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  1. im having a little fight with my mate over who the first person was to go over the 19,000 RPM mark. i said it was JPM at Monza in 2002 or maybe i said 2003 i cant rember but my mate is saying it was Ralf the year befour at the US GP. can some one help me. i have $5 on this so prove me right. Thanks
  2. F1 Manager.info

    who is still doing the f1 manager.info thing. im coming 500 and somthing im doing so good a lot better than last year.
  3. Williams & Cosworth

    JB wont be driving for Williams in 2006. i think its been JPM that has brought down williams areo over the past years. i dont think that Williams will lose much by going to Ford sorry i mean Cosworth because the engine in the back of the minardi is going faster through the speend traps then the Williams. BMW have become a mid pack at best engine and much of Williams bad seasion is due to them. the only thing that Williams will lose will be a works engine but because they will be the only cosworth with a V8 they will still get a lot form cosworth.
  4. Who Was The First To Hit The 19,000 Rpm Mark

    AR5 no it was 19,000 RPM no raced engine in a F1 car has done 20,000. yea i heard that about the new Cosworth as well. that would be sending virbrations through the car
  5. F1 Manager.info

    yea im comining 516th my best round was last round i got 185. i only just added Kimi to my team so him retiring helped me. i got FA and kimi as my two drivers and my engin is the Maclaren and chassi is the renault so im set F1 manager- well you get given a buget and you pick a team with that money at the start of each seasion. and with each race you get points. over the seasion you get more money to buy better things for your team and your points add up. you can join now its www.f1manager.info last year we had a subleagueand a lot of people joind but they dont seem to have the subleagueworking on the site yet.
  6. Ppp Results & Standings

    not to bad = 7th last and i havent been on since like Imola. hay are the Webber bashers still her because i thort it would be going off right now.
  7. How Old Is Everyone

    Man i havent been on in so long. Im 17 in November so in just under 4 months. And im in my last year of school. i had my Formal last week man i got sooo p**sed it was good.
  8. P P P Picks

    Just in time with only 15 to spare Pole:Alonso 1st: Alonso 2nd: MS 3rd:Webber fastest lap: Kimi
  9. P.p.p Malaysia

    Pole: Kimi 1st:MS 2nd:Kimi 3rd:FA Fastest Lap: MS
  10. Worst Race Track On F1 Calender???

    yea i whould have to say France and Hungary but i do think that Bahrain is a good track.
  11. Nick Cage

    my good that mans a wannker. did you see his little GF/Wife/chick he paid to make him look good. i hate him now the hole time he looked like there was a pole up his a##. hay did you guys see RB Dad they look the same as if they were twins but one just 20 years older than the other.
  12. Ms V Nh

    its was so M$ fualt, he was so hapy when he left Australia because he had just been left off and i think he knew that it was his fult to.
  13. F! Manager Scores

    hay what are your guys team names. mine is Hooper Racing.com
  14. F! Manager Scores

    i think im in 3rd with you guys i got 80. i went with Alonso insted of Fisi. hay did you guys look at the teamse of the people coming 1st they have all Reb Bull everything. they look the the new BAR for this year in terms of a good cheap team but i dont think they will do a good job for the rest of the seasion.
  15. F1 Manager

    well the subleague has not been made yet by f1manager.info and they said it whould be about 2 weeks so if you have not all ready made a team make one now because the points from the 1st two rounds will still count in the subleague. the site is www.f1manager.info if you did not know.
  16. Ppp Australia!

    ooops i forgot to put in my PPP well it dont matter because i whould have never got it right.
  17. Ppp Australia!

    i think that i will wait until i have seen Friday testing because then i whould he least seen the cars on track.
  18. Karthikeyan Must Change Colours

    but now NO Indain spoets team can have the try colours he will just sell the extra space to a sponser.
  19. Patrick Friesacher

    i dont think he has because he has not got enough Km up he sleve to go for it. hes getting all his money from some right wing PM.
  20. Paul Stoddard And His Airline

    PS rocks i will fly with Oz jet just because i know the money is going to him.
  21. i whould have to say Pizzaoina and Fisi
  22. Which Driver/s Do You Support...

    i whould have to say Hindfeld just because hes an under dog and well Albeters hes my new fav minardi driver since Bruni got kicked out. but apart from that there is not much more apart from JPM when he pulls of some grate moves.
  23. Mclaren Set Scorching Pace

    really i thort that he did now. man do mclaren make small cars or is Alex just a tall man
  24. Mclaren Set Scorching Pace

    and webber was also .1 ahead of RB. i dont think we can read into the Maclarens times to much because it was the older car they were testing. i think they might have been putting the two testers ageanst each other to see who whould be better as the friday tester because they were doing the same types of thing a team whould do on a friday.
  25. Bmw Engines

    i think that every engine will be cheaper than Ferraris. since when has the news of Minardi and Mclaren been around.