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  1. Today In F1 (Part Ii)

    i think it just shows the fia's incompetence in commercial matters, and more importantly corporate matters (such as corporate governance). in this arena of corporate and competition law, in relative terms (as opposed to everyday society) conflicts of interests and collusion amongst parties to the detriment of fair competition amongst the market players ranks right up there with manslaughter and rape (if not murder if some applicants end up going belly-up). its quite right that the fia has has no clue in these areas, but at the same time they should not be dipping thier toes in this arena a. if they have no idea of what is acceptable conduct, and b. because they are not mandated to even be doing so in the first place. i really wish all this talk of the eu commission competition ruling way back when (or whatever european ruling it was prior to when the fia offloaded the commercial rights to bernie for 100 years), that the fia cannot get involved in the commercial matters of teams and the championship would actually amount to something! when are the competition authorities or powers above max and bernie going to step in and draw some clear lines in the sand?? i'm not saying fota are angels (sounds like a cartel to me) but if you believe what is coming out lately max, tony purnell and alan donnelly are really, really pushing the boundaries on what is acceptable behaviour in a competitive bidding/rfp process. and that is saying a lot given what has gone on in the recent past... given the millions of fans and billions of $ involved amongst all teh stakeholders, some transparency and accountability please!!! arggh, so frustrating
  2. Rank The New Blood

    kubica and bordeau. ...that was nowhere near as funny as pump...actually i take that back mine wasn't even funny
  3. Most Likely Not To Make It To The Headlines

    if massa had not stalled you would have been spot on
  4. Driver Of The Day British Gp

    indeed, love it how quick he is to have a swig of the mumms
  5. Karthikeyan Back?

    i heard karty is to replace albers at spyker. makes sense seeing that karty brings cash flow and spyker are hemorrhaging the same. just a rumour, but heard from a reliable source.. anyone hear similar? i am in a rumour mongering mood today
  6. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    saw this on another site, gold!
  7. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    interesting, i thought that the non-compete clauses in contracts were the primary protection for teams. however what is in your head is your own intellectual property. seems absurd to me that a solution to a problem can be considered the ipr of a legal entity...that is why you are the lawyer and i am not!
  8. agree honda was unlucky, but thats what happens unfortunately when you can't make it out of Q1..... toyota and red bull unlucky?? toyota did the opposite to honda and just went backwards and red bull just showed that they have the unreliability of an 80s fiat...
  9. there was a good sequence where kimi put some massive pressure on lewis in the laps immediately prior to his first stop which seemed to rattle lewis. watch to see what happened. massa also carved up teh field which is definitely worth watching. the race got stale towards the end so i would only watch until the second pitstops.
  10. A reliable source told me that the 3 teams, spyker, aguri and torro rosso, have reached agreement to equally share points earned during the year and avert any messy legal proceedings. it was also stated that nick fry was instrumental in applying pressure on aguri to come to an agreement. haven't seen this on any of the big sites yet so will consider this a rumour until confirmed, but leaves me disliking fry even more. anybody heard or seen such a rumour?
  11. Driver Of The Day British Gp

    kimi because he won and applied the pressure that made the previously invincible hamilton crack. had the feeling that hamilton has the measure of his double world champ teammate and isn't fussed by massa, but is intimidated by kimi. when kimi but on the pressure prior to the stops it got to lewis. his error in the pits showed the first chink in his previously impenetrable armour. hamilton knows it, kimi knows it. i think this is the end of lewis' golden run. if massa didn't have trouble he would have displaced hamilton from the podium for the first time. massa did fantastically well, but kimi was unstoppable. cool, calm and the iceman of old
  12. French Grand Prix-race

    how the hell did ferrari manage to turn it around so drastically after the north american rounds? was it those aeroplane-like wings? kudos to them for the improvement, as well as renault and honda. red bull seem to have gone backwards and bmw kept up their pace of development. mclaren seem to have taken neither a step forwards or backwards.
  13. Driver Of The Day - Magny Cours

    oh, i did forget alonso made that awesome move on the bmw! but his race did go downhill from there...
  14. Driver Of The Day - Magny Cours

    kimi, showed he is back in the game and can take it to his teammate, unlike alonso. although he was unfortunate, his was a very sloppy race and should not even be in contention for this award. good entertainment though!
  15. alright boys, off the f1 discussion board and into the cafe. good debate -> now please make sure to keep it civil!