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  1. I Need To Get My Vcr Hooked Back Up To My Pc

    Hope you can find the time! I'd like to see some of that.
  2. Where Are The Cars Built For The Gentleman?

    I'm sure most of you would disagree, but as a gentleman, this is the car I prefer: Suburau Impreza WRX STI Limited I'm not going to argue about it's looks, it isn't the best looking car, nor is it the worst. It's a small 4 door sedan... At least it doesn't look as bland as most Japanese sedans. And it performs, boy does it do that in spades. And if I can't have this, I want an Evo IX. But, I'm on a budget and everything else I like is just outta my range... Smoke
  3. Rossi Closer To F1 Switch

    I think if Ferrari really saw potential in Rossi, they'd be willing to drop Massa. Whether Schumacher continues in 2007 or if he retires and they pick up Raikkonen.
  4. Ferrari In Opening Ceremony Olympic Games

    Damn, the link doesn't work for me. I didn't get to see it either. ABC can really suck. Thank God they don't do Grand Prix coverage anymore.
  5. Dtm Vs Nascar Vs V8 Supercars

    You guys don't like NASCAR Nextel Cup cars? I think they are things of beauty! So are F1 cars! So are Champ Cars! So are Rally Cars! They are all beautiful! Just very different... This is what the current Nextel Cup champ's cars looked like.
  6. Brazil Fastest Laps....

    I must say the hype surrounding certain drivers who have yet to produce much in the way of results is quite fascinating...
  7. Williams Has Four Options

    Infiniti is Nissan Acura is Honda Lexus is Toyota So, why not have Toyota badge it's motor as Lexus and gain exposure for both brands. Now, as to whether or not BMW has Lexus next year, I bet not. I think they will have BMW motors next year, their contract with BMW goes through 2006. 2007 is the year they' ll have a new motor.
  8. Dc Gets Red Bull Contract

    I couldn't agree more. This will be a real test for him. I believe he is well know for his car setup skills. They will come in handy. On the other hand, neither Kimi or JPM are known for there setup skills. It will be interesting to see how they adapt. But, I'm glad to see DC have a ride next year too. In fact, we might see quite alot of JV vs DC this year. That could be some good racing.
  9. Jense: 'michael Will Be Beaten'

    If RB can step up to it, MS/RB will be a good race. He was really standing on it at the end of the year. RB needs to start ahead of MS more often to make it fair. I really don't like the qualifying rules... Since race strategy comes into play, MS is always going to be given the advantage over RB on the qualifying/starting lap fuel load. It's going to be interesting to see how McLaren works their qual/race strategy out. I think KR got preference last year, but JPM wouldn't stand for that. Since they have to plan to pit on different laps, either they both qual with the same amount of fuel and the loser comes in with fuel in his tank, or they flip a coin to decide who's coming in first and has a 1 lap lighter fuel load for qual. I long for the good old days when the whoever qualified best among teammates got to designate the team race strategy. Thoughts?
  10. Jense: 'michael Will Be Beaten'

    So, the topic is: Jense: 'michael Will Be Beaten' Long, meandering thread this one. But, there have been lots of interesting reads getting through it... JB has to say things like 'Michael Will Be Beaten'. All of the good drivers out there have to think the same thing. I can't believe any of them are out there without thinking they have a shot at winning. I'm not saying every driver out there on the grid thinks he has a shot, but at least anyone at BAR, McLaren, Renault or Williams has to believe he has a shot at winning. They wouldn't be driving for those teams if they didn't believe that. Now to go off topic as this thread has done so well... As for JV, I'm looking forwarding to seeing what he can do in the Sauber next year. Flourish or flounder, it's gonna be interesting. Sauber is an interesting place to be for JV, he can sort of safely test the waters as it were. If he does well, he looks good because he help lift the Sauber out of mid-field. If he doesn't do well, well, then the Sauber was only a mid-field car to begin with. Actually, I think Sauber currently has great potential, and that alone will be interesting to watch next year. Next years Gascoyne designed Toyota with JT and RS in the seat will be another interesting thing to watch. I thing JT and RS are good drivers, maybe at times great. I think next year is going to be a big test for the lot of them. They all need to start performing at the top level or Toyota's decision to enter F1 is going to start looking like folly. Let's see what Gascoyne can do with the chasis over next year and the year after. I think he will be able to move Toyota forward like he moved his last couple of teams forward. Boy, I was suprised to see how much of a squabble FA caused. I think he did struggle a little be last year, but the 2 years before, there were times when he looked brilliant. Will he win a WDC? Hell, I don't know, can Renault give him a car capable of doing it? And that's the whole thing with MS and Ferrari right now. Now there is a team. Is MS the best driver ever? On pure talent alone, probably not. As a talent and a team motivator, probably. What Ferrari and MS have done is amazing, they are probably the best team ever, so far, anyway. I think RB showed how good the car was when he was given free rein at the end of the season. But, I think next year is going to be much tougher for them. But, with the folks running the show at Ferrari right now, the strength of their race strategies, they will still be the team to beat. Not going to say much about McLaren. If they can produce a car, they are going to get results, they have the strongest driver line up around. If they can carry on like they did once they got the B car last year, they could just as easily dominate next season as Ferrari did this. I'm not saying they will, because they need to start the season as strong as they finish it, and they haven't been able to do that the last few years. But watch out if they start off strong. Gonna be fun to watch KR and JPM going at it next season. Williams is a mystery for me. The car will probably be good. But they are going to be starting with two fresh drivers, and I think it will take the team a while to settle in. That will probably take them out of the championship chase next season. Can't wait to find out who fills the second seat there. I know there are a lot of Webber fans out there. They will find out if there hearts are in the right place next year. But, if he can duplicate his efforts in the Jag, but at the level of the Williams, he should be okay. He did have some strong showings in what was clearly not a front running Jag. Speaking of Jag, I wish Red Bull a lot of luck next year. And the next couple of years after. Sure they were heavily involved with Sauber, but I think they are going to have a lot to learn in the hunting grounds of F1. But, if they can put the right cast of characters in place, anything is possible. But, I wouldn't expect too much from them next year. We have to wait to see what the Red Bull $ can do over the next couple of years to decide if Red Bull has the balls it takes to make it in F1. I think if they are smart they will hire DC. He's going to be able to help them learn about their cars better then most drivers out there. BAR is going to be strong again next year. Are they going to win any races? I think if they can plan the right race strategy, they can win, I just don't know if they can come up with and execute the perfect strategy. So, I guess I'm saying I think Button can win a race in a BAR. But I don't think BAR can win a championship, not yet, anyway. But, Honda's increased involvement with the team can only be a good thing. In fact, I bet Button doesn't leave now that Honda is buying a large piece of the team. So, back to the topic of this thread. I think it's good JB showed some balls and mouthed off. I want to know he believes he can win, otherwise kick his butt out of the c##Kpit! Good luck to him! Good luck to KR, JPM, MW, ??, FA, GF, JB, TS and the rest. It would be great to see someone at least take MS to the wire the way Kimi did two years ago. We can all at least hope that next year will bring competition! Flame on!
  11. Bernie: 'F1 needs JV or Mika to return'

    I think BAR should be looking at Mika. Even if BAR win the contract dispute and keep Button, would they really want to have him race for them? More likely they would consider Button damaged goods and make him sit out 2005. They don't want an uncommitted driver at the wheel. Then again, if Frank opens his purse strings, he could buy Button from BAR and run him in 2005. Or they lose the contract dispute and Button goes to Williams anyway. So, in all three scenarios, we have an open seat at BAR. I can't think of any reason BAR wouldn't want to have an ex-world champion in the seat again. Especially since it would be Mika and not JV.
  12. sato-reubens

    At least he had the balls to give it a try and make a pass. How many other drivers would have just sat there and taken the third? But, he needed to be a touch closer to pull it off, so I say he was a bit optimistic.
  13. Another Villeneuve article

    If JV does test for Williams, you want to talk about lighting a fire under Ralfie's butt? It will either make him or break him...
  14. Imola

    MS, followed by RB, followed by JPM.