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  1. Tv commentators

    What did Webbo do to earn your wrath ? I've always enjoyed him doing the interviews...
  2. Vettel detained by Abu Dhabi police

    Yeah, I've been to that part of the world, any guy out there with a uniform thinks the area within his line of sight is his personal kingdom for him to lord over. That's what happens when you go from Camels To Cadillacs in the space of a generation.
  3. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    Finally, looks like Lewis red-mist's washed away : Pity he couldn't be classy about it in the post-race interviews, but at least this goes some way towards amends. I can't fault him too much for his tactics in the race now that I think about it, but I did find his responses post-race to be in poor taste ( re-hashing the old, dead horse of a mechanics story, making it sound like he's the only person in history to have DNF's etc. ), glad to see he's come around.
  4. Lewis a prima donna and a brat

    So, my initial reaction as I heard the radio back-and-forth was "Geez, what an a***hole" , but then you get to reading all the post-race pontificating, and you realize - "Yeah, he was doing what he could to win the championship by dictating the pace of the race, what's wrong with that ? " Mind you , I'm the one who likes to point out tothe asterisk-on-2016 talkers that the 2008 Champ had one less win and one less retirement than the second-placed man that year (one Phil Massa) - which begs the questions - why was there no asterisk-talk that year ?
  5. Straya

    I popped over to NZ a few times when I was living in Australia, the thing that always got me : "Sweet As" especially if it was anywhere near "choice bro" =D
  6. Straya

    Oh Yeah, that Beetroot in the burger , what's up with that ? Though I really liked the fried-egg-in-the-burger bit. Heck fried-egg in the kebabs were great. And CHICKEN SALT ! I miss Chicken Salt =(
  7. Formula E

    The Prost move was odd in that when I saw the replay head-on, it seemed bone-headed. But when you saw a replay from inside his car, it actually seemed like he was taking a proper line into the corner and didnt see Quick - Nick being there. I too heard that idiotic constant music here in the US Quiet One, not sure if it was added in by the feed or was playing at the track. The bigger thing I wanna look into is why Electric cars have gears, I thought they usually were 1- gear , all torque available from the word "go". Although, gears do make it more exciting I think , more chances for issues \ poor gear selection into corners and such.
  8. Fia To Ban Performance Help From Pit Radio

    Its a good development, but still too vague. They should bring back the use of the Pit Board, and allow Radio Transmissions only for Emergencies ... and ads along the lines of what the "Quiet One" suggests
  9. Montezemolo Departs

    i'd just Hate for a Ferrari Equivalent to the Panamera Show Up. I know the FF is close, but it doesnt have Four Doors ... yet.
  10. It's Go Go Go At Monza!

    I missed the race and just got around to watching it, I must say I'm ridiculously impressed by Ricciardo's overtakes on both Perez and Vettel. I rate Vettels 4 titles aboutequal to Alonsos 2 (Ok, maybe a bit less), still, he's no dummy, and Dan sure sold him one.
  11. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    Nico Does columns every race weekend for the Mail. Here's the latest :
  12. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    Based off all the frothy boards on a majority of the F1 Sites, I 'm not too sure. He seems to be doing a fine job of rallying the troops to his side with his broadsides. I'm a Nico fan. But I have to admit, after watching Lewis's starts against Nico (They've started 1-2 , with Nico ahead 4 times this year) in Bahrain, Canada and Belgium - Lewis had the upper hand. Then , there's the passing, Nicos passing this year has struck me as being tentative, whereas Lewis's look pretty decisive (Though, he has had practise). Nico does seem to have the edge on "Open" laps though, which is funny, since Hamiltons always been praised as "Arguably the fastest". So, All in , probably the better racer, but I dont like his playing to the media. Which is making me review my idol-worship of Senna and look at Prost in a new light.
  13. Hamilton V Rosberg - Act Ii

    Interesting weekend that. I've been rooting for Rosberg for a few years now. He's usually not got a case of red-mist\nutjobbiness\call-it-what-you-will and the events from Spa really looked to me like a case of him being tired of being the one to swerve when Lewis takes the racing line without much regard to where Rosberg is (Though it sounds like the current iteration of the rules support this?). Rosberg would , of course, have been better served if he'd just held on to his pole position. But I find it a little funny that fans of Senna and Schumacher, both of whom displayed just this same tactic (I'll put the car where you'll have to make the call about causing an accident or not) , thought the two legends were displaying maximum commitment, but that Rosberg was being a gherkin In defense of all you fine people , you guys seem like equal opportunity bashers At the end of it all, I must admit, I rarely get a surge of confidence when I see Nico coming up to pass people. He's fast in Qualifying, but the overall impression I've been getting of him this year is that he doesnt really do well in traffic. Thots ?
  14. Australian Politics

    Ah, Australia, I miss the place. Lived in Sydney for 5 years , up until 2 months ago. Now I'm in the rolling plains of Texas, I wish there were back there. The stuff with Gillard was quite crazy too, wasnt there some dinner \ fundraiser where something on the menu was described as Gillards red box ? And then , there was the classic line I learnt from a co-worker which he said gave him a 50-50 shot at either picking someone up or getting slapped : Show us your Pink Bits love
  15. Is Ricciardo Better Than Vettel ?

    I think it's got to have something to do with his newfound status as a dad, that's got to be a little distracting I'd think. How many of you guys've had kids ? Suddenly you and your partner find yourselves endlessly sniping at each other, and fouling up your equilibrium. Not that I'm trying to make excuses for Seb. , but its gotta be a little distracting.