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  1. Bruno - Speed Up !

    Bruno has out qualified his team mate 6-2 I think it is now. To me he seems every bit as quick. To be fair to both though their car is easily the worst on the grid and so that is making it difficult to judge either. Of course, learning in such a car and being so hands on in the development of it could be very advantageous to both in the years to come and so their learning curve might improve because of this experience. Throw Bruno in the McLaren say and no doubt he would be right in the thick of the action at the front end. He wouldn't quite be beating the likes of Hamilton or Button but he'd certainly be competing. The HRT car is just a poor car but nobody expected them to be a flying machine right out of the gate either.
  2. Grand Prix Du Canada - Race Report

    Nice report. Just back from Montreal myself and will have a few stories and report up in the next day or so at my site
  3. Grand Prix Du Canada

    Just back home to Toronto from Montreal were I spent the past 4 days watching some brilliant action. The race was superb, the qualifying excellent and even the junior events throughout the weekend highly exciting. Hamilton had a great weekend, his qualifying was stunning which he followed up in the race with some nice passing. Actually, there was so much passing throughout and that kept it exciting. With tires and breaks struggling and teams forced to do multiple pit stops it really spiced up the race. Was enjoyable watching Schumacher being his ruthless self but a shame he couldn't have been more competitive. I liked the fact he was letting the younger drivers know that just because his car was struggling they couldn't expect a free ride past him. I believe the minute he lets his guard down in such a way he'll be finished. Still, great to see him race in person again. Hamilton was my driver of the weekend but a number of guys had strong races. Then there is the nightlife in Montreal. Absolutely brilliant whether it be on the lively Crescent St. or in the chilled out Old Montreal. Both excellent and both caped off great evenings after fine days at the track.
  4. The Bahrain Gp Official Thread

    In Indy the onboard camera is 360 degrees so rotates around during passes. Gives some superb angles.
  5. Boring-Gate

    A small but excellent idea that would add a bit of 'coolness' back to the pitlane. Excellent points. I'm not going to write off the season after just one race. I don't think it helped that it was in the middle of the desert in that heat. If by the 3rd or 4th race things haven't changed then maybe they can bring in some small changes. Granted they are not going to add back in re-fueling halfway through the season, the logistics make that impossible. But as Autopuma said, teams will get used to the new rules and regs and find ways to exploit them and it should improve the racing. I hope and kind of expect McLaren and other such teams to close the gap to Ferrari and Red Bull and I expect at some of the tracks were the temperatures aren't so high to make for better racing. * Another thing I didn't like about Bahrain - and maybe it was just me and the TV angles - but the atmosphere seemed dead and there was little view of the crowds. I know that wouldn't effect the racing but F1 just looks better when you see the packed grandstands at some of the more traditional (for want of a controversial word) circuits.
  6. I was a big Ayrton fan so I'm rooting for Bruno to succeed. I don't care how he got there, he's there nonetheless and he wouldn't have got there without some kind of talent of his own. It's hard to judge him given the car he is in but he seemed to be doing okay in the race until it gave up on him. I suspect that by the seasons end if he has gotten as much as he can out of that car he'll get further drives in the sport. Good luck to him.
  7. Boring-Gate

    On a brighter note, Lotus had a good first race and just getting to the finish was an achievement in itself. There is a bit on it over on James Allen's F1 blog and the following stood out to me: Fernandes said that the F1 teams had been largely positive towards Lotus over the weekend and he was proud that the team’s debut had been conducted in a professional manner. Both Fernandes and technical director Mike Gascoyne were both actively Tweeting during the race, Gascoyne saying at one point that he was going to bring forward Trulli’s pit stop for soft tyres. Good to see that!
  8. The Bahrain Gp Official Thread

    Did anyone else find the atmosphere absolutely zero. There were few crowd shots and from any angles of the racing you could hardly see any stands. It just looked like strips of tarmac in the middle of the desert. I understand F1 wants to go to all corners of the $$ world but that looked dire - though the racing didn't help.
  9. Boring-Gate

    Very underwhelming I wouldn't make any drastic changes after one race, but that wasn't much fun. I expected to see the tires really come away from some cars towards the end of the race and give us some drama but it never really happened. Using the desert for the opening race of the season were cars are under tested and getting used to new regulations is a mistake I think. It was way to warm there and I think that hurt the race. It just seemed to me that the track was way to twisty and tight with few over taking chances if the cars could even get close to one another. Don't rule out the season because of one race in the blazing hot desert. In cooler temperatures in Australia in 2 weeks and some of the European races it could be totally different. At least, I hope it is. I also hope some teams will close the time gaps to one another down though with a ban on in-season testing they're going to have to use race weekends to try do that.
  10. A Pre Season Guide

    Thanks for the welcome folks and the compliments on the blog! Looking forward to the season starting I'm based in Toronto, Canada though originally from Northern Ireland - home of Eddie Irvine and John Watson. The best news of the F1 off-season on top of Schumacher coming back and Lotus returning was getting Montreal back in the calendar for which I have purchased the tickets and booked the hotel! Roll on June...
  11. A Pre Season Guide

    I have my own little sportsblog on all sorts of sports including one of my favorite loves of all - F1. With the season about to get going I put together a pre-season guide and thought I'd throw the link on here to see what some of you experts think. Do note that I am an amateur, I am just a fan and I'm not in it for profit or professionalism and quite a bit of what I wrote is just good old opinion!!! Anyway, hope anyone who gives it a read enjoys, I wanna write quite a bit over the season, like with last year. This site looks like it's good some good discussion going on so I hope to hang around a while and join in!!
  12. The Bahrain Gp Official Thread

    With teams running so light for qualifying today and starting so heavy tomorrow some peoples cars will have not been great for a hot lap but excellent in a long drawn out race. I wonder how much qualifying will represent what happens in the race tomorrow? It could be interesting. I don't recall ever before seeing a qualifying with such time differences between some of the cars and not just first to last. Vettel was excellent, Massa very good also. Schumacher didn't get pole but I was still impressed - a decent drive after so long out.