he's already on the defensive when he is asked about his motivation, but at least we can be sure he is speaking the truth. Only idiots don't change, so lets see if the rallying stint has helped, but it would be nice to see a journalist actually find the right way to be with him and I'm sure we'd be in for interesting insight... until his team put an end to it? However, as a racer he is exciting... IF the FIA let some racing happen! If I agree that most of the Schumaker style "defending" must be banned (dangerous and premeditated moves which clearly show the lack of respect he has for the other drivers), it remains a truth in all racing that "nice guys finish second", so let's hope the FIA will find a balance which they are making efforts at with ex-driver stewards. They now call "weaving" what used to be seen as trying to break the tow which is only normal. Even bike racers (motorized or not) don't like to give "free drafts". DRS means more passing but its not really interesting in my view as there is no possibility of defending at all except just putting yourself early on the inside line of the coming corner. Does no one remember the incredible and exciting Mansell/Senna/Prost/etc moves of "tricking" their way ahead (nudging to the right then instantly diving on the left for example to occupy the correct line or placing on track)? Yes it lead to accidents at times but so what? It's not that hard to see dangerous driving, premeditation to annoy uselessly and artificially your opponents (Monaco qualifying) as Schumaker has been hit with at times even if not often enough... What I'm saying is that he could be great news if he's not penalized left-right-center. I expect the best racers in the world to attempt really bold, sometimes near crazy moods and miss but sometimes make it. I remember the comment of Lendl who was arguing that the ball was out and the referee telling him "it makes no difference, you would not have gotten it" to which he replied very acurately "perhaps you wouldn't but if I felt it was going to be in, I would have". These top guns can and sometimes do things which go much beyond our imagination. Remember Senna saying he was out of his body for that lap and he can only say it was god who made it happen (which is ludicrous but even he didn't understand how he'd done it!). Watch skiing downhillers at some parts of the courses they are on... Thats what I want to see. Lets wait and see what Kimi and the season hold as the Lotus seems, for the moment anyways, on pace. http://www.totalf1.c...post__p__340425
  3. Isn't it annoying the secrecy they surround everything with? Whiting says today, India circuit and GP preparations exceeded our expectations following our inspection... Can't they, wouldn't it be nice to send/join a few pics so we can see something? So we can judge by ourselves where they're at?
  4. –adjective 1. foolish, unintelligent, or silly; stupid: It is surprising that supposedly intelligent people can make such asinine statements. And Lauda trying to feel good about himself by asking for cancellation on moral grounds... I don't remember him boycoting the South African GP at a time when SA native blacks were beeing killed... When it was in his interest, not much morals were involved.
  5. Generally your comments made you come out as an "insider" (sort of ). But come on, how can you give any credibility to Buriquito's, sorry Barrichello's time. Lightweight by removal of KERS, supersoft tyres and low on fuel is what I would tend to believe of the different comments I read. If you've followed F1 for a few years (personnally first GP in '73!!!) there are countless examples of pre-season "desperatly seeking sponsor" induced lap times -even though "our budget is complete for this year, no problem" claims . By the way, when was the last time any F1 team boss said the truth to the press about anything? Most of these guys should be in politics in the end . Very few have kept those lap times through to the beginning of the season, Brawn beeing one of the examples that stunned evryone, 98% of the other instances turned out false (Sauber is quite good at it also ...).
  6. I'm Canadian and totally agree. For having supported his father from FFord days in Canada, one additional thing to mention is that he was also, in my but other canadian racer's opinion also, quite a disgrace to his father. He somewhat inherited his spirit for showmanship and ba**s, not quite the talent and absolutely not the humility and total "niceness" Gilles had. He must have made him turn in his grave.
  7. Yes and the journalist aren't very good either as they are the ones who choose the headline to their article... for people who only read the headlines... Making the whole coverage we get quite biased if one only pays attention to headlines. They are truly annoying if you ask me. You read an "exclusive with R Brawn" and the guy expects a scoop by asking questions about MS. Can anyone imagine RB answering "yeah we got huge issues with MS and this year he better be in front of Britney regularly or else he won't finish the season with Merc. Having said that, after the first 2 1/2 days of testing we have to admit our car is simply Sh#t, not at all where we were expecting to be... Forget MS's job, I gotta save my own job and get that thing moving or I won't be around very long!" Of course I'd/we'd love it but come on get real journalists!!!
  8. Perhaps simply announce like quite a few others that they will be launching and doing the first test session with an intermediate car... Just a question of honesty...
  9. If one considers how fast and with what car he took his first victory, how old he is and how fast he's arrived and been champion... The way, under heavy and total pressure at times, but also by what margins he got some of his poles. Reasonably one assumes he can only get better. So I'm afraid the F1 world might have stumbled onto something pretty big with Vettel. If he is as structured intellectually as germans have the reputation/image of being... I don't particularly like, or not like for that matter, the guy, I have no heroes but feeling is this could be another domination period for the next 2?3?4? years especially if Newey remains motivated and produces a half decent car since RB has locked him up for awhile. Hamilton could have been a candidate also but he is THE race driver dreams are made of for entertainment during races. He has unfortunately? the faults of his strong points, I don't believe he is a championship man. Unless he progresses to better control his temper in the heat of the action, which I believe Vettel seems to have the capacity of learning, he will stay a bloody exciting racer to watch. Is this what one would want from him though, one who still is one of the biggest legends of the sport is Gilles Villeneuve who also wasn't a championship guy. I'd also have an eye out for Kobayashi if he is able to steer the development of his car, or obtain somehow, a front grid car. When you consider like the other rookies of his generation he doesn't have that much track time, what he is doing I feel is quite outstanding. For all his "spectacularness" yet doesn't put others in peril and stays on track. Kubica? Nah. The last season with BMW showed he is good only when motivated with a good car. Real legends can overcome that.
  10. Don't you find this annoying? Frustrating? These launches have absolutely nothing to do with racing and/or the real launching of a new car but are purely marketing s**t. None of the cars presented are what will actualy be raced in Bahrain, so what other reason could it be for than simply communication for the company. Ferrari are really clever at it though. Obviously they have real pros in many different departments that exist for and inside a company. Chosing to present, nothing in actual fact, before everyone and therefore the only ones in F1 to do something big on that day, they actually got every single media outfit talking about Ferrari/Fiat and only about them... If you know something about the costs of media space, they actually got for a few million Euros worth with a ceremony that probably cost perhaps 200 000... That's what you call a Mighty Good deal. But it seems like the F1 season ended so long ago that I am hungry, like many here I think, for any little bit of info, so for me these "launches" always seem to fall flat and I'm really annoyed at Ferrari for that kind of buls**t. These events are not thought out, I find, for us at all. I won't go so far as to say they don't respect fans but... . So, or
  11. So, my guess is, RBR will be there or thereabouts and so will Ferrari but i expect McLaren to lead the way with Williams the one to watch from the pack. I thought you were an insider but you can only guess? At least it shows you're knowledgeable of F1... I don't understand how anybody can even attempt to predict anything at this stage. Even team personnel simply wish and hope and say what they must to make sure sponsors sign or stay and to make sure team spirit is at its best before anything starts. No one has seen the new cars , they haven't hit the track yet and even that is not a very good indication. We all know the real indication will only come after at least 2-3 races. There have been so many new season upsets over time in F1... I believe the usual suspects will be there, Newey is never better than with rule changes. Perhaps a few surprises lurk? Some teams have done good the year after Gascoygne has left them, so will Lotus racing have the same fate? He's still around, so... Let's wait and see. Lotus group could surprise and they must be promising fast as Kubica only seems good when the material is there otherwise he sort of "drags his feet" I find (last BMW year facing Heidfeld). Merc certainly have the power, and even though I am personnally anti-"german guy with prominent chin" I unfortunately think he can't be totally counted out as he did seem to be getting there at the end of last season. Who knows if Marusia-Virgin will not be a bit of a surprise with the added computation capacity? After all NASA uses the same principle when designing space crafts, so why not? Williams has also shown they are not far. Mind you since their new car is supposed to be radical it could mean great things, but the last time they went radical or rather different (moose nose) was definitely not a success. Then who knows, TR or Sauber could have some luck with their new car? And who knows if Kobayashi won't let all hell loose and sava them to a degree. This season really promises. Can't wait. I guess the only certainty is HRT will suck if they're even there...
  12. Well... I'm no "historian" of formula 1 for exact numbers and all but in the end I have souvenir of quite a few race results that were modified because of them either through strategy (Ferrari do have quite a few surprising and successfull calls during the german guy's years) or team error (who can forget the dutch guy in his flaming Benetton for modifying illegally the gas nozzles- I think the boss was an italian guy...). What it also did was make F1 become more of a team sport, like Indy, Nascar, Le Mans, etc as the work of the whole team became as critical as the driver's performance if you aim for victory. The negative of course was that the action would happen in the pits, not on the track. Fine if you consider F1 to be a cerebral sport, which it is if you look at it on the whole -engineering and new techs developped etc, but where I agree is that the visible part of f1, week ends, should only be mostly about on track racing. As for the movable rear wing especialy the way the rules will work, I think I agree with most of you guys, its no good. But come to think of it, we might witness a few "tense moments" when someone protects from a pass by pushing his Kers button at the end of the straight. Also, a new driving technique will be invented to defend and I bet we will see much more of 1 line direction change half way through the straight and inside line braking to force the guy with the advantage to the outside and make it much harder for him. Potential danger which lets face it will add to our viewing pleasure... So lets wait and see. Kers however does has some interest but also adds to a greener image of f1, and does F1 ever need that. Green is going to be more an more an issue in this world so we better get used to it. Lets face it, when they go testing tires in one of the hottest, driest places in the world and said tests happen during night and the track is watered -I'm sure even brits where humidity is generally known to be quite high have retrictions on watering their lawns in the summer as we do here in France- now what kind of an image does that give to the sport in this world of restriction? I understand why they do it that way, but the image that goes out of the "general" media doesn't explain all that. So lets be happy there is still some racing going on... for now.
  13. I can't believe this thread is accepted!!!!! Can't all these people go on a f*****g football forum? How the hell do we end up with stupid f*****g bloody football on an F1 site? Plus I can't bear the sport sissy show, fan killing, no respect for referees, no video refereeing (only pro sport in the world) so they can go on getting away with cheating etc, etc, etc. Please can this be stopped?
  14. Agreed the car looks nice. I was pretty sure that JPS was financing some of this even if occultly, now I have serious doubts. It looks nowhere like a JPS livery. Its just that it's black and gold in fact. The hernandes "JPS replica" lotus was closer to the original one/brand in question. Note: It seems to most people in this forum, the reference for "JPS" decoration is at best even if rarely the lotus 79, apparently even more the one from the lotus-Senna period in the 80's. Do some know the "mythical" JPS Lotus is the 72 type (raced from 1970 to 1974 approx)? Here's what it looked like PS: To be the one to note this makes me feel soooooo old...
  15. I personally think that McLaren will have an awful lot of catching up to do. What do you think? Nope, not so sure. Either they again have some sort of device they want to reveal as late as possible so they'll keep the advantage a little while, or they simply want to get some things exactly right before putting the car on a track against competition. The only reason RB suffered because of that strategy last year was -to a certain extent only- lack of experience in what it takes to make a car reliable, McL don't have that problem. Perhaps they are also only trying to put some pre-season pressure by "scaring" the others in thinking that way... I'm not worried at all for McL. Ferrari though obviously don't have any new tech to hide. They are just as usual, going with perfecting on their basic car making expertise. The sooner on track, the more tuning work can be done to get it moving. What I do believe is that RB are at this point in time, the better equipped team -Newey and his team as well as general attitude of younger management- to successfully face yearly technical rule changes.
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